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I’m a mom. I work from home. I teach 3rd grade. I run a blog and part-time consulting business. I have a husband. I...


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As a past preschool teacher I always LOVED teaching the children about  Earth Day. It was so much fun celebrating this special day with...
Girl Scout Activity Ideas for Spring and Summer

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I've been doing some research on activities I can do with my Daisy and Brownie troop...



Making the Most of a Short Northern Michigan Summer

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What do you CRAVE this summer? More time at the beach or a maybe an extended family camping trip. How about adventure or a...
Prepared for Allergy Season with Scotties Tissues

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Allergy season is the pits. It's all I can do to just cope with my allergies. I just got back from Nashville and I...