3 Simple Vlogging Tips

3 Simple Vlogging Tips

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Video blogging, do you do it? Are you interested in giving it a try? It’s funny but before this year I didn’t really commit myself to video blogging on a regular basis. I played around with it and made videos but I did not optimize my YouTube channel, work on monetization of my videos and I certainly never tried to have an introduction, add annotations or get fancy. Then I joined the Mom Pulse video network (you here if you want) and started learning from some amazing video bloggers. When I started working as a consultant for the Shaklee Corporation and we launched the Shaklee 180™ blogger program, video blogging was a monthly requirement for the bloggers. I wanted to help them learn more about vlogging and provide them with tips, tools and expert advice. As I started to learn more about video blogging I wanted to share the wealth of knowledge to encourage others to give it a try and improve.

I am still learning, improving and watching others but I do have three tips for anyone wanting to give vlogging a try or wanting to improve their video blogging skills:

  1. Make sure you can be seen and heard well. If people can hear you or see you well they’ll turn you off and switch to another video. Wouldn’t you?
  2. Be yourself.  If you like to dress-up and where make-up then do that, just be confident. If you like to wear your workout gear and that is who you are then demonstrate that on video. Be yourself naturally and the audience will love you more!
  3. Have a nice background or setting. Nothing fancy is needed but view the background from your camera and see what others will see before hitting record.

Watch this live recorded video training created for the Shaklee 180™ bloggers with Jendi of Simple Vlogging Tips for great advice and how-to demonstrations (warning it is long but well worth it):

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