$5 Dollar Dinners

$5 Dollar Dinners

With the economy and most people pulling the purse strings tighter, the book $5 dinners appealed to me. How can you make a dinner for a family of 4 with a $5 bill; is that even possible? When it comes to organic, maybe not but fresh, homegrown, locally grown or on sale – that might just help with lowering the cost of your dinner bill! When I was sent this book to review I was skeptical and thought it would be unhealthy or not filling meals but I was wrong.

I gathered a plethora of ideas, tips, recipes and strategies for eating healthy on a budget while reading  $5 Dollar Dinners and now I have to begin using what I’ve learned! Which is exciting but it is about planning and changing how you think and eat verses ordering take out or throwing fish sticks in the oven at the last minute (not that I do this…wink, wink)!

 Here is what I like best about the $5 Dinners:

It is practical. The dinners are what your family will most likely eat without fancy ingredients that the children will turn their nose up at. The strategies are realistic, like shopping with cash to stay on a budget.

It gets better…there is a great website to accompany the book for continued support, tips, ideas and printable coupons. So give it a whirl and see if you can stay on budget and eat healthy – it’s not that hard!

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  • peterfedric

    I am amazed. I had never heard about it. Dinner in $5. Great count me in for it.. :-)
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  • Dutchiamx


    The book really is one of a kind. Have been using their recipes for 3 months now and have save a lot of money.

    Both my kids and my husband love the way I cook now. The taste much different and all ingredients are very healthy.

    This is not only for dinner I tell you. Its for a days meal.

    Thank you so much!

    -Angella Wilson
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  • adamgollam

    It is amazing and hard to believe that a dinner only 5 dollars.I guess it is worth trying atleast we can see what is it about.

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  • http://www.toddlerboyclothingshop.com Crystal

    I'm glad to know that you read this book for review. I was also concerned if all of the food would be processed or if it would include fresh food. I think I will go ahead and buy it. I am desperate to get my 3 year old to eat something. He has been SO picky lately. Hopefully this will knock 2 birds out with 1 stone- get my son to eat and make dinners for cheap.

  • greenandcleanmom

    Naturally there are somethings in the book I made substitutes for but I really enjoyed the book, the ideas and the inspiration to plan, think ahead and buy in bulk. Great ideas and her blog is wonderful too!

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    I think I will go ahead and buy it. I am desperate to get my 3 year old to eat something. He has been SO picky lately.