5 Healthy and Simple Breakfasts on the Go

5 Healthy and Simple Breakfasts on the Go

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My mornings are mostly calm. Oh who am I kidding they are hectic and someone is always forgetting something, upset about this or that. It can be a nuthouse some mornings and trying to make sure everyone is fed and out the door in one piece – we’ll it can be a challenge to say the least. Tell me you feel my pain. To make mornings a bit easier here are my top 5 breakfasts on the go ideas.

  1. Frozen grapes. These are perfect for running out the door and eating in the van. They don’t make mess and if your little one isn’t a big breakfast eater this is just right with a drinkable smoothie or big glass of milk.
  2. Breakfast tortillas. I make these ahead of time and then freeze them. A quick thaw overnight and reheat in the morning and we’re good to go. A whole wheat tortilla sprinkled with cheese. Fast, tasty and nutritious when eaten with a banana or apple. The kids eat these on the go for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  3. Sunday Morning Pancakes. I make a large batch of these on Sunday, flash freeze and then put them in the freezer to use throughout the week. My son will eat them frozen but my daughter likes them warmed with organic button and maple syrup. Yum.
  4. Homemade Granola Bars. I found this recipe on Pinterest and still have to give it a whirl but I’ll say it sure does look mouthwatering and filling.
  5. Homemade Trail Mix. I love to make trail mix, especially during the summer when we go camping. This mixture of healthy nuts, raisins, dried fruit and berries plus some dark chocolate chips for an extra morning kick, we’ll everyone leave the house with a baggie and they’re happy and full. I love eating mine with my coffee.
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