7 Natural Skin Care Products and Tips for Loving Your Skin

7 Natural Skin Care Products and Tips for Loving Your Skin

This month and for all of 2017, I am focusing on loving my skin. I am turning 40 this year and I am determined to put my best face forward. I have already shared with you one of my new favorite skin care products for exfoliating and washing my face. Now I want to share with you the 7 products I use daily/weekly…plus five tips for loving your face. If you keep reading, there is also a giveaway. I want to give you the same products I love and use from my partners, Now Foods.

7 Favorite Skin Care Products

#1 Remove My Make-up. I remove my make-up every night with a cotton ball and Now Foods Sweet Almond Oil. My mascara comes off so easily and leaves my eyes feeling hydrated. I love this stuff! It will not clog pours and it’s nourishing. How many makeup removers are actually nourishing?

#2 Wash My Face. I love washing my face each night. It feels good to clean my pores and rid my skin of the daily environmental toxins. It feels so good. I have written about my new favorite face wash that also exfoliates and I am sticking to it but yes, I am trying other ones too!

#3 I Use a Toner. Morning and night, I use a toner after washing my face. A toner removes any extra traces of oil, dirt or make-up that you thought you removed. A toner also shrinks your pores and balances your skins ph. According to Today.com, it can also help to moisturize your skin and refresh your skin.

#4 Serums are Like Magic. They are what you put on before your moisturizer. They are for specific treatments. I use a few but the one I will not ever skip is the dark spot serum from Now Foods. I have an uneven skin tone and I this has delivered results for me.

#5 Moisturizer is Your Friend. I moisturize day and night. My favorite right now is the Now Foods Vitamin C & Sea Buckthorn Moisturizer. It helps improve the appearance of minor color imbalances and uneven skin tone – which is my skin. In addition, it smells great!Love your Skin - Weekly Skin Care Tips and Favorite Natural Products for Great Results

#6 Never Skip the Eye Cream. I have tried several eye creams and my love right now is the Now Foods 2-1 Correcting Eye Cream. If you have dark circles and fine lines or if you look tired, try this cream! It uses Vitamin K and Mulberry Extract to reduce the look of dark circles. It also lasts me a very long time. 3-4 months for one bottle.

#7 Weekly Face Mask. Each week I do the Red Clay Powder Moroccan mask. It helps to detox my face, cleanse my pores and improve my skin tone. I actually see a difference after I wash the mask off. I love this stuff! It is also great for sensitive skin, which I have. I have never broken out from it.

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When it comes to loving your face, I vote for you using quality skin care products like Now Foods but at the very least, I want to share five basic tips for loving your face. After all, we should all put our best face forward, regardless of age and that means, taking care of our skin.

Skin Care Tips for Loving Your Skin


Disclaimer: I am an Now Foods Wellness Ambassador and I’m compensated with free products and compensated for my time. I am sharing with you my honest opinion on the products and my own skin care tips based on the products I am using.

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