9 Tips for a Successful Garage or Yard Sale

9 Tips for a Successful Garage or Yard Sale

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9 Tips for a Successful Garage or Yard Sale

Are you spring cleaning and realizing you have all of this “stuff” that has piled up over the winter (or years) that you really don’t need? I’m frantically raising my hand and nodding my head yes to this question! As I look around my garage I’m wondering how my van fits!

This means it is time for a garage sale! Here are my tips for having a successful garage/yard sale and making a profit selling your items online and offline:

How to sell your old stuff and make money!

  • Have paper or plastic bags handy for the big time shoppers! Better yet, make some reusable bags with your logo for your blog or business!
  • Ditch pricing each item individually. Create a nice sign that lists the cost for shoes, jeans, shorts, jackets, etc.  You’ll save a ton of time if you do this!
  • Wear an apron with pockets and have your money and change handy.
  • Make signs you can reuse year after year!
  • Expect early bird shoppers and have a pre-sale the night before.
  • List your items at eBay and share these with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email and allow you contact to pre-shop before you in-real-life sale!
  • Offer lemonade or ice water for your customers, they’ll appreciate this and remember you next time you have a sale. If anything else it is just a nice thing to do.
  • Put the kids’ stuff away that you are not selling so customers aren’t confused at what is or is not for sale!
  • Clean up your items before putting them up for sale, you’ll make more money this way.

What tips do you have for having a garage/yard sale?


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  • Thanks for the tips. those will be useful when I will set up garage or yard sale. Good suggestions…

  • Really great tips and you have described everything very clearly.