A Green Voice

A Green Voice

When you talk you should say something. Don’t be meek and soft but speak up and say what you have to say. This doesn’t mean say nasty things. Spread good news and be positive with uplifting vibes because the boomerang is gonna come back and hit you someday! Have a voice that resonates and spreads meaning and passion. This is what I love about blogging, the internet and social networking sites and forums. They’re a place for us to have a voice! On the traditional media front this isn’t always the case but today something is different, something has changed because you can use your opinion, your positive voice and make a difference!

How? My new favorite green magazine wants to hear from you, that’s how! I’ve previously raved about Positively Green because I can’t wait to have a magazine that actually has content, pictures and products I care about along with some great online resources. Positively Green has teamed up with Green & Clean Mom to figure out what YOU want them to write about. We both dance to the same tune when it comes to going green and hopefully with my readership, some forwards, stumbling, digs, emails, kirtsys and just green love we can tell the editors what we want to read and see when it comes to having a green magazine for women. Positively Green wants to know your story ideas because your voice counts!

Naturally, this comes with a fabulous reward for having a green and clean voice! Positively Green will choose one submitted story idea and this story will be featured in a up coming issue of Positively Green! The winner of the top story idea will receive a one-year subscription to Positively Green. The top 15 story ideas will win a free premiere edition of Positively Green! Trust me, you want this!

I will be accepting story submissions for this contest through the month of July and more than one story idea may be submitted! The editors and staff of Positively Green will be choosing the winners and notifying the winning story submissions. Feel free to leave comments but all story submissions must use the following form to prevent copying and true originality! Start thinking and writing because this is your chance to use that voice and see what you want written in a magazine you will love!!!

Hi I’m Sommer! I’ve been blogging for over 7 years and I’m passionate about helping others. I favor the green niche and love to motivate and inspire others to be just a little bit greenER each day. I’m a social media and marketing consultant, children’s book author and antique and flea market junkie. I have a knack for vetting bloggers, creating blogger campaigns and connecting bloggers and brands. I actually like public speaking and have spoken locally, regionally and nationally on blogging, social media and education. I’ve worked with top name brands and have been mentioned and featured in the New York Times Online, ABC News Online, the Wall Street Journal Online and several other media sources. Let’s connect.


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    An in depth piece on subjects that haven’t been made popular by the mainstream media yet. What is the best approach, where are the resources, why should we do it, and what are the consequences of our actions if we don’t. Topics such as:Composting, recycling medicine, organic clothing, passive solar, and businesses that are making a difference and doing whats right.

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    I need this! As the school year closes in, I reflect back on rushed mornings, lunches, struggling to do homework for my own academic semester, my work and 2 part time jobs, I would love to sit down for a moment and do something refreshing for *me*!!!

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  • Kirby

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