ABC’s of Social Media

ABC’s of Social Media

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To read we must first learn the alphabet.  We learn to say the letters identify the letters, the letter sounds and how to write the letters. Next we learn how to put letters together to make words, blend sounds and eventually make sentences, paragraphs and use words to tell a story. A process of learning that takes time and practice. Like all things there are different methods of teaching a concept or skill and there are different ways to learn.

Social media is just like learning your ABC’s there are different ways to learn how to use social media for your business or blog but there is always the basic alphabet regardless of your story.

A is for Alltop and Alexa.

B is for backlinks, blogging, BlogHer and Blissdom.

C is for content.

D is for disclosure; direct messaging, Digg and Delicious.

E is for experimenting, email and Eventful.

F is for feeds, Flickr, friends, Facebook and FTC.

G is for Google and Gravatars.

H is for hashtag.

I is for influencers.

J is for journey.

K is for_____________(help me fill in the blank).

L is for leveraging, learning and LinkedIn.

M is for momentum and My Space.

N is for Ning and networking.

O is for optimization.

P is for plugins, podcasts, Plaxo and passion.

Q is for qualitative and quantitative.

R is for ROI, RSS and reach.

S is for Stumbling, stats, Skype and social bookmarking.

T is for time, tools, Twitter, tiny URL’s, Technorati and Tublr.

U is for ubber.

V is for Viddler.

W is for WordPress and Wikis.

X is for Xing.

Y is for Yahoo and YouTube.

Z is ____________(help me fill in the blank).

Poquette is a 3rd grade teacher, a social media and marketing consultant (in her free time), blogger and children’s book author. She has a knack for vetting bloggers, creating blogger campaigns and connecting brands and bloggers. She speaks locally, regionally and nationally on blogging, social media and education. She’s worked with top name brands and has been mentioned and featured in the New York Times, ABC News Online, The Wall Street Journal and several others.
  • brenna

    Love this. What about…

    K is for kinship?
    Z is for zeal?