Hi. I’m Sommer and this is my blog and my business. My online home {sorry if it is messy I try to keep things tidy} where I share bits and pieces of my life with a hope to inspire, motivate and encourage others to be a little bit greener, just a little bit isn’t too hard.  I’m a mom and a wife who of course is juggling everything and someday a ball is going to drop – I just know it. I do my best everyday and yes sometimes I’m not very green but I try. I really do try but being green is not a race or a sense of status. We are all uniquely green in our own way.

I have many skills like juggling a million things at once but I’m especially good at blogger outreach, communication, strategies and connecting bloggers and brands. I am a 3rd grade teacher for Michigan Virtual Charter Academy through K12.com  and I love my students and teaching. I love working with brands and agencies to connect the dots and think out of the box.  I’ve been a blogger since 2007, which makes me old in blogger years {they are like dog years}! I have plenty of testimonials, client history and examples to demonstrate my capabilities but I am always learning, growing and improving. A lifelong student and self taught entrepreneur that sees a leaf and thinks of a new business and how to market the leaf.

These goofy kids are mine. They are my heart.

Little Tidbits

  • I am from Michigan – you know the mitten state and I guess I have a very heavy Midwest “accent”.
  • I write like I talk or so my high school English teacher told me.
  • I always have bruises. My grandma said I needed to eat more bananas but really I am just a klutz.
  • I enjoy the sunshine but I’m not really a fan of sunscreen which is not safe, I know. I dislike the smell.
  • I travel a lot for my consulting business and I prefer the window seat and hate when people bring fast food onto the airplane. It stinks.
  • My business name was Green and Clean Mom, LLC and is currently being changed to SLP Connections and I have become an S Corporation.
  • I wrote a book for children to understand their moms blogging and being online all day. I’m a wee bit proud of it.
  • I used to be really heavy and recently I have lost 35 pounds. Sweet!
  • I have recently started collecting antiques. It is addicting.
  • I do not mind being called a mom blogger.

Helpful Information for Connecting

Media Kits R-O-C-K! If you have problems viewing this presentation check it over here at SlideShare {Hint: You can view it in full screen by clicking on the four arrows in the right hand-side of the gray SlideShare box}. I know it needs to be updated and I’m knee deep in the middle of making that happen! BAM!

Blogger Media Kit

Other Important Stuff

  • Other people write here and I love them to pieces for it because I am all about other points of view.
  • Lots of people say I’m pretty cool to work with.
  • I’ve been mentioned a time or two online like ABC News, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and a few other places.
  • I like when people advertise on my site and my rates are very reasonable.
  • I like to help others and I’m available to speak at conferences, work with brands, agencies or noodle on something with you. I don’t really like to be taken out to lunch and have my brain picked though.
  • The FTC is serious and so I fully disclose my affiliations and relationships. It is just not right to be deceiving.