Bananas Aren’t Just for Monkey’s

Bananas Aren’t Just for Monkey’s

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I learned today that the banana is America’s number one fruit and they have no fat, cholesterol or sodium!  My kids love bananas but because they’re available year around and they are affordable, we get bored eating them. Slicing them in cereal, making muffins, breads and even using them in pancake batter are some tricks I’ve used for making the most of this healthy high in potassium, vitamin c and fiber fruit. We’ve made banana pops and dipped them in chocolate, eaten them with peanut butter and now we’re going to try freezing them and without chocolate!

Freezer Bananas

What You Need:

-2 firm bananas

How to Make It:

-Peel the bananas.

-Cut into bite size chunks.

-Place all the banana chunks into a freezer bag.

-Place in the freezer for up to two weeks.

2 Servings

Use bananas that are ripened through.  The freezer enhances the flavor just be sure the bag is sealed tightly so no ice crystals appear on the bananas.  It’s easy and everyone loves this healthy snack.

How do you use banana’s and what is your favorite recipe?

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  • Reut

    The first thing that my 2 years old son ask every morning is to eat banana. He really likes it and I like the fact that he's eating such a healthy fruit.

  • Martin

    How is it that the banana is America's #1 fruit when there are no bananas GROWN in the US? It's not very green to rely so much on imported fruit.

  • Rachael

    not to mention BANANAS ARE NOT GREEN, they travel very long distances to get to the US which is by no means good for the environment. Lets make sure that when we talk about green that we use only products and food that actually are good for the environment. The fact that bananas are available “all year round” is a good indicator that they are not green. They may be good for us, but only if we are living where they grow, potassium and vit C can be found in other foods.

  • Mikki

    You can also make banana ice cream. Cut up the bananas, put in the freezer on a tray for couple of hours, put the food processor and process. It can take 10-15 minutes and it looks like soft serve ice cream!

  • Kim

    When you finish eating that banana use the peel to clean your plants!

    The banana may not be a green fruit (they do not grow here, so it travels really far), you can use the whole fruit for something. They are great in compost too!

  • Bananas for Bananas

    Let’s all relax! This article was about new ways to eat bananas. Bananas are healthy and my kids will eat them (it’s sure hard to get the nutritional power punch a banana has in other sources that kids will eat willingly in such quanitities) so I’ll continue to buy them. Sometimes you just can’t “do it all” and in this case, I’ll continue to serve healthy, delicious bananas until my kids expand their palettes.

    Sometimes I slice mine and put it on a skewer with other healthy treats like strawberries or melon… whatever the kids will eat. They love the colours and variety and the novelty of eating their fruit off a stick!

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  • 5k camera

    used to love frozen nanas when i was younger for some reason they get teh texture of icecream when really cold.