What does Barbie and 32,000 Boob Job Have in Common?

What does Barbie and 32,000 Boob Job Have in Common?

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Editors Note: This article was originally written by Jennifer Lance of Eco Child’s Play where you can get news, tips and creative ideas for raising a family non-toxic.

I hate Barbie Dolls. These plastic, large breasted, out of proportion dolls create unrealistic images in children’s minds of a woman’s body. As Empowered Parents explains,

If she were alive, Barbie would be a woman standing 7 feet tall with a waistline of 18 inches and a bustling of 38-40. In fact, she would need to walk on all fours just to support her peculiar proportions. Yet media advertising, television and Hollywood would reinforce her message, influencing what would become the            American ideal of beauty.

And what’s up with Ken being an eunuch?  Leave it to artists to find a creative use for Barbie and comment on this cultural icon.

Chris Jordan is famous for using photography to explore American consumerism.  In one of his latest pieces, Chris uses Barbie dolls to demonstrate how this doll has affected American women’s body images.  Empowered Parentsfurther explains:

Barbie holds the distinction of being the first doll to become an adult figure in the child’s life…She would ultimately become a representative of our own culture. Mothers, as well as their daughters took in Barbie’s messages about how shape and size matters at the very brink of our society’s revolution for women who were becoming liberated, entering the professions in greater numbers, becoming divorced, participating in the sexual revolution, blending families, and abandoning mealtimes and family rituals in favor of work force and the work out.

Read the whole plastic Barbie story over at Eco Child’s Play

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  • KiwiLog

    Really interesting stuff. It’s a shame that so much of what has the potential to influence our kids sends the wrong message.

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  • hi Sommer,
    I’ve seen the same stats on if Barbie was life size. She’d look pretty strange! What bugs me is that i’ve seen at the toy stores that now Barbie has her own VISA credit card. Man, get the kids hooked on debt when they’re young, eh?
    BTW, I don’t see the answer to your title question in the post? What do they have in common? ~ Steve, the trade show guru
    PS. I love your blog header and front page. Very nice! Did you make it, or did someone do it for you?

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