Biodegradable Wedding Dresses and True Love

Biodegradable Wedding Dresses and True Love

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Valentine’s Day is a sentimental holiday for me. I especially like February 14th because my husband was born on this day. He says everyone loves him because he is a Valentine’s baby. I usually reply with some smart comment about only his other wife Little Debbie loving him and then tell him to deflate his chest. In all actuality, he is right on the money. Everyone, including this green mom, loves him.

With love in the air I’m compelled to write about this green wedding dress I discovered.  Katie is really the green wedding expert and when it comes to making any event Eco-friendly, I will hand the wand to her. I, however, found this amazing biodegradable, hemp and chemical free wedding dress that I believe to be stunning.

green-wedding-dressFor those wanting to head down the aisle in a dress that won’t pollute the landfill someday (mine is preserved in a box – why I’m not sure) and that is free of chemicals I’d like to recommend Rene Geneva Designs. Yes, a hefty price tag at just over $4,000 but for some this might be worth it. It is not necessary to spend this to have a green wedding dress as Katie pointed out in a previous post.

The website has some amazing designs and fashions that really I usually defer to Eco-Chick for seeing that this green mom hardly ever gets dressed up and frankly just doesn’t wear such hip and trendy clothes.

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  • Monica

    These are really cool dresses. I have to admit , I have a little wedding dress addiction and could have been married 10 times for all the dresses I’ve fallen in love with over the years. At least my husband has agreed to marry me again for our 10 year anniversary!

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  • Green & Clean Mom

    Ahh, you will get married again. I would love to have a new dress and get married again. I was heavier and would do things different as a thinner version of myself.