Burpee Tips for Beginners

Burpee Tips for Beginners

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A burpee, say what – huh? My sister sent me a text message today telling me that at noon the Work Out of the Day {WOD} will be three repetitions of 100 Jumping Jacks, 50 sit-ups and 25 burpee’s and you complete these repetitions and record your time. This is after a warm up routine for about 20 minutes which for me is a workout. My lip started to quiver and tears came to my eyes. These and other thoughts ran through my head:

“I’m going to die and they’ll have to call my emergency contact number.”
“There is no way humanly possible I can do 150 sit-ups today!”
“300 jumping jacks are you kidding me?”

AND then besides having self-deprecating thoughts I realized I had no flipping idea what a burpee was so how could I possibly be afraid of one? Which led me to YouTube {of course} and this demonstration of how to do a burpee properly but that lady is fit and she’s obviously done these before so how in the world will I possibly be able to do 75 burpees today plus jumping jacks, sit-ups and the warm up routine?

I had to calm myself down {no I did not do shots} and realize I’m a beginner. I’m going from A to Z pretty quickly and CrossFit is scalable. My competition is myself. {I repeat this over-and- over as I’m hyperventilating thinking about the workout.} To prepare I practiced a few and then found on YouTube that there is a beginner version of a burpee which made me feel so much better.

So tell me, can you do a burpee? Go ahead try it!

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  • Calley @The Eco Chic

    OMG!  I never knew it had a name but I HATE these! We do them in kickboxing class and I always stink at them!!!  I like the beginner version better! 🙂 

  • Anonymous

    I know! They are killer. I could not do the entire workout. I’m not there yet!

  • Anonymous

    I love that 2 green mom bloggers have become Cross Fit junkies! Hope to meet you at Blogher – we will have to find a NYC affiliate!!