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Coping and Dealing with SAD

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During the long, cold, northern Michigan winters, I often struggle to get out of bed. I use what little energy I have to get...
The dreaded under eye bags and wrinkles.

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Why do we get wrinkles? Have you ever wondered this? As I looked in the mirror today, I asked myself this very question. Which...
7 Favorite Skin Care Products

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This month and for all of 2017, I am focusing on loving my skin. I am turning 40 this year and I am determined...
A face scrub that helps brighten and lighten your skin!

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This year, I am turning the BIG 40. I am no spring chicken. In fact, parts of my face look like a wrinkly chicken. Which...
NOW Foods Mega Giveaway Over $500 Value

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Have you ever met someone and you just click? You even wish you would have met them years ago because the chemistry is just...
Sommer Poquette Green and Clean Mom NOW Foods Tour #NOWWellness Influencer Tour

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Stop for a second and think about the last time you put something into your shopping cart (online or at a store) and paused...