Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture

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The benefits of joining a CSA #gardening #CSA

My local CSA (community supported agriculture) brochure should be arriving any day now.  Time to sign up and order my share! I would hate to miss out and they go quickly!  A few years ago my family tried so many new veggies when we joined the local CSA. I had never had a yellow carrot or tasted kale before joining our local CSA back in 2008. It was fun! A CSA is a partnership between local consumers and farmers. You purchase a share of the crop before planting time so the farmer raises money to purchase his equipment, supplies and seeds. In return, as a member you receive a weekly supply of veggies throughout the harvest season. You, as a consumer, share in the rewards and risks. Meaning if the crop fails due to the weather or another reason, you might not get very much. However, last year I was very much rewarded and had more veggies then my family could handle. As a result my family and friends also shared in our CSA experience!

So what does it cost and is it worth it? The cost for my family through our CSA is $500 for a large share and $325 for a medium share. The price might have gone up this year but that’s what it was. This begins the third week June and ends mid October! I bought a medium share a few years ago and the crops started slow with not much at the beginning but as the summer progressed I had so much I just started giving veggies away! Is it worth it? Yes! Yes! Yes! The veggies taste wonderful and because they are grown 15 minutes from me. I know they are full of the good stuff. There are no pesticides, chemicals or bad stuff used so I feel good about eating the veggies. I can drive to the farm and my kids can play with the farmers four kids and have a connection to the food and the family growing the food. This is very rewarding and worth every penny! I also get recipes each week and learn about the veggie and how to prepare it.

The farm I do business with also offers pastured raised chicken, pork and turkey. Fresh berries are available by flats and this is a hit for my famous strawberry rhubarb pie! Please check into a local CSA in your area and take the time to learn more about the benefits of being a CSA member.

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  • N. & J.

    Something to keep in mind is that CSAs can book up quick. I was to late last year and this year it wasn’t worth it since we will be moving but even if I wanted it all the ones near me were booked over a year in advance.

  • Mark Bullock

    CSA’s are becoming increasingly more cost effective, in my opinion, especially in light of the increased costs of food. My local chain grocery now charges about the same price for fruits and veggies as my local, organic farmer. Guess where I’ll be purchasing my veggies from now on!

  • Maria

    I’m still learning more about local CSAs. We don’t have as many options in my area, but there are some local grocers that specialize in local produce. They’re also a great recourse for green cleaning supplies and tips.