Cookie Mystery Science Experiment

Cookie Mystery Science Experiment

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K12 3rd Grade Science

One of my favorite things about teaching is hearing and seeing the children get excited about learning! This happened yesterday during a live science session where the five 3rd grade teachers taught a lesson focusing on observation, making a hypothesis and drawing conclusions. The lesson was full of mystery and we heard the children get very excited and I love that!

The children practiced using different descriptive words and guessing which of our powder substances combined would make the perfect cookie recipe. We had mystery samples all set up and each teacher mixed water, iodine, vinegar and heat. We made observations about each reaction and tried to decide together as a class which of our 3 mystery samples would make the perfect cookie based on the reactions we saw.

Great Cookie Mystery Science

Many people wonder how we teach virtually and how we could do a science experiment online with hundreds of students. For this science experiment we used our webcam and the students could see each reaction. Using their microphone they replied to our questions and we typed the responses on a group board that all of the children could see. So they could see what we were doing, we could hear them and they could see what we were typing. All of this was happening at once as well as chatting so the students could type questions or answer questions via chat if their microphone was not working. It is a very interactive classroom with lots of student/teacher engagement!

I thought it was a very fun science and not only did we have fun doing it live with the students but we provided the material list and instructions for the parents to do at home along with us or on their own time. In fact, I highly suggest you try this with your student’s or your own children! You can learn more about the Cookie Mystery Science experiment by clicking here.

What science experiments do you enjoy doing with your children? Any favorites?


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