CrossFit Wall Ball a Functional Exercise

CrossFit Wall Ball a Functional Exercise

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I have been traveling and now my husband is traveling. This means I’ve had no time to attend CrossFit, which is actually very depressing and I’m certain I’ll feel very sore my first day back. In fact, I’ve put my own physical fitness on hold because of work, travel and family obligations and I’m not sleeping as well, I have less energy and I’m feeling less confidant about my body.

I hope to change this in the upcoming week and get my fitness groove back. One exercise I am hoping to improve on is something called the Wall Ball. Seeing that I’m highly uncoordinated performing this multi step and function exercise is no easy task for me.  Which is sad because it is comprised of  everyday body movements you need to function. Its just the coordination of putting these movements together that I cannot do with much ease. In fact, I look like a dork.  You can watch a demonstration video of the wall ball exercise or ready an excellent article describing the functions and purpose but in a nutshell you throw a ball at a 9 foot mark on the wall and you catch and squat with your bottom hitting the ball each time. You repeat this exercise and it might sound easy but the recommended weight is a 20 pound ball and the squat after about 20 times is pretty tiring. I believe I use a very light ball because my wrist is weak and I’m still learning the motions. Remember, I’m a beginner!

A wall ball is unfortunately very expensive but I did find a great article on making your own wall ball for under $15! Now that I’m a proud owner of a RX jump rope (I’ll talk more about this in an upcoming post), though some people I know like the Buddy Lee Jump Ropes and I’m hoping to practice my pull-ups perhaps I can begin practicing wall balls at home too!  I certainly hope next week I’m back in action because not working out has sure made me feel worse!

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