Do you want a Hybrid?

Do you want a Hybrid?

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Ford Escape Hybrid
photo credit: tom.arthur

As a parent I want to drive my child in a safe vehicle. I also want to drive as green as eco-friendly as possible and save pennies – which add up.  I’ve professed my love for the Ford Flex but I’ve also test driven the Ford Escape but not the Hybrid. At the North American International Auto Show I drove the Ford Fusion Hybrid but not the Escape. We just didn’t have time but have you seen the video? recently praised the Escape Hybrid and raved about the fuel economy of 45 mpg in the city.
For families searching for a new vehicle it might be worthwhile to check out the Ford Escape Hybrid. For safety reasons it has all the safety features and rating that a parent desires. For a green parent the Escape Hybrid also has the new soy-based foam and eco-friendly seats. I love these seats!

What is it that you look for in a vehicle?

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  • hi Sommer,
    We have a 2004 Ford Escape and we love it. We got it before the Hybrid was available. I’d be interested in the Hybrid (except we don’t need a new car now) but I’d have to see how much more it costs than the regular Escape. I will say this about the Ford… it rocks! It isn’t perfect, but it’s great for us with two kids and on the go. ~ Steve, the trade show guru (Go Ford!)
    PS. Soy-based foam seats? Cool. I guess you can eat your seats if you get lost in the desert. 🙂

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  • Carla

    I hate to sound like a car snob, but until BMW or Audi start making hybrids, I will pass (and get the most fuel efficient car until then). Handling, reliability and safety means a lot to me and American cars isn’t there. Also, I would never buy an SUV (feels like I’m driving a bus).

  • Hey Carla,
    not to be argumentative, but regarding our Ford Escape…

    Handling… check
    Reliability… check
    Safety… check

    Our Ford is fine in all three of those categories. As I said, it isn’t perfect, but it works just fine for us, and costs a lot less that a German car ~ and who says German cars are reliable??? my friend had an Audi that he swore his mechanic drove more than he did… 🙂
    ~ Steve, the trade show guru

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  • Nah, a car debate is great for traffic Carla so keep it up! LOL! I’ve never been a Volvo or Foreign girl. I believe in keeping it here in the states and giving our citizens jobs as much as possible. Whether the car is stiff handling or not. The hybrid part I agree with you and that we all have are own p preferences! Thanks for commenting and telling us yours.

  • Carla

    Hey Steve,

    I dont want to start a car debate here 🙂 we all have our auto preferences. I have driven so many different types of cars during my brief stint as a dealer to dealer transfer driver and I guess I’m just biased against many different makes (American autos just happen to be my least favorite). I prefer stiff handling and to be able to feel the road; Japanese and American cars just dont offer that. I held only to my 20 something year old Volvo for as long as I could due to the superb handling.

    It would be nice if more auto makers got on board with the hybrid though.

  • Carla

    LOL! I’m not the debating type. As much as I would love to be car independent, I love cars. It would be nice if we can have the best of all worlds in this one.

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