Don’t Throw That Crayon Away!

Don’t Throw That Crayon Away!

This last weekend we went out to eat and it was a welcomed treat. No cooking or cleaning up for mom. The children got place mats and crayons and not so quietly scribbled and quibbled over who got what color.After dinner we left and the crayons stayed. What happened to the crayons? They most likely got pitched and for crayons made of paraffin wax they will sit in the landfills for years and years. Over 2 millions crayons are sold every single year but how many of these crayons are recycled and reused? Hmmm? I know my family personally recycles the crayons but what about most families, childcare centers, restaurants, etc?
The Crayon Bin is the answer folks! They recycle your crayons and you don’t even have to peal the paper off.They use the crayon paper to make camp fire starters. Recycle and reuse! Send them 100 crayons and they’ll send you a new box of recycled crayons. The Crayon Bin is a company dedicated to keeping crayons out of landfills and you can help. Start a crayon bin at your local grocery store, recycling center, daycare, school, etc.What a great way for schools to get recycled crayons and do something good for the environment. When I was reading about this company I was so happy to have stumbled upon them because they also use the tips of crayons to make crayons for who have difficulty with fine motor skills. How great is that?
Most people don’t even think about a tiny crayon when they toss it. It’s tiny in comparison to most waste and takes up such a small amount of space in the trash. Put 2 million crayons together and that small space is suddenly not so small! Keeping millions of crayons out of the landfills makes sense and it’s a cinch with The Crayon Bin. Check it out and start one near you.


  • I knew they recycled crayons but never knew how or who did it! Some of the schools in my area take part in this program which is great! I know I will keep this info for future se!

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  • What an awesome idea! I have a crayon bin at school for all of the old crayons. Now I have something to do with them. FUN!

  • That’s too cool that companies are doing that. I purposely make sure my kids take crayons from a restaurant when I see that they’re new (meaning any left behind are tossed).

    We don’t toss our crayons though. When they break or are otherwise unusable, we break them up into little pieces and put them in muffin tins (or other fun shapes) and bake them at low heat to remelt them into a new shape — either mutli-color or single color depending on our mood. They’re tons of fun. A friend of ours actually did heart shaped ones this year and gave them out for Valentine’s Day in school instead of candy!

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  • ours never get tossed, they always get used right up 🙂

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  • dave

    Wait a minute, folks. Parafin is a hydrocarbon – (C25H52). The latest environmental fads suggest that we should bury stable forms of carbon to reduce green house gases. Although these fads aren’t likely to be around for more than another few years. Until this fad goes out of style, recycling anything that contains carbon should be considered harmful to the environment. These stable carbon compounds should be buried, where the carbon they contain can’t leach back into the biosphere.

  • Jenny

    great idea!

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  • chad

    i have a crayola crayon maker so i can keep my crayons the same size

  • jake3988

    What’s sad is that 90% of the crayon is wasted. They’re used until the tip is gone… and then they’re thrown away. We need to stop that waste.

  • Confused Artist

    Uh, how about instead of WASTING the crayon, you just use it until it is gone. It’s a crayon, not an everlasting gobstopper, and a really amazing thing happens when you rub them onto paper or other hard surfaces with adequate friction!

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  • Penny

    From the CrayonBin website:

    The economy has made it necessary for us to reorganize…
    At this time is discontinuing the “Crayons-4-Crayons Program”. We will still except crayons for recycling but can no longer return a set of crayons for each set we receive. The crayons shipped to us will be recycled into our “Crayon Fire Starters”. We will no longer manufacture the novelty or specialty crayons. Thank you for participating in our Crayons-4-Crayons Program. If you would like to send us your crayons for recycling please see our Contact page.

  • I work for Crazy Crayons, we have a national Crayon Recycle Program which is used to both recycle crayons but also use this process as an educational tool for sustainable living. We have been collecting and recycling crayons for seventeen years. Thanks!


  • Jen

    we have three crayon makers since they only make 3 crayons at a time and it takes 12 minutes.

  • Myob

    You can buy candy molds online for a couple of bucks and pour your melted crayons into them for all kinds of cool crayon shapes. I made rockets ans astronauts for birthday party favors.