Egg Salad Wraps Made with Greek Yogurt

Egg Salad Wraps Made with Greek Yogurt

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Egg salad sandwiches are delicious but the mayo and bread can quickly turn a healthy lunch into a high calorie lunch. These last few weeks I’ve gained a few pounds because of life stress anegg salad# recipe in lettuce with greek yogurt and kale #healthy d personal stuff happening so I am paying even closer attention to what I’m eating and making the healthiest choices possible. I’ve used Stonyfield Greek yogurt and the Earthbound Farms spinach in my Shaklee 180™ breakfast smoothies for months but I wanted to experiment with other options of using the yogurt, which prompted me to make a healthier egg salad sandwich and I’m skipping the bread too!

Here is my new favorite egg salad sandwich in a lettuce wrap to save on calories:

Ingredients Needed:


  • Combine your Stonyfield Farms Greek yogurt, handful of Earthbound Farms Kale mixture and your relish in your food processor or blender. Be sure to not mix or puree for too long or it will become too runny. I like mine moist when I’m using bread or pita so I make mine a little bit more runny than most.
  • Add the mixture to your chopped eggs and garnish with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Scoop the mixture into an Earthbound Farms Lettuce leaf.
  • Serve with delicious apples for a healthy side!

Yum! Easy to make, delicious to eat and super-duper healthy!

Disclaimer: I am a Stonyfield Farms Yo-Getter ambassador and I was compensated with coupons for this post.

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