Five Power Packed Foods

Five Power Packed Foods

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Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life, right? Is there a secret to making this happen? I’ve come to learn that the food we eat is very much connected to the life we live and how we feel. I heard on the radio that the best medicine we can give our body is healthy food. The vitamins, minerals and power of good food that isn’t processed can help heal our body and possibly prevent diseases.

5 Power Packed Foods

Here are five of my favorite power packed foods that help give me energy and are all around good for my health:

  1. Oatmeal – Oatmeal is shown to lower blood cholesterol and it’s a filling grain that helps keep hunger at bay and your blood sugar constant. I prefer steel cut and actually will add it to my smoothies!
  2. Allium foods– these foods include garlic, onions, leeks and shallots. These veggies help guard the body against cancer and are shown to help lower blood pressure and prevent blood clots. I especially love garlic and will roast a garlic clove and spread it on whole wheat toast and add fresh cut tomato and fresh piece of mozzarella, delicious!
  3. Yogurt – The fat free variety is good for you.  Yogurt contains calcium, Vitamin B, and protein.  If you don’t drink milk, yogurt is an alternative to get your calcium in to build strong bones and teeth.  Live yogurt also contains friendly bacteria to help promote a healthy digestive system.
  4. Fruits – Fruits are filled with antioxidants such as Vitamin C and A.  Antioxidants fight free radical damage in the body and reduce the risk of cancer.  Berries such as blueberries and grapes have the highest amount of antioxidants.  But choose an array of fruits in a wide variety of colors for maximum health.  The antioxidants in fruit boost the immune system to fight the effects of aging in the body.
  5. Salmon – Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk of heart disease and other conditions like atherosclerosis.  Wild salmon is a fatty fish but it contains good fats that have been proven to improve health in children and adults.  Salmon is rich in protein which is of great use after an exercise session to build muscle tissue.

Trying to live healthier is an everyday choice but next time you head to the grocery store consider adding a few of these power foods to your cart and begin making wiser, healthier choices! What are a few of your favorite healthy power foods?



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