Ford Motor Company and the North American International Auto Show

Ford Motor Company and the North American International Auto Show

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People, who know me well, know I always want a new vehicle. If we’re driving down the road I have to have an opinion on the color of a car and if I like or dislike it. I’m always thinking about my next vehicle and yes I even dream about a vehicle that is not so “family” oriented and doesn’t scream M-O-M! I struggle with this seeing that it isn’t so “green” to have a new car every year and this is why I have had the same vehicle for almost five years! Well, last week I opened up my in box to an invitation from the Ford Motor Company to be their guest at the North American International Auto Show!

I will be attending during the press dates of January 11 –13, which means I had to get media clearance and I did! Phew! Me, Green and Clean Mom, Sommer Poquette is officially considered media (for this event anyhow)…go figure. I’m super excited to be headed to Detroit to get the press preview, thanks to the Ford Motor Company. I have a particular interest in Ford’s biotech moms and their soy seat developments. I’ve requested to interview, Sue Cischke – Group Vice President, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering AND Nancy Gioia – Director, Sustainable Mobility Technologies and Hybrid Vehicle Programs. I’ll have my Flip camera and right after the interview I’ll be sure to send out some tweets and post the interviews.

I’ve caught wind that Scott Monty and Wendy Piersall will be attending and hopefully in the “Ford Blogger’s Lounge” I’ll get to interview and chat with these on and offline celebrities (in my eyes).  I have all sorts of questions for all the automakers I’ll be seeing and talking to. My questions aren’t technical but common sense questions from the perspective of the middle class citizen trying to afford an Eco-friendly vehicle in the near future. A consumer who is concerned about the toxicity inside the vehicles as much as I’m concerned about how much gas I can save going from point A to point B. I’m curious about the safety of Hybrids and want more information on just how “green” they are and where is this technology taking us. Sure, the sweet colors, shapes and designs…they excite me but is the technology to make the vehicles environmentally friendly? Oh, the questions!

So tell me, what would you like me to ask these Ford executives? What do you want me to cover while in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show?

Hi, I’m Sommer (@greenmom) and I’ve been calling this my blogging home for 9 years. I’m a juggler of life, a protective mama bear and I enjoy travel, wine, sunshine and good books. I’m passionate about inspiring others to live a little healthier and greener each day. I’m many things but above all I’m a believer in karma and the good in people. I’m a children’s book author, public speaker and consultant. My full-time gig is working as a Marketing Manager for and helping to encourage everyone to eat healthier. Check out my about me page for more details.


  • Michelle

    Sommer: I just wanted to congratulate you on getting the press invitation. I think it is wonderful how much exposure you are getting and how well know you are in the blogging community. You deserve applause!

  • Michelle,

    Thank you for your nice words. I try hard and hope that what I write is something my readers enjoy. I am continually trying to improve. I have to say, I am very honored.