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There’s a catch. You see lots of people have cloth diaper questions and need help. Raise your hand if you need help. Okay, I’m raising both of my hands. The cloth diaper choice is super but I’m in transition mode and I’m discovering lots of people are.  I’ve learned a few things so far that I think have been invaluable. Like having to have a wet bag to hold the dirty diapers. Oh, and an extra insert at night. My cloth diaper adventure has been…eye opening. I’m far from an expert and could happily use some advice. Fuzzi Bunz (the owner is a mom who is oh, so sweet) has graciously offered to give a sampler pack away (three diapers of any color and size) to any G&CM reader who can leave me a comment with an amazing piece of advice. All you have to do is leave me a comment giving me some piece of cloth diaper wisdom. If you have never tried cloth before and there is some burning question you have, ask here and if your question is so great, maybe you’ll win! There has to me something you cloth diaper experts can share with me. Even if you’re a beginner maybe you’ve learned some trick and want to share it with me. Is there some unknown website that offers tons of advice or some concern stopping you from trying cloth?

The winner has been chosen and the contest has ended.

I will pick one comment based on how valuable I believe it to be. The winner will be chosen on Wednesday, August 27, 2008. For more information on how giveaways work here at G&CM see the official rules page.

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  • alison

    I have been using cloth diapers on my one year old son since birth…and it took me several months to get used to it, and to figure out what worked for our family. My biggest piece of advice is do not give up! There are so many kinds out there (yes, VERY overwhelming) and there’s bound to be something that works for your babe! I also really suggest diaperswappers.com. They have been my saving grace with all cloth diaper questions. The moms on there are super helpful and you can ask just about anything!

  • lil mama

    I’m so happy to see this post! I’m 2 steps behind you (or more 10) with the cloth diapering and feel totally lost. I’ve made commitment but I still don’t feel confident that I’ll know what to do – with the diapers, the accessories, the cleaning,etc. So I guess I’m not going to win 🙂 but I’m hoping to get some advice and tips that will help me out!

  • Well, I’m not a big fan of cleaning up poopie cloth diapers so my best advice is to use the Kushies Flushable Liners (I buy them through diapers.com for only $7.99/roll- totally worth it!!!). I use them in every diaper since my little one poops slightly sporadically and they make cleaning up A LOT easier. Along these same lines, I hope to get a homemade diaper sprayer installed. I don’t want to spend $40 on something that my husband can probably make (just a hose with a sprayer!) for cheaper.

  • Rebecca Jacobson

    Hey, I look forward to hearing your diapering adventure! Some of my first dipes arrive today! There are a few things that have been passed on to me: 1 keep chlorine free dipes on hand at first until you get the hang of it for less stress, 2 don’t be afraid of a little bleach every once in awhile, 3, have a diaper sprayer, 4 use borax or calgon if you have hard water, 5 remember that it doesn’t have to be all or none (you are doing something good for the environment even if it is part time) and 6 don’t visit diaperswappers.com too much or you will get scared of the “stinkies”.
    I really enjoyed doing the trial on jilliansdrawers.com. I got to try lots of different types of dipes and the one we like the best was not the one we expected. Good luck!

    PS- I sent an email too! oops! 🙂

  • Shelly Gudmunsen

    i used cloth w/ my first son quite consistantly, and with my second now quite inconsistantly. i use the mother-ease one-size system w/ whisper wrap covers, and it has certainly been a cloth-diapering adventure!

    one piece of advice: you can use the covers 3-5 times in a row if you lay them out to air-dry between diaperings. that means you can switch between two covers all day, and keep using the same ones for 2-3 days. just use the sniff test! ew, i know. also, borax seems to really help me get those puppies much cleaner than just detergent. shaklee nature bright also works wonders w/ their laundry soap. 😉

    another tidbit you probably already know: your little one will be wearing an entire size up in pants when she’s sporting the cloth-dipe bubble butt. modern children’s clothing often isn’t designed to accommodate cloth diapers, but a size up will usually do the trick!

    ok, last tip: a small wool “puddle pad” under babe at night will help keep leaks out of the bedding. even if the dipe seeps a bit on a wet night, at least the sheets and blankets won’t all have to be changed in the morning. wool, when lanolized, is natural, antibacterial, and moisture-resistant!

    i’m recently back at the cloth diaper effort, after a 9-month hiatus. i’m feeling serious guilt-relief about saving the landfills, and about keeping the chlorine off my son’s skin. once i’m back to school (teaching and going for my master’s) this fall, i’ll likely do a mix of cloth and disposable to save my sanity — the way i see it, any small effort helps …. good luck!

  • Laurin

    I sorta missed the cloth diaper thing as my kids are almost 6. My stepdaughter has a new baby so I have the perfect recipient in mind if I win.

    I did a post a couple of days ago about a $59.99 trash can sized mini washing machine called the Wonder Washer. I made the point that it could be used by a cloth diaper using momma. It’s a greener choice because you don’t have to use the water and power of the big washer every day and it would keep those cloth diapers separate from the other clothes.


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  • jen s

    I admit, I have never used a cloth diaper on my little one (or any others I have taught along the way.) My question has always been this — when they poop, it’s not really solid so the whole shake it out over the toilet idea just never seems to work in my mind. How do you get enough poop off of them in order for it to go into the washer and be clean. I would love to start using them instead of my 7gen disposables. The initial cost always seems to stop me. I know it’s a long term investment, etc. I’m on a paycheck to paycheck budget, though.

  • michele

    I have been using cloth diapers, Fuzzi Bunz specifically, for almost a year (my son turns 1 on the 25th). I absolutely love it. Once you get into the grove, it is super easy. We recently went on a trip to Costa Rica and we used disposable diapers, I was astounded at how much waste is created when you use disposables. You will feel so much better when you start using cloth diapers.

    I would highly recommend buying a mini shower to attach to your toilet. It makes cleaning the diapers super easy and way less gross. I don’t think my husband would help with diaper duty if we didn’t have one attached to the toilet. Plus, it is helpful when cleaning your shower, you can turn the nozzle on and spray down the shower walls, if your toilet is close enough to the shower.

    We haven’t had any major leak problems. We double up at night and that seems to keep him good until the morning. A wet bag is a must. When it comes to washing i like to use Allen’s Natural detergent, it keeps them smelling good and doesn’t leave a build up. It may seem expensive, but you use such a little amount that it will last for a year. I periodically “stripe” my diapers, remove any buildup or odors with Sensi Clean. If you notice your diapers smell as soon as your child wets them, use baking soda and a downy ball of vinegar. I let my diapers air dry. This saves energy and money. I like to hang them outside to help them air out as well.

    The diaperpin.com is a good forum if you have questions. jilliansdrawers.com has a package that you can dry several different types of cloth diapers for 21 days for $10. That way you can see which ones you and your child like the best. Plus, they are super helpful and Moms. It may seem overwhelming at first, but it is easy to get the hang of and it will be come second nature to rinse diapers and wash them just like any other part of your daily Mom routine. Lots of luck!

  • I’m not going to win either, but I am lapping up these tips like a thirsty dog! My fuzzi bunz arrived yesterday and I am intimidated already!

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  • My tip is to use 2 drops of lavender essential oil in the final rinse. It helps to disinfect and leaves them smelling fresh and beautiful!

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  • Donielle @ Raising Peanuts

    Just a few tips I’ve learned since starting to cloth diaper just a bit ago.

    *Remember to wash them every 2 days. Otherwise the stink from the pail may just become overwhelming!

    *If you use prefolds, make sure the entire diaper is tucked into the cover, otherwise you’ll get some major leaks.

    *If you get stains, put them outside to dry. The sun will take care of most of them.

  • susan

    i LOVE fuzzi bunz and use them most of the time although i just can’t seem to get past the diposable at night (working on that though). i know you asked for one piece of advice but i have a few:
    1. dont’ be afraid of poop. it is just poop and if you get it on your hands you can wash it off with soap and warm water when you are done. this was a big thing for me at first but i am slowly getting over it.
    2. figure out a good system for storing and transferring dirty diapers. when i first started using cloth i was sporadic about it (b/c i was trying out all kinds of different diapers/systems) and it made it seem like a lot of work. my system now: line a trash can with a lid (i like the step cans) with a waterproof washable tote bag and keep it in the bathroom. on the way to the change a diaper, grab a cloth wipe or 2 and wet them in the sink. keep a small container near the changing table (i use the little baby “tub” they gave me at the hospital) to put the dirty stuff in to carry to the bathroom. once baby is changed and in a safe place, take the little container to the bathroom, dump in diaper pail if only pee. if it is a poopy diaper, knock the solids in the toilet, take the insert out (throw in diaper pail) and swish diaper in the toilet while holding the top of the front and back of the diaper (so you don’t have to stick your hand in the toilet). leave the diaper dripping and toss it in the diaper pail. every day or 2 take the entire tote bag to the wash and dump the contents in (and the baby) and wash as directed. i follow the fuzzi bunz recommended washing instructions and they work great.
    3. mix and match! this takes time and effort (and $ of course) but try out different inserts with different diapers and see what works best for you!

    whew, that was long but hopefully helpful to somebody! good luck to everyone! this cloth diapering thing is definitely an experience 🙂

  • Oh what a great post! I just started diapering two weeks ago, so I’m definitely a newbie! I’m still learning what I need, and figuring out what works for me. One thing that I have found tremendously helpful is reading the forums on http://www.diaperswappers.com These women really know a lot, and you can get any question you have answered!

    In the forum, I found an amazing post about making your own cloth diaper detergent:
    1 cup Borax
    1 cup Washing Soda
    1 cup Oxy Clean Free

    …this concoction is brilliant, and works SO well. I use 4 tablespoons in my super hard top loader. My piece of advice from that: add four squirts of simple green TO that mixture when you put it in, and you have squeaky clean diapers! Cold rinse, long hot wash (where you add the detergent), rinse, then cold rinse again. Since I started that, they haven’t smelled and they come out clean, stain free, and really like new…seriously, NO smells!

    Good luck!

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  • Rebecca Jacobson

    A friend told me to remember to buy 2 pail liners, so that you always have one handy for the pail (even on laundry day). 🙂 It seems like a no brainer, but I hadn’t thought of that one on my own! 😉

  • I have not used cloth diapers, forgive my ignorance, but how do you deal with the poopy ones? I would imagine that using cloth would somehow help get that diaper smell out of the house…does it?

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  • Vickie Couturier

    I used cloth diapers with my babies an then it became the unnorm an now its popular again,an with the grandbabies coming ,my new grandson is on the way,an my daughter in law is planning to breast feed,an I would love for her to try cloth diapers,so this would be a great start for her to see how great it would be,their fiances would be so much better if they choose this route,they have a free babysitter(me) who would do it gladly,been there ,done that,not a big deal,just takes a bit more work an effort to do,defineitly not for lazy people,didnt have colors back in the day so Id love to see what they look like,im anxious to give it a go,so please consider me,thanks

  • Jim

    I have had nothing but positive experiences with cloth diapers. My wife and I have been using them for 5 months now after a successful homebirth. Our son was transfered to the hospital after the birth due to wet lungs and that was the only 9 days that he was not wearing cloth. He was admitted to intensive care with RSV soon after his return home and they let us use cloth on him there. Diaper of choice for me would have to be the Bumgenius pockets but have used everything from fitted cloths(Imse Vimse and Kissaluvs which are my favorite of these) to All in Ones(which were totally awesome but worthless soon after he got into them as they weren’t adjustable on size) If you are just starting out it can be intimidating(especially on the cost factor of it) but if you factor the large buy in cost to the steady cost of disposables it is quickly proven to be the winner. There are great sites out there as well that offer used diapers at a much cheaper rate(http://diaperswappers.com) We usually use that and http://wildflowerdiapers.com for all of our cloth diapering purchases. We are even using cloth wipes with our little guy and have very little issues with rash or anything. With the inserts that come with the Bumgenius’s I will change him before going to bed then again when I wake up to go to work and he sleeps through the night otherwise. When we are forced to use disposables the second he wets himself he is angry about it..Another huge plus factor towards the cloth movement! We used the Fuzzi Bunz with our son and they were great when he didn’t realize that he could roll around. Now that he is semi mobile the snaps make it interesting

    Poopy diapers get treated the same as you would with disposables, instead of throwing them away they get thrown into the wash. Baby poo at first is liquidy and doesn’t require any tossing out. I typically spray it with some Dreft Stain Remover and toss it into the lined trash can we have for that. There is no smell either with the little guy being exclusively breastfed. All of the diapers get washed in a single load of wash(in two loads actually but they are washed by themselves) and we follow the cycle of cold rinse, warm wash, cold rinse

    Wouldn’t have it any other way! Fun site too by the way! I stumbled across it a while ago and this is my first post on it!

  • BacOut by biokleen will keep you cloth diapering in the long-haul.

    It’s enzyme-based and turns your diapers into “holy crap, what has this kid eaten for the past three days?” into “oh, hay! that’s not so bad!”.

    Here’s how we use it:

    Turn your water temp to cold/cold and select a load size. As the water begins to fill the basin, pour in one capful of BacOut and add diapers. Let soak for 2 hours – overnight and then wash as usual. It works like a charm. No detergent buildup, no ammonia stink, and no funk! A bottle lasts us anywhere from 7-10 months, which is well worth the cost!

    Hope that helps!

    P.S. Powdered Planet detergent is love. 😉

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  • Annette Orrico

    When it’s time to change the Fuzzi Bunz just seperate the insert from the outer covering and throw into a pail (I use a slim kitchen garbage from Target) that is lined with a diaper tote (Mother of Eden, etc). No rinsing! Ready to wash? Dump all contents including the tote into the washing machine and follow washing instructions. Use half the amount of laundry detergent (save product, save money!) Does the baby have more formed poop? Use a biodegradeable liner with your Fuzzi Bunz and flush down the toilet…never have a smelly garbage!
    Oh, you will LOVE the Nurture Family contours inserts. Perfect for heavy wetters, longer trips or nights! And don’t forget your Mother of Eden small tote to store dirty diapers in when you are out and about.

  • kerry

    I have been using Fuzzi Bunz for two months now and I love them! I decided it was definitely time to go a little greener on the diaper front and I couldn’t be happier. I would offer just a couple of things for advice:

    Try out several kinds of cloth diapers to find out what works best for you. I thought I would love the pre-fold diapers and most definitely did not. I found the best fit with Fuzzi Bunz.

    Have enough cloth diapers so that you won’t have to use disposables on a regular basis, but don’t beat yourself up if you have to every once in a while.

    I recently figured out that I’m using too much detergent. I use the Allen’s natural. I love it b/c you just use a little bit. But even w/that little bit…….it turns out I can use even less! So, you’ll want to watch that b/c when you’ve been using too much detergent, your diapers will smell when your baby wets them again.

    Try using cloth wipes with your cloth dipes. They are great! One wipe usuall gets it done no matter how big the mess. I bought a wipe warmer w/a night light on it and I don’t even have to turn on a light to change the diaper. It keeps them warm and moist. I use about a cup of water and a couple of squirts of Dr. Bronner’s baby wash for twelve wipes. Sometimes I add a drop or two of tea tree oil.

    You are not supposed to use diaper rash ointment w/Fuzzi Bunz which worried me b/c my baby’s skin is very sensitive but he doesn’t get a rash with the Fuzzi Bunz. But to keep him extra dry I use baby powder w/corn starch. Works great and washes out well.

    The upfront cost is a little intimidating but we figured what we would spend with disposables over the length of time he’s in diapers, they practically pay for themselves. When we think of all those disposables that we are NOT putting in a landfill……we know we made the right choice!

    Good luck to all that choose this road. Every little bit helps!

  • Hey Green & Clean Mom,
    I mentioned earlier that I wanted to make a diaper sprayer; well, we did! And my husband wrote up a nice tutorial for my blog.
    You can read it here:

    Gidgets last blog post..DIY Tutorial: Make Your Own Diaper Sprayer

  • Maggie

    I have for months struggled with going cloth. My main draw back has been the up front cost and not knowing if that particular brand will work. I read all the success stories but there are also so many failure stories which hold back my purchase. I guess I just have to just jump on the bandwagon and hope I don’t fall off.

  • Jim

    Go ahead and jump on and ask questions along the way! Fuzzi Bunz are an amazing brand and I love using the BumGenius for ease of use and both diapers are really great about preventing blow outs! The failure stories are mostly from people who bought them without researching and when something came up that they weren’t sure of they complained about it online. You asking and being worried about it shows that you are going to go about it better than the people who bought one then complained. Any of the major companies that sell diapers have Q&A sections on their sites and alot of the major forums(mothering.com) have entire sections for this as well 🙂

  • Jane

    Try some hydrogen peroxide on cloth diapers to keep them white and fresh. I use a spray bottle of it and squirt the poo diapers before I put it in my diaper pail. My diaper pail never smells and the diapers come out clean. I do separate the insert from the shell and spray those as well too. Makes washing time easier than separating them at that time. The peroxide is a natural “green”, healthy and inexpensive product!

  • Timothy Sternberg

    I have been using cloth diapers.

  • Maya

    Ah, Fuzzibunz are what cover my baby’s little bottom! Love ’em. For night I stuff with three inserts which gets us through a 12 hour night. They are completely saturated by morning! Also it is important to make sure the inserts don’t get folded up or they can create little pockets of space for urine to pool and run out. I also suggest (and use) a washable waterproof pad on the bed. Good luck!

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  • Kellie

    My daughter is 16 months old and so far we have been using disposables. I HATE thinking about all of the chemicals that are next to her little tush. I have wanted to start using cloth diapers but I haven’t had much experience with where to look or what to buy. I looked through this Fuzzi Bunz site and it looks very promising! I recently bought a pack of diapers that were natural & chlorine free. When i got home from the store I opened them up i was pretty shocked at how rough they were! I mean like a paper towel was softer than these! I have been using them to finish out the pack but my daughter just got a really bad diaper rash so i think i may have to just stop using them. i really want something natural & chemical free, and something that is going to be soft against my little girl’s skin.

    Not sure if this is advice but I have heard that it is easier to potty train when you use cloth diapers. I certainly hope so since that day will come soon enough!

  • Tina

    I have been wanting to move to cloth diapers for some time but was hindered by two things– choosing the right diaper and convincing my husband that it’s easy to do. Luckily I had help choosing a diaper. Some other mom’s in our play group where kind enough to loan me a few of theirs to try. I ended up choosing the Bum Genius brand. I feel that I got a great deal on bananapeeldiapers.com for a pack of 12. They arrived yesterday. I’m excited to say my little one has gone cloth as of today!
    Our next step is to get daddy on board!

  • Here are several tips:
    1. Never use any kind of fabric softener (liquid or sheets) when washing your diapers. It will leave a residue that can cause your diapers to no longer absorb.
    2. If you don’t have a “real” insert handy, stuff a tri-folded microfiber cloth in the diaper (you can get it at Walmart or Target in the Automotive section)
    3. Throw a wet wash cloth sprinkled with two drops of tea tree oil on the washcloth and then threw it into the diaper pail to keep smells to a minimum.
    4. Diaper rash creams can leave spotting on your diapers. Use only use diaper creams that say that they are safe to be used with cloth diapers.