Give a Personalized Christmas Gift this Year

Give a Personalized Christmas Gift this Year

Christmas is just around the corner. I know, I know, we’re not even through Halloween yet but one thing I know for sure is this: last minute shopping is never cheap or fun! So I’m determined to plan ahead, which is why I’m utilizing the Time Dog team to help me search for air hockey tables and other online gifts for my kids now. I’m also stocking up on unique personalized ornaments for teachers, friends and family members at Personal Creations.

Each year my family and our good friends with children do a Christmas ornament swap. The kids have a good time making each other ornaments, picking out unique ones for their friends and overall, being very personal. The goal is that years from the now the kids will remember the ornament exchanges and have their own little collection of ornaments to begin their first tree away from home.

This year the children helped me pick out the ornaments online at Personal Creations finding unique ornaments for each child that we’ve added their name to.

  • A Cub Scout ornament – the one little boy is an active cub scout and will love this ornament!

    Image Credit: Personal Creations
  • Dora for the little girl who loves her Dora shows.
  • A mirrored personal name ornament for the youngest son, he’ll love seeing his name on the tree seeing that he’s started reading.
  • And last but not least a just for gaming ornament for the little boy who loves in Wii Sports!

Now I can check that off my list and boy does it feel good! Thanks to Personal Creations for providing me with the gift card for a fun shopping experience! I went over and added many extras to my cart because once I started buying I couldn’t stop – there are so many great gifts for the extra special people on my Christmas list.

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