Got a Skoy?

Got a Skoy?

You don’t? You should. Five newsletter subscribers will get not just one Skoy cloth but three!  One Skoy cloth is like having 15 rolls of paper towels.

No Joke. I kid you not.

If you told me this, I’d be like Rachel Ray and say, “Shut Up!” But, I got my Skoy cloth and couldn’t believe that this colorful hard square could absorb so much liquid. I got it wet and whalah it was wiped all messes up. I can stick it in the dishwasher to clean it or even the washing machine. My three pack has saved me from buying paper towels for the last two months. Do you know how much green that has saved me?  I have three Skoy clothes and I rotate them. I’m in love because I was a paper towel junkie. I used them for everything and that’s so not good for the environment. I am now saving trees but not having to buy paper towels has been a huge savings. If one Skoy Cloth is equal to 15 rolls of paper towel and each roll of paper towel costs $2, I’ve saved $30. That’s just one Skoy cloth and I have three and haven’t used paper towels in over two months. Yahoo!

I had my reservations. I didn’t think I could do it, you know…give up paper towels.  Skoy cloth made my paper towel addiction go away and now with my cloth diapers and home made wipes, I am truly eco-savvy. Well, that’s how I feel.  Even when I’m done with my Skoy and it has had its final wipe, I can toss it and know that it is biodegradable. It will break down in 5 weeks!

No joke! I kid you not.

Not only is this super cool product eco-friendly and adorable but so are the creators (see them up there in the picture). Two stay-at-home moms that did some research, wanted to be Green & Clean and boom, Skoy Cloth was formed. They’ve formed a company that has some great eco-standards, like using renewable raw resources. Read more about these two friends who have made cleaning easier and greener.

I know you want a package. Everyone should have a Skoy Cloth and get a three month subscription so they are never tempted to buy a roll of paper towel again!  All you have to do to be entered to win is become a G&CM Newsletter subscriber. Of course, I believe in green karma and think some tweets, stumbles and posts about me help but really, does the drawing.  If you’ve subscribed, you’re entered. If not, subscribe or you can’t win!

If you haven’t subscribed do so now and you’re entered to win. See official G&CM rules. Giveaway winners will be drawn on Wednesday, August 20, 2008.

Feel free to subscribe to the newsletter but the giveaway winners have already been drawn and notified.

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  • Judith

    i had never heard of these before. But I certainly like the idea and will try them.

  • Marilyn Wons

    What a great concept – I would sure like to win this!

  • Gina Stratos

    I have too have never even heard of these before. Sounds like it’s worth trying though.

  • susan varney

    love to win

  • Miranda Allen

    We would love to win THANKS!

  • Beverley Justice

    Neat idea, very cool…

  • margaret herrin

    Nice prize.

  • sandy

    I have seen things like this on tv- glad someone who is real and not just a seller says they are good and they actually work

  • Louise A Brouillette

    Would love to try this

  • Katie

    These look great! I’m working up the courage to go paper-towel free in my home, and these seem like they would go a long way toward making that and easier change.

  • christopher h

    great prize

  • Evelyn Murray

    It would be nice win for a change

  • denyse

    I’d love to try this!

  • Love to try it!

  • Margaret Smith

    These sound really great. We go thru so many paper towels, would love to try this.
    Thanks for this giveaway.

  • david basile

    good luck and thanks

  • Deborah Wellenstein

    I would certainly like to try these! Thank you for this giveaway!

  • I’m subscribed.

    I’m hooked on paper towels so it would be very cool to try this out to see if I could really change my paper towel habit or at least cut down and wean myself from them LOL

    Thanks for the chance to enter.

    Angies last blog post..Summer Blog Party

  • Audrey Greenberg

    Something new I need to try

  • Amir

    Yup, I wanna try!

  • Christine

    They sound great and I’d love to try them. Thank you!

  • tim brown


  • valerie mabrey

    count me in

  • linda lansford

    lol to all

  • vicky boackle

    i would love to give these a try.

  • Michele



    I could use this.

  • Melinda Toungette

    They sound great. Would love to try them

  • kari follett

    I’d love to try these, thank you!!

  • Brandlyn

    I have never heard of these thiengs, but they sound like they would come in handy in messy situations!

  • those are a must!!!

  • Janet F

    I would love to try these, instead of buying paper towels every week!

  • Jennifer Hedden

    enter me

  • Ashley

    These look great and seem like they might hold up better than my soft microfiber cloths.

  • joni chadwell

    great idea!

  • Erma

    I would love to win THANKS!

  • Betty

    Sounds like a great product. I use far too many paper towels and I am picky so I won’t use the cheap ones. This could save me a bundle.

  • Jodene

    I would love to try this!

  • Tamara Bennington

    I’ve seen Rachael Ray use these they look fantastic. Would love to win , thank-you!

  • veronica

    want to win nice prize

  • Debbie B.

    interesting! I’ve never tried anything like it.

  • tia carter

    i hope i win

  • Will

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Lisa Fosses

    I like the idea of not having to buy so much paper towels

  • would really like to try this – thanks for offering the opportunity

  • Kirsten Lindahl

    I’m subscribed…saw something like this advertised on the television late one night. I would love to get my husband away from using so much paper towel every week, it is costing me a small fortune!

  • Jill

    Would so love to give them a go. Thanks!!!

  • Okay, you convinced me. I just went and ordered a package. I hate buying paper towels! They are so expensive. Thanks!

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