5 Eco-Savvy Holiday Gifts for Under $150

5 Eco-Savvy Holiday Gifts for Under $150

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The holiday season is fast approaching, can you believe it? We’ll if you’re like me you probably have Eco-conscious and Eco-savvy people you buy for each year. Plus, I like to keep it as green as possible which is why I want to share with you a few of my favorite green lovin’ gifts! Here are just a few of my favorite Eco-savvy holiday gifts and they’re all for under $150!

  1. For the woman in your life check out Maggie Bags! The bags are made out of unused seat belt material, they’re trendy, adorable and washable! Check them out at Maggiebags.com and get a special discount through December 31, 2012 here.
  2. Metamorphic toys, cardboard creative play choices that foster imaginative play and they’re 100% recyclable when the kids have outgrown them! Oh and affordable! Plus they are made in the USA!
  3. For the busy, busy person in your life and that means everyone you know the gift of TimeDog.com is a must because you’ll save them time and money by helping them with their very own personal assistant! In fact I just used them to find me an electrician this week! Love it! $35 per month but the more months you buy they give you a discount! Yippee! Oh and no wrapping or shipping so of course it is super green and time is money, you’ll save that someone a lot of time!
  4. Someone in your family love to cook?  Earth Bound Cook by Myra Goodman is the perfect gift and hopefully you’ll reap the benefits of some delicious meals too!
  5. Never know what to get Dad? I’m all about the eBay.com gift card! He can get fishing, hunting, tools and so much more all on one site! Plus maybe he’ll try selling some of his old stuff and make some cash too! Bonus!

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  • Those bags from Maggibags.com are perfect for my Mom. Don’t you think it’s adorable? Thanks for the tips. Can I still avail the discount? I hope I can.