I Love Snacking

I Love Snacking

Healthy and Low Calorie Snacks

When I was traveling for work last year I used to look forward to the paid for snacks Delta served. Odd I know but true. I loved the Dipin ™ hummus and the Oloves™. Oh. My. The olives are dreamy.  I adored how I could have a little snack that was all natural and under 100 calories per item. The olives are only 50 calories and the hummus only 70 calories. I could feel good about my snack choices while flying. I honestly thought these snacks were just on Delta because I had never seen them in the store but recently I was sent a variety of Oloves™and Dipin™ spreads to enjoy with my family and learned that snack packs are available in stores. You can find them nationwide at retailers like Whole Foods, Walmart, Costco and online from QVC.com.

Imagine my delight to discover my favorite in flight snack could now be enjoyed in my home office. Seeing that I don’t have the opportunity to fly as often because my work has changed this was a pleasant surprise. So exactly what do I like about these dips and what do others in my family say?

Healthy and low calories snacks the kids even LOVE!

Everyone that tries the dips raves about them. We were especially in love with the roasted red pepper and artichoke bruschetta dip. Served with some cheese and French bread it was a mean in itself. We were fighting for it! And the olives are perfect by themselves or with the dips. After having the lemon and rosemary olives I’m craving them.

Healthy and low calorie snacks for the entire family!

Besides being delicious I love that the Oloves™ and Dipin™ spreads are low in calories, gluten free, vegan and there’s variety. These are perfect for easy snacks, light lunches or for traveling. And they’re tasty. I mean tasty!

Give I Love Snacking a try and you’re taste buds will thank you. No more waiting to fly Delta for me!

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Healthy and Low Calorie!
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