Interview with Sue Cischke: Earth Day is Everyday for Ford

Interview with Sue Cischke: Earth Day is Everyday for Ford


Lincoln Concept C Debut at NAIAS

Months ago when I attended the North American International Auto Show I met some really wonderful people that of course seemed like celebrities to me (@scottmonty, @emom, @maggiefox, @zoedisco, @potatowedge). It was a great time but the real highlight of the trip was talking to Sue Cischke, Ford’s first Senior Vice President of Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering.  As busy as Sue was that day she agreed to let me interview her and of course I wanted to ask questions that would appeal to the average parent or consumer. What I really wanted to know was what is Ford doing different then all the other companies out there to support the green initiative. What sets them apart? Do they have visions for the future and alternative energy? I wanted some answers on hybrid engines because I’ve been skeptical and some tidbits that most people don’t know about Ford.

Henry Ford and Hybrids

Sue Cischke knocked it out of the ball park and answered all my questions and then some! Sue hits on many key points of needing partnerships to help make the U.S. not so dependent on foreign oil and to have energy security. She explained how not all hybrids are created equal and Ford uses hybrid advanced technology with their engines being certified for up to 100,000 miles. After the life the battery is over they hope to recycle the batteries and are dedicated to the long term vision of sustainability because green is not just a buzz word for Ford.

Sue mentioned how in some of the earlier quotes of Henry Ford he discusses Ethanol for a fuel alternative and this fascinates me. How ahead of the time Henry Ford was and how this Michigan man really was dedicated to the environment as well as technology.

Ford and Alternative Energy

Sue Cischke surprised me when she explained how the Ford Motor Company was already using alternative energy to help fuel their plants. In England they are using wind power and in Spain they are using solar power! Did you know this?

Being from Michigan I grew up going to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village but I still believe many people in Michigan and in American do not know that Ford has been working at being “greener” for over 10 years! They have the largest green roof at their Rouge plant that is over 400,000 square feet!

I learned a lot about automobiles during my visit to Detroit. I saw beautiful vehicles, innovative technology, concept vehicles that made me drool and people that inspired me on many levels. I’m honored to have interviewed Sue Cischke and learn some new information on just how eco-savvy Ford really is.

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photo credit: Wendy Piersall (@eMom)

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  • Super write up. I worked for Ford in 1998 and at the time I thought their sustainability efforts were impressive – if I remember right they even had hired biologists working for them in foreign countries on preserves and everything sort of as part of their way to “give back” to the environment. Interesting about Henry Ford having a vision for much of this so long ago.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

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  • zoe

    great post! who is your camera person? they are really talented 😉


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  • We’re going to an Earth Day event at the local community college.

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    We will go clean the city park.

  • i really need something new like this but just cant spend the money on it knowing we are moving in a year or so and i want one built in, goodness decisions decisions

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    We will be picking up trash on the riverside and then going to the state park and picking up trash by the ocean and marshes. We love our water clean!!!!!!!!!!

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    That looks kind of cool! I wonder how useful it would be for us since we dont use much plastic and haven’t had aluminum cans in years. It would be something to check out in person though.

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  • Ann

    We’re going to find a way to reuse all of the trash we produce that day. It might be a challenge but fun!

  • We will not be using our car on earth day. We will continue to conserve energy and water. We will look for opportunities to clean up outside and will begin to clean our garden to provide us fruits for the summer!

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    We are going to our community Earth Day Celebration and participate in the river clean up.

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    we will be outdoors planting that day, rain or shine, so that my kids are will be doing hands on stuff…

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    I think it would be fun to go on a picnic with my family and enjoy nature!

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    Me and my family were gonna start recycling a lot more, and spending more time together doing things outside of the house, like bike riding. Thanks for the opportunity!
    I`ll keep my fingers crossed. (:


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    PLAnt my garden:)

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    We will be celebrating Earth Day by having a picnic in the park.

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    My toddlers and I have been celebrating all Month long. We have planted a garden in the backyard that we started from seedlings. The boys planted and water daily. When they started to sprout, they did a “happy dance”. They are so funny sometimes. We also made dirt cups to bring to the Eruph (Earth Day) party. Lastly, we will put out our recycle bin for pick up tonight.