Johnny Patch: Moms Best Friend

Johnny Patch: Moms Best Friend

If you get a hole in your jeans, do you toss them? Do you patch them? How about recycle or reuse them and make something else? My son is known for blowing out the knees in his jeans and I’m not good at sewing so it is unlikely I’d reuse the jeans for something else. I would recycle the jeans because my recycling facility does take clothing but before I head to the recycling station I can now try Johnny Patch!

Johnny Patch is a company that makes patches out of old denim jeans and here is what I love about Johnny Patch:

1. They are on Facebook and I love a company that is of my own heart, using social networking!

2.  They aren’t creating something new but rather recycling something for you to use and you don’t have to sew! Yes, iron on patches with works great for me (but I’m not certain what the glue is).

3.  The patches are inexpensive, only $9 for a 4×4 patch and they come in three different shades! When I’ve tried to do this for my son’s jeans before the patch never really matched and it looked odd. Now, I have choices and something similar to the color of his jeans!

4.  FREE Shipping! I don’t know how they do it but yes you get free shipping!

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  • I like that idea. I have 2 boys, almost out of the rugged knee thing but this is great. I used to get away with baseball patches or race car numbers but we are to old for that. LOL.