Let Nature Clear the Air

Let Nature Clear the Air

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Ahhh, nature. An open window and fresh air. When my dog tinkles on the floor that doesn’t always work though. When my daughter has a major blow out in her diaper, an open window isn’t enough. When I burn dinner and I’m trying to cover up my mistake nature doesn’t alway help me.

Ahhh, but I do love nature.

So what are the alternatives for a green mom that doesn’t buy the sprays full of toxic chemicals and fake smells? I don’t buy those plug in things or burn candles because most of the wicks are made of led and they give off a horrible fake odor. What can I do? Fresh Wave is the answer and it works like magic, promise. Fresh Wave products don’t mask odor but instead they neutralize them, safely. Too good to be true, I know…it seems that way. Except, Fresh Wave products are chemical free, made of simple ingredients: natural extracts of lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove, cedar wood and soya. They are safe to use around kids and pets and what happens is really science. Yes, science! I’m not going to explain this part of the product because I stink at science (kinda sorta but not really) but you can check it out by clicking here.

I tried the Fresh Wave All Natural Odor Neutralizing Spray after my little girls stinky diaper and a few sprays and ta-da the odor was gone. It was nice to not have the stinky smell linger. My hubby’s work boots stink horribly (sorry honey, they do) and I just spray them and the odor is gone. The spray is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-aerosol and biodegradable. In other words, I can spray till my hearts content! Then there is the damp and musty basement, where my office is located. I put a jar of the Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Crystals on the window sill and now my office isn’t musty. I’m taking a whiff as I type this and it smells clean but not fake clean! My next mission was the bathroom where my husband likes to retreat to in the evening (I know too much information) but if I gave him the spray, he’d never remember. I could use the crystals but what about lighting the Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Candle? It’s soy, all natural and has 40 hours of burning time with a led free wick. Mission accomplished, I light the candle when he comes home and blow it out at bedtime.

I really want to try the Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Carpet Shake with this new piddle dee piddle dumb puppy I have but love so much! There is finally a solution besides opening up my windows, having fresh flowers or using baking soda to help get rid of odors. I have good news, three G&CM newsletter subscribers will have a chance to win a gift bag with 2 8 oz Fresh Wave Sprays, 1 16 oz Gel and 1 6.5 oz soy candle. A retail value of over $48.00! All you have to do is subscribe but make sure you check out the G&CM official rules first.

Giveaway begins September 3, 2008 and ends September 10, 2008.

Winners have been contacted. Thanks for entering.

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  • Linda White

    I hate glade and all those fake strong smelling air fresheners!!!! Want something nice and fresh!

  • karen

    I’m so tired of plug in, fast disappearing scents.

  • Shannon

    I have trouble with strong smelling air fresheners. This would be perfect.

  • Marilyn Wons

    I have bad allergies – this would sure help!

  • sandy

    I personally hate the chemical smells of all the cleaners and end up with a massive headache if there is too much

  • Louise A Brouillette

    Yes, a kinder gentler air freshener would be great!

  • marilyn higgins

    would love to try this

  • karissa

    oh this sounds lovely!!! most sprays cover the smell and then smell like the smell and flowers EWW!

  • Charlotte Winters

    Please enter me to win. Thanks for the contest.

  • Margaret Smith

    This sounds really great! I’d love to try this. Thanks for this giveaway.

  • Tracy W.

    I’ve been using these products for years. They are the best.

  • Angel

    I love it

  • Jill L

    I need a decent smelling house fast!!! There is some smell that I just can’t seem to pinpoint. This would be great.

  • valerie mabrey

    thanks for the contest


    With cats and dogs, this would be a boon for me!

  • Pam Morse

    I could really use this and would be excited to try it!

  • susan varney

    i think the fresher the better

  • krystal deblasio

    I would love to try these products!

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    i want to try fresher.

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    this sounds great. Thanks!

  • Gina Stratos

    Sounds like a great product.

  • Rhonda B

    This would be wonderful.

  • Angela

    Your description of this product really makes me want to try it. I’m with most of the people and am tired of quickly disappearing, fake smelling fragrances. Plus, I don’t know what chemicals I’m spraying in the air. Looking forward to trying this out for myself.

  • sounds good i love to try them all and well it would be grate for stinky dipper semll and for all them other ones to boy would i love to win this thanks

    jennifer bowens last blog post..rain on a roof top any one care to go for a swimg ? (lol)

  • Melinda Toungette

    With my new remodeled house, I would like to stay greener.

  • mary

    would love to win this prize. thanks.

  • Maggie Mannwieler

    I, too, do not like the strong (Glade type) air fresheners; they come on strong and fade fast while you’re still choking on the stuff! This giveaway would be the perfect remedy for my household odors!

    Oh, I also just subscribed to your site!

  • Denise M

    These sound great! Some of those plug in ones are awful!

  • christina

    great contest.

  • We added this giveaway to our “Free Stuff” page at http://www.ForMyKidsOnline.com/free_stuff.htm

  • Teresa C

    I never use artificial air cleaners. I hate the chemical smell, but I need help in my apartment as the guy downstairs smokes like a chimney.

  • Stephen

    great prizes!

    Stephens last blog post..Another trail picture I like.

  • Claudia

    OH BOY



  • Valerie Furr

    These look like really great freshners.

  • Kathy Scott

    I want something subtle not sweet.

  • david basile

    sounds like a really good product

  • Janice Golden

    Put me in

  • Kathy

    Sounds great ….Enter me Please!!!

  • Frank

    Have a great day.

  • Laura G

    have been looking for a product that’s subtle, not overwhelming like most every product on the market these days. would love to try these

  • vicky boackle

    thie sounds refreshing.

  • tim brown


  • Julia Magrath

    Wow, we could really use this. We bought a fixer upper from a “cat lady” four years ago and we still smell the house from time to time.

  • michelle maddock

    I have 4 cats would really like to win this.

  • Hil’Lesha

    With my allergies…this would help!

  • Nilda Nixon

    Mmmmm., sounds really good 7 good for Mother Earth, too. would really like to try this soon!

  • Audrey Greenberg

    Something nice to start the new season’s decoration

  • What a great green contest!

  • Carol lewis

    I would use this but I will NOT use commercial ones that are full of harmful chemicals. This sounds perfect and just what I am looking for for stinky diapers and pet smells.

  • Linda lansford

    This sounds good

  • Monique Rizzo

    Great Contest! Thank you.

  • Carolyn Nedrow

    I subscribed! This sounds like a great product. Please count me in!! Thanks!

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  • CLifton Wade

    Include me – please!
    Thanks for all the great contests and prizes!

  • Tricia Andrews

    We only use natural cleaners in our house and I have had a hard time finding natural airfresheners. My 4 year old’s closet definitely needs help! Her shoes STINK! 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Terry Madden

    My family hates the over powering smells of the air freshners I buy.
    This is a great product.

  • Bec

    I wonder if this would be something good for the bathroom with our diaper pail in it. I know some people use baking soda, but BG doesn’t recommend using it. If it lasted 3 months that might just be worth it. I don’t have a problem with smells yet, but I am the over planner! 😉 Always looking for a way to prevent or be prepared. You always have the best contests!

  • Shirley Hardy

    I have 4 pets and need lots of help. This would be great!

  • Nina Rivera

    I want to try and green and clean freshner! It probably smells better and we no it is better for us and the environement!

  • Kathy H.

    I prefer natural cleaning products. Thanks for the contest.

  • Julieh

    Looks lovely!

  • mary Boemmel

    A wonderful prize!

  • I stopped using all the “traditional” cleaning products in my home recently and am always on the lookout for green cleaners that work well. Great contest!

    Roses last blog post..Surviving the first week back

  • S Oliver

    This would be a sweet win!

  • Sharon Seneker

    I have sinus problems and this would be a great alternative! Thanks!

  • bob

    I would love to try these products. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Felicia L.

    I am trying to use more “green” products in my day to day activities. I am finding that green cleaning does have such a fresh smell, not chemically induced. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Ashley

    i have tried a product like this with crystals before and had no luck, i would love to try this and find something that finally worked!

  • Ivy Cummings

    Love trying different products, especially “green” ones!

  • diana hogle

    I like my house to smell good even if I smoke

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    just to cool

  • Michelle L.

    I love a clean, fresh smelling room but not one that is perfume-y. this would be ideal.

  • Kasey P

    I’m so tired of all those plug in air fresheners and I’m not particularly fond of the battery ones that change the smell 4 or 5 times before it’s done. This looks like something I’d like to try.

  • Michele

    Great products!

  • danielle

    I would love to try these products.

  • rebecca

    looking for something to combat the odors of an old and musty place.

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    These products would definitely be great to have around the house,I have been trying to buy and use more natural products. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

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    I would love to try this – with pets in the house, it is needed!

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    I really don’t like most of the air fresheners I have seen. They don’t clean the air at all. They just add more scent and it is usually in strong competition with the existing odors.

  • Susan Ledet

    I would love to try this. I’ve been looking for a more natural air freshner.

  • Tiffanie W.

    I have horrible allergies, plus my husband and I are expecting our first baby (a girl) in a few short weeks. I cringe thinking that she’ll be as bothered by allergins as I am. This sounds like it would help alot.

  • Izzie

    I love good smells and being environmentally correct. Yeah, bring it on!

  • Kim

    Help!!! Between the wet basement and the pets I really need to try this!

  • Candie L

    I would like to try some new products. I get tired of smelling the same things over and over

  • tia carter

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    I would love to win these 🙂

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    I have three kids with asthma, so I can’t use anything with a strong smell or chemicals, so this would be great! Thanks!

  • Molly Marchand


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    Sure could use with house animals.
    Thanks for the chance to win and leaning about this product.

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