New Owner of Mitten Moms

New Owner of Mitten Moms

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Blogging Mojo

It seems like I might have lost my blogging mojo, this is really just how it seems. In fact, I’m in full swing but I’m getting organized,
refocusing on my blogging priorities and business and cleaning up a few things on my blog and in my business. One of which includes a site I started awhile back called, Mitten Moms. I had the best of intentions to launch a site focusing on my life in Michigan. The traveling we do, camp ground fun, and visits to restaurants, focus on Michigan small business and helping Michigan moms grow their blogs. I had a successful but small Mitten Moms blogging conference in October of 2012 and set my sights high to plan another one.

Um, there happens to only be so many hours in the day.

As you know I have decided to make this year about peace and decided to take on less, focus on what I have and learn to say no as to not over commit myself. This is not very easy for me because I love new projects, challenges and being “busy” but really, I was too busy and not taking enough time for myself, my health and doing more of what I love to do and that is spend time here at Green and Clean Mom blogging, attending blogging conferences connecting with brands and bloggers and consulting. I absolutely love my work with the Shaklee Corporation.

Long story short, I sold Mitten Moms and the conference planning and material to someone who has the time, the vision, and the excitement and is ready to take the concept I first created and expand on it. I was really nervous about my decision to give this up and pass the baton to someone else but the site was sitting there, the Michigan blogger network neglected and of course with a new year it was time to begin planning the next conference and I just couldn’t find the time to make it all happen.  I am thrilled to announce that Shawn Ann Griffith of Shawn Ann is now the proud new owner and I’m certain she will do amazing things with the site, the conference and the Michigan blogger network! If you’re interested in working with Michigan bloggers, connecting to the Mitten Moms conference and helping it grow be sure to connect with Shawn Ann by clicking here and mention Mitten Moms!

More blogging, partnerships and excitement to come for Green and Clean Mom because trust me I haven’t lost my mojo!



Hi I’m Sommer! I’ve been blogging for over 7 years and I’m passionate about helping others. I favor the green niche and love to motivate and inspire others to be just a little bit greenER each day. I’m a social media and marketing consultant, children’s book author and antique and flea market junkie. I have a knack for vetting bloggers, creating blogger campaigns and connecting bloggers and brands. I actually like public speaking and have spoken locally, regionally and nationally on blogging, social media and education. I’ve worked with top name brands and have been mentioned and featured in the New York Times Online, ABC News Online, the Wall Street Journal Online and several other media sources. Let’s connect.
  • Shawn Ann Griffith

    Thanks for the announcement! I can’t wait to really get started with Mitten Moms! I’ve got so much going on in my mind for plans, just need to get it all put into play.

  • Monique Burkes

    I know I’m late but I’m going to head over to check it out!