Organic Kids Drinks

Organic Kids Drinks

I pack my son’s lunch five days a week and finding something for him to drink besides water or organic milk is a challenge. He loves juice and frankly if he doesn’t have it he’s bound up so I give it to him in moderation. Well, the other day shopping I found a drink pouch called Honest Kids and it’s organic, gluten free with no GMO’s and best of all he loves it. His favorite is the Berry Berry Good Lemonade. Expensive but I figure like all things organic we need to buy and then more stores will carry them and the price will hopefully go down! Hence the word, hopefully.
Besides being organic and good for you this American company has aligned itself with the Arbor Day Foundation. Send in 5 Honest Kids 8 pack UPCs and a check for $2 and you receive a seedling to plant. Now how cool is that?
The company is also partnered with Terracycle to help recycle the pouches and have charities or non-profit organizations raise money. An organization gets paid $.02 per every pouch turned in and they send you the bags and pay for the shipping. What a great company!
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  • My daughter loves these and she’s almost 13 🙂
    Her fav is the Tango Mango or something like that.
    I like the different quotes they put on the back of the pouches! lol
    I didn’t know about sending in the pouches so now I’ll start doing that, thanks for the info!

  • I had no idea! I’ve been drinking Honest Tea for years and I didn’t realize they were such a great company. Here in NYC Honest Tea is usually the same price as a Snapple so it wasn’t a hard change to make. I haven’t seen their kids products yet (but I havn’t looked so they could be around).

    Rebeccas last blog post..More Giggles

  • Hi Sommer,

    I’m sure you know this, but for others: you mentioned organic milk – be sure not to buy ULTRA-pasteurized milks – most organic milks are, and these are so super-heated (and therefore a super processed unnatural food), that they don’t even need to be refrigerated. They’re only in the refrigerated section at the store because no one would buy them if they were just setting on a shelf somewhere.


  • Michelle

    I found these at Sam’s Club and the price was competative to the other juices they had. They are a great drink and they are lower in sugar than a lot of juices.

  • Does sound like a pretty good company. It’s actually doing measurable things for the environment, as opposed to using going green as a mere marketing or public relations tool. And it’s great that the drink tastes good. 🙂

    Chris | Teas last blog post..Iced Tea

  • Hey Sommer, I’m so glad you have Honest Tea in Michigan now. This company is super cool – I met the Tea-EO 10 years ago when he was stocking the shelves at Fresh Fields (now Whole Foods!)

    Honest Tea is headquartered in right in my neighborhood, and they are very active supporting our local green initiative, Bethesda Green. They do all kinds of things to help us – everything from web support in the beginning to bringing free drinks to our gatherings – like this weekend’s e-cycling.

    I interviewed Seth Goldman, the Tea-EO, for OrganicMania a while back – I hope you don’t mind me sharing the link but I bet you and your readers would be interested – I often think of that interview as I learned so much about organic tea and sustainability issues in packaging. Here it is:

    By the way, have you tried their regular teas? I am a Moroccan Mint gal myself. Just love it – not too sweet.

    Sorry to go on and on, but I just get so excited when you find companies that really walk the walk, not just talk the talk.


    Lynn from Organicmania.coms last blog post..Blended Holiday Parties

  • I love the commitment these guys have toward things that
    matter. Recently I saw some pieces on shows like CNN and the journal with Joan
    Lunden on PBS that were talking about issues and solutions for industrial
    recycling. These guys take it to an entirely different level. The dedication
    they employ really is rare today and I hope that they can stay committed now
    that they are with coca cola. Keep up the good work.