Organize your toys the eco-friendly way!

Organize your toys the eco-friendly way!

Little toys everyone. Puzzle pieces, crayons, marbles, matchbox cars, plastic food, tea party accessories, dinosaurs and the list keeps going and going. I try to be organized and put together but sometimes I just lose the battle. To keep most of the things in one place I’ve used plastic zip lock bags, diaper wipe containers and shoe boxes. It looks horrible and unorganized when you open up the closet so we just don’t open up the closet! For the most part I’m earth friendly when it comes to my toy management and clutter organization with the reuse of the shoe boxes and diaper wipe containers (which I don’t buy anymore). Now I can be even more eco-savvy and use Kids Klutter Katchers! They are simply marvelous, darlings.

A lightweight mesh fabric so I can see what I am storing. Love this because now I don’t have to dig. They zipper close, which mean no more accidental marbles spills or foam beads rolling out of the boxes or bags as my son reaches for something in the organized unorganized closet! Inexpensive eco-friendly sanity saver is what I’m calling these Kids Klutter Katchers.

Green & Clean Mom is going to help one lucky mom become a little more organized because Kids Klutter Katchers will offer the giveaway winner one set of 15 Kids Klutter Katchers zippered mesh fabric toy bags ($44.85 value)! How sweet is that?

♥Leave a comment with a list of some annoying toys you have kluttering up your floors! Contest begins June 8th and ends June 14th and is open only to U.S. addresses. One winner will be drawn randomly. Please see contest rules for more information.

Contest Closed! Noreen Comment Number 55 is the winner!

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Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-06-15 11:43:24 UTC

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  • I’m first so it seems! Lots of the little pieces of fake food here there and everywhere! I keep finding lettuce and tomatos around her room. Good thing they do not spoil since they are fake! Also these little wooden farm animals just keep cropping up from under her crib…….like they are plotting a getaway! My dog, a crazy border collie, keeps on trying to heard the little farmer people my little girl leaves around the living room floor. I guess they are easier that being stomped on by sheep! So I really could use this organizer!

    happyathomes last blog post..Win a Trek bike and cut down on gas usage!

  • Gina Stratos

    Ughhh…. My floors are populated with a small zoo of all things plush and stuffed.

  • Tholtyn

    Any of the toys we get from happy meals are such a pain!! Thanks!

  • Ken Robinson

    In this hi-tech age, it’s dvds, video games, cassettes, magazines, manuals, printer paper and action figures cluttering the floor.

  • Nikki Barger

    Trains, trucks, and cars,
    hot rods with metal bars,
    legos, books, and a laser gun,
    All the things my boy thinks are fun!

  • Julie Jorgensen

    Everything clutters up the floor, but most of all the cheap little toys my kids receive in the kids’ meals from fast-food restaurants — for some reason my kids really like the cheap toys!!!

  • Stephanie V

    Oh my floor – herds of animals, toy pianos, blocks, balloons, balls, cars, and loud musical things!

  • susan varney

    marbles puzzles tonka trucks dolls balls dolls just the everyday stuff that kids leave all over

  • wow you name it and well we just may have it i find my little ones toy rattels and well the list go’s on and on all over the place any way if i could win this it would be grate then i have some place to put her toys thanks

    jennifer bowens last blog post..some more info on my children

  • Barbara Baker

    small building blocks, play barbie make up (little pretend eye shadow brushes and such), dress up shoes, polly pocket toys…you name it, it’s cluttered all around our house. This would be a great prize for my girls and give them a way of helping “mommy” out with the chores.

    Would love to win!!!!

  • Julie Hendrix

    Since I have 5 kids its easier to say whats not on the floor!
    Yucket List
    Broken crayon pieces
    random cards from random games
    old school papers
    things I said I’ll never buy again
    any toy gun with pellets, nerf bullets
    stapler-get random staple in the foot
    more crayons
    anything with beads

  • Heather

    My son’s biggest clutter is his stuffed animals. When he cleans his room–which is impressive for a three year old—he puts all of his stuffed animals on his bed. I usually only put a few stuffed animals on his bed, so he naturally thinks that they all go there. This would be a great way to keep things organized and show him a new, tidy place to put them! Thanks!

  • Patricia Hill

    Hot Wheels, Match Box cars, Leggos, Polly Pockets, Star Wars,Small Tonkas, puzzle pieces, crayons

  • My sons and daughters toy boxes have crayons, puzzle pieces, mini mcdonalds toys, markers, ty toys, little people, legos, and everything you can imagine. My son yanks out all of his toys in search of one thing he wants. It’s so hard to find anything in there even after getting rid of stuff. I don’t want to put plastic zip lock bags in my toddlers toy box.

    Shilo Beedys last blog post..Contest

  • jffryclough

    well, baby pete loves our pots and pans so they get scrubbed pretty regular

  • jessie

    Barbie and all her accessories, the shoes are everywhere!

  • Estelle Steenbergen

    My son leaves his Hot Wheels all over the floors, and my daughter leaves her Polly Pocket accesories laying around.

  • Debbie


  • P Hafner

    Barbie shoes and stuff like little dishes
    Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars
    Littlest Petshop Sets
    Play Food and dishes
    I have 4 kids so we have a lot of toys around the house.

  • Shannon Asbell

    Stuffed animals, DVD’s, dolls, it’s never ending!!

  • Jennifer C.

    Lately it’s been Littlest Pet Shop toys all over the place. Also crayons and markers never seem to make their way back into the storage box. Barbie has been know to leave her items all over the place as well.

  • adrienne gordon

    puzzle pieces and crayons are the biggies.

  • Alison

    Those look great! We have lots of Legos, small stufed animals, baby teethers and baby toys, Hot Wheels, trading cards, crayons, tons of small bouncy balls…you name it, it’s probably cluttering up at least one room of our house! Even my bedroom has a surplus of little toys causing clutter at the moment!

  • Anna

    Ugh … I NEED these! We have a very small bedroom for my little boy and the floor is always littered with puzzle pieces, lincoln logs, alphabet blocks, mega blocks, crayons, markers, you name it! I’d love to win, really!

  • Tina

    CHOO, CHOO!! Trains and Tracks!!
    VROOM, VROOM!! Hot Wheels Cars!!
    All I would want is to throw them in a bag and under the bed. So much better than stackables or boxes. Win or not, I have a great idea now thanks to this sight. Love it!

  • Margaret Smith

    This would be so useful. Wish I had it right now. My kids just left a mess of toy trucks, army and firemen on our floor. lol
    This would come in handy for so many different uses. legos, cars, trains, puzzles, to name a few.
    Thanks so much for offering this contest.

  • Amy

    From my four year olds action figures, hot wheel cars, tiny dirtbikes, and tracks to my pre-teens ipods, cds, dvds and handheld games I could really use some help!! Thanks!

  • Beverley Justice

    Lincoln logs were the absolute worse when my kids were growing up, decades ago. Now, my grandson’s markers and little plastic blocks that snap together are dangers in the dark, so to speak!

  • Linda Moeller

    CARS! Matchbox, HotWheels, etc!!!!

  • Diane Sattler

    Boy toys, clothing, tools, truck stuff…and more

  • Diane Sattler

    Boy toys: truck stuff, tools, special outfits, hats and more hats!

  • PsychMamma

    Polly Pockets
    Fisher Price Little People
    Small plastic farm animals
    Matchbox cars
    Play food and silverware

    Sigh. I think they’re multiplying. Please pick me!

  • Jeanette Balazs

    Little People, Pez dispensers, happy meal toys, and other annoying little pink things!!! I love these!

  • cathy copelan

    the evil clown at Mc Dees keeps infiltrating our house with useless toys. So hard to keep up with. thanks for this tip

  • pam b

    craft stuff

  • baby links and rattles…everywhere…

    Kate Fs last blog post..rain rain go away…

  • Tonya Froemel

    All three of my girls have enough Polly Pockets, little disney princesses, puzzles, play food, barbie and all her stuff, perler beads, crayons & markers, fast food toys, etc. littering their floors daily.

  • Diane

    My floor is littered with small cars, trucks, and trains, legos, puzzle pieces, blocks, wooden railroad tracks, an entire zoo of exotic animals–mandrills, giraffes, okapis, zebras, Komodo dragons–you name it, the grandkids have it and it’s on the floor. This prize would be a godsend.

  • Shannon

    stuffed animals

  • Jill L

    All the McD’s toys that the kids just have to have. I can’t give them away for at least a few months so these bags would be a perfect way to store them.

  • Brenna

    Ugh, toys with tiny pieces are becoming the bane of my existence!

    Tiny Legos
    jigsaw puzzles whose boxes have become useless
    pizza toppings

    Brennas last blog post..Insurance Companies Rejecting and Raising Premiums for Women With History of Cesarean

  • christopher h

    they’re all over the place

  • Vicki Wurgler

    Matchbox cars and legos, they are all over the house

  • Sharon

    where to start, stuffed animals, balls, blocks, etc!
    this would be great.

  • Candie L

    My boys are a little older. Unfortunately the things they leave all over the floor are more expensive. I have picked up game boy games, Yu Gi Oh cards, hot wheels, etc.

  • 15 organizers? 15 annoying toys:

    1) Thomas train EVERYwhere
    2) Marbles from the Marble Race game (greatest game ever btw though it takes a lot of setup)
    3) Marble from Hungry, Hungry Hippo (well at least the SINGLE marble that’s left)
    4) Dress up jewelry
    5) Puzzle pieces
    6) Markers
    7) Stickers
    8) Barrettes
    9) Hats
    10) Bath toys
    11) Bob the Builder toys
    12) Construction toys
    13) Stuffed animals
    14) Blocks
    15) Story CDs and books

    Michelles last blog post..I’m On A Mission…

  • Rachel Robinson

    Oh my , where to begin, megablocks and barbie clothes and dress up shoes for everything. matchbox cars and tiny parts to this and that are always on the floor. every toy made seems to have some small piece to it that just loves my floor.

  • feener

    oh my, i just had a post about toy organizing up on NJ Moms Blog !!! you name it, i am a mess. where are the little people ?? where are the shapes for the shape sorter ??? honestly go check out the post b/c it was right on this !!! feener44atgmaildotcom – it even got syndicated in a bunch of newspapers !!

    feeners last blog post..What would your husband do ?

  • laurie

    The alphabet, crayons, art supplies

  • Brian Morin

    Matchbox cars

  • kay wolter

    legos, dinosaurs, books, rescue heroes, This would be WONDERFUL>>…please

  • Terri B

    Definitely his Fisher Price Little People!

  • Janet F

    Blocks. legos, hot wheels and matchbox cars, puzzles!

  • Oh my gosh…there is just SO much clutter! It’s unbelievable how much stuff babies/kids acquire, isn’t it? Here are a few:

    smalle teething toys

    Allisons last blog post..Sunday Linkage

  • cars, blocks, starwars figurines, disney dolls (polly pocket size and barbie), little people, pretend food, pretend dishes, stuffed animals, blocks, ball of all sizes, play jewelry, tiras, tutus, dress up clothes and shoes, music makesr, and I really need to get rid of some toys before we a have a bday next month lol

    noreens last blog post..Favorite things to when I was a kid

  • connie s.

    Great giveway!!! I would put hotwheel cars and gameboy games!!!

  • Molly Capel

    Ugh, with 5 boys, what DON”T I have cluttering up the floors, would be a better question. lol Big offenders are Lego’s & Hotwheel cars.

  • Elena

    My kids will love to collect small toys and zipper them in to these bags!
    Thanks for a great contest!

  • vicky boackle

    all the fast food kids toys we have are driving me nuts.

  • sandy

    hot wheels, legos, polly pockets, building blocks

  • Sarah m

    We have everything you can think of cluttering up our floor.
    Star wars figures(they really hurt when you step on them)
    Mostly fast-food toys, seems like they multiply by themselves!

  • Steph

    Some toys messing up my floors: blocks, crayons, puzzle pieces, die-cast cars, Little People, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figures…and much, much more .

  • Angie P.

    Love these! We have: puzzle pieces with missing box, legos, Bratz doll accessories, craft supplies, and more.

  • Susan C

    My two year old grandaughter loves wooden puzzles, and the pieces are usually all over the place. These bags would be great to organize them.

  • Amy

    Let’s see, I am always stepping on Legos (ouch) and My Little Pony accessories.

  • Diana

    legos, puzzles, tiny little disney princess dolls, hot wheels cars. etc.

  • tim brown

    fast food toys

  • Oh my goodness, what a great idea!
    Polly Pockets
    Little People
    Pretend food
    Wooden blocks
    Color Wonder markers
    …and the list goes on and on and on!

    Katherines last blog post..On Top of Mt. Laundry, all covered with…

  • Liz Sawyer

    Our floor is somewhere under Star War Characters, Spiderman Characters and Accessories, Matchbox Cars, multitudes of Superheros and their accessories, Dinosaurs, Legos, Blocks, Fisher Price Little People, Dollhouse Furniture/People, Stuffed Animals, Bows/Barrettes/Dress Up Jewelry & Shoes, Tea Party Dishes, Books, etc. However, we do sing “Clean Up” when we try to pick up things each day!

  • Barbara Fox

    Right now, just army men & a few cat toys.

  • Monique Rizzo

    My daughters Littlest pet shop is always EVERYWHERE!

  • charline s

    OH my goodness you really want a list of toys, ok here goes.
    little hotwheels
    wooden blocks
    puzzle pieces
    army men
    and othe misc toys here and there

  • Heidi

    My kids have a tendancy to leave all their play food laying around. These would be great!

  • Summer

    I seem to be stepping on Magnetix alot. But I have to say its better than stepping on Legos. Ouch!!

  • Alice C

    cars, cars and more cars :0)

  • Vicki C

    Toys…Lego, Hot Wheels, Game pieces Doll hair brushes, Barbie shoes the list goes on and on

  • Denise B.

    Balls, beads, and Happy Meal toys!

  • Jodi

    I always find:
    Matchbox cars
    Legos (I hate those things)
    broken crayons
    plastic green army men

  • Cool solutions for the ongoing and ever-growing clutter problem! I’d use them for:
    Fisher Price Little People
    paintbrushes, finger paint tubes
    my daughter’s hair accessories

  • Michelle

    Fisher Price dollhouse people & furniture, My Little Ponies, Littlest Pet Shop animals, and dinosaurs!

  • Betty N

    Oh, those bags would be wonderful for lots of things I keep on hand for my grandkids: crayons and markers, small prizes for some of the games we play, puzzle pieces, small vehicles (one young grandson likes anything with wheels so I get small things at garage sales). I would love to get organized in an eco-friendly way.

  • Regina

    Stuffed animals. and video games are first things that come to mind.

  • Wow! WHat a concept!!
    Thomas the Tank Engine pieces
    Princess Tea Set
    Hot Wheels
    Small books
    Doll clothes
    Happy Meal toys

    I could go on….

    Julies last blog post..Bob the Builder Birthday Party

  • Noelia

    I would love this for all the little toys that my kids have. Thank you. Like doll stuff

  • Some of the annoying toys on our floors:

    Puzzle pieces, hot wheels cars, toy foods, and Fisher Price Little People.

    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

    TheAngelForevers last blog post..More Shopping Deals (6-6-08)

  • Amir

    What a great prize. I have Rescue Heros, Ben 10 stuff ect- all over my sons room.

  • Ann

    Well, with 3 kids we have toys, toys, toys everywhere. Girls and boys toys!
    Thanks for the great giveaway. I can really use this.

  • I have a baby right now, so it’s mostly a few things, but I know when he gets older, it will definitely be Legos that cause major problems (as I remember with my younger brothers). They are tiny and kill the bottoms of your bare feet.

    kathleen w.s last blog post..Apron Giveaways Galore

  • Cindi

    Well, let’s see now….. Legos, Legos and more Legos!!!!! Figurines galore,
    nerf balls, army men, Hot Wheel cars and any kind of boy toys one can think of. Please enter me in your drawing. I certainly appreciate it! Thanks,Cindi

  • Cori Westphal

    I have to agree with the bloggers who say McDonalds toys are really annoying. But I’d have to say the worst are marbles. They totally get lost in our shaggy carpet and hurt like heck when you step on them! Thanks for the great contest!

  • saleha

    balls of various sizes
    trains and train parts
    regular children’s toys

  • Polly pockets, art supplies and any sort of figurines (mc donalds, playsets, etc.). I have stepped on them all – and it hurts.

    marybeth i.s last blog post..June 2008 – fun blogs on the web!

  • Sonya

    We have Legoes, Littlest Pet Shop and Barbies all over my house!

  • Paige

    Oh, my daughter has so many things we could use these for! Polly Pockets and Legos and so much more.

  • Pamela

    Legos!!!! They’re invading my house and feet (ouch!) Love ’em though 🙂

  • misty w

    Alphabet blocks, crayons, cars, spongebob figures, bouncy balls, mini care bears… I could write for days.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    misty ws last blog post..What do you meme I do too many memes?

  • Kirsten

    Little People, play food and dishes, stuffed animals, books! And this is Gramma’s house! LOL

  • Wendy

    Wow! What a cool product this is! Fisher Price people! That’s what I got rolling all over the floor. Little fun people!

    Wendys last blog post..Schedule Some Face Time With Your Baby – The Bumbo

  • Hmmm…I’d have to say Happy Meal toys, small plastic animals (the dog always chews on those), and small bouncy balls!

  • Kathy L

    Legos and toy cars. Need I say more?

  • D

    Everything ends up in the floor. Mostly balls, marbles, pens, trains and racetracks.

  • Jill Miller

    I am a mommy to four dogs. They have toys strewn from one end of my house to the other, and I’d love something to help me contain them a little! Right now, I can see stuffed animals: elephant, monkey, dog, bear, 3 bones, a football, and 3 frogs. 🙂

  • Carolyn

    Marble Mania, Crayons, Drawing books, Colored Pencils, Legos.

  • Kate

    Puzzles, matchbox cars, crayons, play dough tools, dinosaurs – you name it we have it scattered all over the house. Great concept and great contest

  • tangie c

    I have 3 boys and there is always so much junk on the floor!!! Legos used to be such an issue (ouch they hurt when ya step on them), so my husband actually got fed up and threw them all away!! Mostly there are stuffed animals, blocks, and most of all what is cluttering our floors are HOT WHEELS!!!!!!!!!

  • Carolyn

    They are not annoying but they can collect dust bunnies…cat toys. 😉 Thanks.

  • Chrisitna S.

    I’ve got 3 kids so I’ve always have toys laying around. I have everything from polly pockets, to barbies, to thomas and friends, to matchbox cars underfoot. This would be a wonderful thing to have.

  • Jennifer M

    Magic markers and crayons by the thousands. They are everywhere and we can never find good bags to carry them in.

  • Laura

    My baby is only a few months old, so most of the time it’s little toys that he will teethe on. I know in a few months it will be so much more!

  • Andrea Veres

    You name it and it’s piling up on my floor!! Puzzles, books, dolls, cars

  • Deanne S

    Hot Wheels cars, Thomas trains, railroad track, books, blocks! The list goes on and on. I am in desparate need of organizing. Thanks!

  • Veronica L.

    It would definitely have to be lego blocks & thomas the trains

  • Kristi G

    Matchbox cars are the worst…….oh wait……..tiny little lego’s……….or maybe ANYTHING that hurts when I step on it!!:)


    Clutter is a constant we must peck at!

  • Marie Fink

    Hundreds and hundreds of Nascar race cars! I get really tired of picking them up!

  • Judy Y


  • ann

    pillows and plushes, plushed shaped like pillows and pillows shaped like plushes!

  • Alphabet tiles are the worst, way up there with jigsaw pieces, those countless cars/trucks/mechanical toys etc

    aBookworms last blog post..Father’s Day Tips from VideoJug

  • judy brittle

    match box cars,polly pocket pieces,magnetic building set magnets and i seem to always find a crayon to step on.

  • Tara

    The annoying toys are Legos, markers, crayons and polly pocket stuff. I’ve stepped on every one of these.

  • Jewel Jernstedt

    Ugh, the toys…the ultimate winners in the annoying dept are definitely Legos, a talk and learn puppy that no matter where you touch it, it makes noise, the ball popper that I trip over once a day, and those wonderful wooden blocks! Not to mention the piles of books! Must make it stop.

  • Ashley

    We have puzzle pieces, nesting/stacking cups, balls, toy cars, and musical toys everywhere!

  • Connors Blocks, Tiny Trucks, and his roll around balls are the biggest floor culprits here!

    I blogged your contest on Prize-A-Tron Too!

    Angelas last blog post..Finally crayons a little person can use!

  • Tammy Kennedy

    My children are older and still manage the sports clutter, game clutter and even though I’v tried the plastic containers with lids being marked with what is inside, and plastic baggies. We still have clutter. these would be great going from the car to the house and for my kids tiny stuff they want sorted and not lost, during travel etc. I have a ton of uses for these thank you for a chance.

  • Terra Heck

    These would be perfect for keeping small toys organized and out of the floor. Some of the toys I find on the floor are Legos and miniature figurines.

  • Tamara Shurling

    Play food and dishes
    action figures
    play jewelry
    stones the girls have collected

  • marybeth

    match bax cars, thomas trains and stuff animals.

  • kris hickey

    With three kids under three it seems there is no end to the mini clutter. As one child so kindly puts something away another decides to play with it. We usually end up with the entire toy box being dumped out every day. Little People in particular seem to mulitply over night (are they real?). Duplos and anything with wheels are also plentiful.

  • Dana Eckstrom

    My 3 year old son has little red plastic firefighters (think army men)scattered all over the floor, along with the typical matchbox cars, and his guys (anyone from Conan to Hulk!)

  • Jennifer Cullen

    First name- Polly
    Last name-Pocket
    Wanted for – serious injury to mommy and daddy’s feet
    Last seen- daughter’s bedroom floor
    Alias used- evening gown Polly, chef Polly, snowskiing Polly, etc.
    Reward- undying gratitude to anyone who can round up this chic and all her accomplices!

  • Sandra Chadwell

    I have six boys ranging from 17-1 and there are game consoles, games, trucks, cars, clothes, you name it and it ends up on the floor. Most of the time in the kitchen!!

  • katie v

    As much as I love them, I’m always stepping on Thomas Trains and crayons. There are just so many!

  • Anthony Hedden


  • israel y

    puzzles, stuffed animals, board games. thanks for this prize!

  • M.A.

    With a houseful of little boys it’s the Legos—always the Legos!!!

  • kristi blackstone

    Hot wheels!!!!

  • All of these little toys hurt the feet! I just read the hot wheels comment and then stepped on one! Ouch! I also can’t stand puzzle pieces because then I have to figure out what puzzle they go with. Thank goodness I have the Klutter Katchers! LOL!

    Thanks for all the comments Green & Clean Mom Readers!
    All the best,

    Green & Clean Mom, Sommer

  • Carrie Z

    At the moment it is hotwheels and webkinz trading cards!

  • Those tiny little legos, action figures like Knights (with tiny plastic swords), Playmobile accessories….all of the things that are my son’s most favorite have LOTS of little pieces.


    onlycancan at hotmail dot com

    CanCans last blog post..My 3-year-old on Homelessness

  • Elizabeth M.

    I’ve got markers, crayons, duplos, legos, crazy bones, barbie clothes, matchbox cars, army men, knex, lincoln logs, bouncy balls and marbles that all need a good home.

  • kristen cook

    I would have to say the barbies, and legos, make the most mess in the playroom!!

  • Jennifer

    Oh my, wooden blocks, Little Pet Shop and play food.

  • legos legos everywhere

    marlas last blog post..

  • Kristie Noguera

    The pegboard pieces are the worst because they hurt when you step on them. I also have a lot of the play kitchen stuff laying around from my daughter feeding everyone. Play cups, tea pots, plates, play food, and more. The duplo blocks never seem to all make it back to the box either. Oh and the marbles. Even when we all clean up, we always miss a marble or two.

  • Stuffed toys, pacifiers, and teething rings get tossed everywhere.

    Channahs last blog post..WW: Aquarium

  • Teresa Hoyt

    LEGOS!!! Lincoln Logs; Barbies; play food; oh almost forgot Barbie shoes!!

  • Vicki Russell

    LEGOS, puzzle pieces, crayons. Just about anything little.

  • Tricia Andrews

    Can someone tell me where all these stuffed animals and dolls came from that are all over my house on the floor? Not a day goes by that I am not stepping on one of them!
    Markers/crayons/art supplies are also dangerous on our floor here. I have rolled on a few markers and it was not a graceful landing!
    We definitely need help organizing!

  • Peggy

    I think the worst is those tiny legos,walking barefoot and step on one,not a good thing.
    Count me in to win

  • joahsmom

    Among the assortment of toys, the legos are the worst. So many! Great idea.

  • Star Wars toy and all their silly little weapons, Cars toys, Polly Pocket Parts, randomness…Thanks! This would help!

    Pattis last blog post..Sunscreen

  • Hummm….. markers, crayons, flashcards whose boxes have been destroyed, hair clips, smaller train set pieces, baby doll accessories and stuffed animals. And that just the kids’ stuff…I bet I could organize my own little trinkets as well:)

    Kelly Bs last blog post..Our Summer Adventure Begins

  • Kristine Rausch

    B – I – O – N – I – C – L – E – S !!!!!!!!!

  • danni

    we use zip lock bags right now for my 3 year old son’s puzzle pieces so my 9 month old won’t chew them …like you said…not too cute since it’s in our living room in a wicker basket for everyone to see!

  • jeanette malan

    Magic markers and crayons by the dozens

  • Nicole Price

    Geez…there’s so many to choose from. But, out of all of them, the Hot Wheels cars and all the Lego’s and Mega Blocks hurt my feet the most. 🙂

  • Carolyn Nedrow

    Little cars and trucks and all kinds of little boy toys!

  • Donna

    Barbie clothes, Barbie shoes and accessories
    Green & Clean Mom – I beg you, help me PLEASE

  • Samantha

    I am not sure about what is on my floor all the time, but i keep finding barbie shoes everywhere, and those things hurt when you step on them

  • Misty R.

    My floors are cluttered with books, blocks, cars, and other random things. I love this idea for a way to get organized!


  • Theresa Caton

    What kids toys are NOT annoying and all over the floor? Matchbox cars, polly pockets, little people, kid meal toys, any little toy you can think of for a 5 year old and 3 year old I would use this on!

  • Jodene

    Are you kidding? They are all annoying and all over the place, it just keep changing – dolls now and their clothes, I have naked babies and bottles all over the house.

  • Pamela White

    Legos and stuffed animals, hot wheels and dog toys.

  • Denise

    Pretty Ponies
    Plastic animals
    Action figures

  • Sierra Wagner

    Kids Klutter Katchers sounds like an eco-friendly moms dream. As a mom to 4 these would help reduce the klutter. I walked through the living room and my foot got a painful lego surprise, down the dark hall I fell over my daughter’s block animals and as I got to my desk there were her crayons cluttering my desk. Klutter Kathchers would be wonderful and give my youngest daughter a nice and tidy place to put her things.

  • erik bryant

    my girls could fill these up with barbies!

  • delia

    hot wheels cars what a prize

  • P. Harmon

    Let’s start in the kitchen doorway and try to make it to the stairs to go up-I gotta go to the bathroom!!! There’s 13 yr. old girl stuff-mostly books and magazines. 10 yr. old boy stuff-a dumped basket of star wars figures. 6 yr. old boy stuff,-pokemon guys, and cards, then there’s the dog’s toy basket, dumped again, squeakies and bones (ouch when you step on them) and 2 yr. old girl toys-mostly The littlest Pet Shop pets, and fisher price people. I LOVE to organize by using bags-I have ONE zip bag that I put all of their little video games in and that is the ONE thing that does NOT get dumped. SO it would be nice to have more zipping bags. They do not get dumped out like all the baskets around here!!!

  • kiyana

    Legos, doll acessories, toy cars, and parts to stuff that I don’t know!

  • LynnC

    OH those LEGOS! We love them but they are all over the place!

  • Janice Wright

    The worse thing on the floor are Legos and probably little cars, very hard on the feet when you step on them. 🙂

  • Missy

    Barbie shoes, combs, ponies, tea pots, tea cups, beads, purses, alphabet blocks, stuffed monkeys, puzzles, musical instruments, and the list goes on and on….

  • Stephanie Bruce

    Thomas the train sets stretching from the bedroom to the frontroom, blocks for the houses for island of sodor, cars and the cars playsets

  • karyn koehler

    You name we have it. Videos, dvd’s, matchbox cars, mcdonalds toys, etc. The list of I should say junk not toys goes on forever…

  • Pauline M

    Well the clutter depends on the room, power ranger action toys for one, legos for another, and the hi-tec stuff is all over!

  • Mary J

    let me survey the area.. i see teethers, books, balls, blocks, little plastic frogs, rattles, jar lids my baby likes to chew on, measuring spoons she clacks together,squeak toys, cards she has pulled out of my wallet, some shoes, little dolls.. it never ends! i need something to end the chaos!

  • Bes

    Toy cars, crayons, legos, and other odds and ends from games, models, doll house accessories, puzzle pieces!

  • Kathy Conley

    tons of small pieces from polly pocket stuff!

  • kasey

    If anyone took one look at my step-sons house (he’s a single father) you might understand why something like this would come in very very handy. There are blocks, legos, fisher price little people, not to mention small dolls and doll clothes lying around all over the place.

  • Paula S

    Bratz feel and accessories are everywhere!

  • Talitha Lee

    Let’s see:
    Littlest Pet shop critters
    my children
    galactic heroes
    cats (live ones)

  • AnneMarie D.

    Gym stuff ie. weights, dvds, balls, swim tubes, rafts and misc toys for the pool. Then there are the toys for my dogs … stuffed animals, pillow, electronics – gamecube stuff and also a karaoke machine!!

  • Tiffany Cox

    Thomas train pieces everywhere! And things with wheels. I’d love for my bookshelf to hold books instead of being the “parking lot”!

  • philip halter

    army men

  • julie

    We have lots of legos (they hurt when you step on them), kinex and lots of barbie accessories.

  • Jennifer

    Blocks, trucks, and toy food have got to be the messiest toys ever. They are also the ones my kids love the most!

  • Michele

    Crayons, crayons and more crayons

  • Ed Nemmers

    Lego and Lite-Brite

  • Laura

    Legos, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, origami papers, stuffed animals!

  • Renee

    It’s legos that are multiplying on my floor.

  • Sarah Stern

    Crayons everywhere! Oh, and lots of cars

  • Pamela Stewart

    Lots of polly pocket sets. These things are so tiny.

  • sherri siler

    Crayons all over the place make me crazy.

  • Sandra – Illinois

    I am sure my daughter, mother of 5 and 2 year old sons, list would be long, but at the top matchbox cars, Little People, and star war toys and so much more.

  • Christy

    about a gazillion cars
    plastic food
    oh, and… cars

  • Helen

    All the toys with tiny pieces always bother me, like Legos!

  • Becky Grayson

    Legos! Nothing hurts worse than waking up and walking into the living room and stepping on a lego – just ask the hubby. We also have barbie clothes, shoes and accessories. Cars and all types of “guys”, spiderman webs, and the ever present crayons and markers. With four little ones there would be lots to fill the bags.

    Thanks for the contest!

  • K. Cleaver

    My boys have a ton of Matchbox cars and trucks. It takes them forever to get them all picked up in the evening.

  • Samantha Pruitt

    barbies! those fingers are sharp!

  • kay wolter

    gameboy, video, and the controls I thought this ended when they got older SMILE>>…..I don’t want this to end really that means He moves out…….

  • Heather C

    Those stupid little toys they put into kids’ meals at restaurants. Ugh!

  • Traci

    play food and jewelry

  • Kathy S

    Where to start?
    plastic zoo animals
    plastic farm animals
    wooden blocks
    Fisher Price Little People
    wooden fake food
    paper toy money and coins

  • Legos, puzzle pieces, legos and legos!

    Chrysas last blog post..Freebie Friday – Free Stuff, Contests & Deals

  • Laura Emerson

    Gosh, it seems like toy companies make these little toys just to make a moms job harder! There is nothing worse than waking up for a 2am feeding half awake and blurry eyed just to step on a tiny Barbie accessorie, a little plastic horse or dinosaur or a plastic block or plastic toy baby bottle. I once went for days with a imprint of a Barbie purse on my foot. Not a pretty sight!

  • Dave

    The gazillion stuffed animals, action figures, and race cars are bad enough, but if I step on another one of those little army men, I’m gonna blow!!


  • Betty C

    Puzzle pieces, matchbox cars, if it has a small piece it’s in the floor just waiting for me to step on it.

  • kathleen

    I need these bags for matchbox cars, legos and chess pieces.

  • Erin Daly

    No matter how hard we try our house has been taken over by toys. We have cards, books, blocks, puzzle pieces, you name it all over the floor. The only good thing is that if anyone ever tries to break in they won’t get past the kitchen without tripping over at least one of my daughter’s toys!

  • Kathleen

    Ugh, I was just “helping” my daughter clean her room yesterday. Here is a small sample of things she “[didn’t] know where to put”: My Little Ponys, “pretties” (jewelry and the like), Lego, a variety of Hello Kitty merchandise, artsy stuff and stickers, Polly Pockets (their shoes are worse than the Barbie shoes my mom used to complain about!), and perhaps most hateful of all, the junky little toys she gets from quick serve restaurants. We don’t go to them often, I swear those things multiply in the night!

  • Angelia McDonald

    colors and polly pockets always seem to be in the way. I step on so many colors and of course they break and my daughter then thinks there no good and refuses to use them.

  • Danielle

    My son’s little cars and all the little things like tracks or little people are everywhere. This would be a great help.

  • susan p

    little cars everywhere!

  • Julie K

    We are drowning in toys here! I am close to getting rid of almost all of them because the toy box just isn’t cutting it. Thanks.

  • Gina

    Oy, what toys DON’T we have cluttering up our floor?
    I have to say my absolute favorites, though, (sarcasm!) are the spiky little cars and the pointy little wooden blocks, as they are ever so much fun to step on in the middle of the night! 😛

  • Jennifer Schroeder

    I have a five-year-old and a two-year-old and their stuff is every where! These bags are so cool! I would to have them to help organize the kids’ playroom. Thank you for the great contest!

  • Dani

    I would use them for books. blocks and marbles

  • Jo-Anne M.

    Blocks, blocks, and more blocks – I would love this!

  • kathy pease

    by far the worst enemy toy is legos..those things hurt when you step on them 🙁

  • Jamie


    and those little magnetix magnet balls…they are so dangerous when they are all over the floor…reminds me of a “home alone” movie moment… LOL!

  • jodi

    pirate ships
    barnyard bingo
    coloring books
    boggle for kids
    pokemon yahtzee
    and so much more..HELP!!!

  • Gianna

    Pointy figurines that I always end up stepping on.. ouch!

  • pam

    legos…ouch, hard on the feet and vacuum

  • LeeAnn P.

    dinosaurs, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs!
    uno cards
    doll accessories
    tea party pieces

  • Stephanie Kinchen

    We have an abundance of little cars, miniature hot wheel cars that I end up stepping on all the time. Ouch!!

  • Amanda Chapman

    broken crayons, little people, flash cards, thomas the train set, blocks, mcdonalds toys, play foods. With my girls nothing ever finds its way into the container it belonged in.
    Thanks for the giveaway. I could use it.

  • Sarah Z

    Game Boy with games, brushes and hair clips, different craft pieces, game pieces and the list goes on!

  • Amber Porter

    Hotwheels, legos, lincoln logs, wooden blocks, bouncy balls

  • Tammy

    Stuffed toys – pokemon toys – legos and neopets, all over the place!

  • kris

    these look cool because lego hurts when you stand on it!

  • Marie N.

    These are the perfect thing for organizing the collection of tiny creatures, blocks and puzzle parts that litter my livingroom. I probably could even use one for keeping the chew toys for our 2 little chihuahuas…which really hurt when you step on them in the middle of the night.

  • janet

    markers, cars trucks, baby toys,puzzle pieces,books,etc.:) ty 4 the great useful contest!:)

  • Becky

    Legos, stuffed animals and art supplies. (oh my)

  • Brooke

    Bins and bins and bins of Barbie shoes and hats and bits of everything related to Barbie handed down from 3 daughters and neighbors. Endless.

  • Suzie G.

    Puzzle Pieces and Weebles! Oh, and her Smartville animals. I think she had about 30 when she got the set. Now there’s about 10 in her toybox. The rest are long lost eaten by the couch cushions and under things.

  • Donna Kozar

    I have legos and Power Rangers decoration my house.

  • Rosanne Morrison

    backpacks and video games

  • Brandy

    Polly Pocket toys….man, those sets always come with a bazillion little outfits and accessories that end up everywhere >.< These would be great to get everything organized!

  • Jenni d

    barbie shoes
    polly pockets
    video games

  • Julie

    Markers, crayons, parts of games, army men, legos, barbie dolls — I think i better go clean up!

  • We had a housefire so my kids lost most of their toys, but they’re quickly getting new ones!

    Toy animals, doll clothes, wii games. They have a hard time putting toys away.

    Brookes last blog post..Revival Challenge Day 19

  • Carolyn Ellis

    All the Super Hero Figurines, Batman, Superman, Spiderman. They keep coming out with more new ones. Help Help!!!

  • Lily Kwan

    Legos, stuffed animals, dolls, you name it!

  • mannequin

    He has a bajillion and one lego sets. These are the one piece missing and it no longer works lego sets…These bags would be a great organizational tool and they look kid friendly!

    mannequins last blog post..Tropical Hello Kitty on an Island

  • Frances W

    little matchcars always get steped on

  • Jean Pohlot

    Oh these would be grand for all my kids. Please enter me into the giveaway and thank you much

  • Kate Melby

    I like Earth Bound Organics’ plastic spinach trays for organizing toys, gloves in the coat closet, bags of veges in the freezer, etc. etc.

    They’re crystal clear, have lids, and stack nicely. It’s real reuse and free as I buy the spinach anyway.

    And, if you punch a few holes in the lids, they make great bug boxes!

  • Kate Melby

    I think someone’s messing with you: The link above to the bags you described is sending me to a page about generic Viagra…

  • Imelda Kent

    I have tried to organize my children toys…But those always got mesh up everytime they play. I give up and I just put those toys in a big carton box.

  • Imelda Kent

    I have tried to organize my children toys…But those always got mesh up everytime they play. I give up and I just put those toys in a big carton box.

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  • Pegboard Hooks

    Yes, I agree with you.

  • Boom Trucks

    I try to organize my son's toy trucks by putting them in color coded bins. That doesn't work so well. I don't think i'll ever get the kids' rooms organized.

  • It's not easy job to organize children's toy

  • I totally agree that something that could sound as simple as keeping my sons' Lego's off the floor isn't exactly easy. Lego's and his little toy cars/trucks are the worst to find with your feet in the middle of the night!

  • I've tried and tried and tried… and have never quite cracked the clutter problem. Unfortunatley, the KidsKlutterKatchers site now forwards to a site selling Viagra! Just to let you know – but thanks for this article anyway, I'll keep on tidying.

  • Lots of good comments.Loved going through them! Had a great time visiting here! Thanks!

  • I try to be organized and put together but sometimes I just lose the battle. To keep most of the things in one place I’ve used plastic zip lock bags, diaper wipe containers and shoe boxes.

  • They are simply marvelous, darlings.

  • My kids floor is covered in toys – i think toy clutter is an issue that most parents must deal with ASAP. I will give this suggestion a test and blog about the results.

  • I think your idea is really very much helpful to the environment. Thanks for sharing.

  • To keep most of the things in one place I’ve used plastic zip lock bags, diaper wipe containers and shoe boxes.

  • I think your idea is really very much helpful to the environment.

  • Basically the government wants to follow the concept of fifty state quarters by releasing these presidential dollar coins. These quarters are still in circulation today and can be considered quite popular. This is what the government wants that people can use the presidential dollar coins instead of the one dollar bills. It is interesting to see whether this effort will succeed or not because as mentioned previously one dollar bill is light and foldable.

  • JST Books

    Seemed like it was too much work but it’s not that bad. I’ve done everything. Threw like 30 things away. declutterfast