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I’m a mom. I work from home. I teach 3rd grade. I run a blog and part-time consulting business. I have a husband. I...


Practical Tips for Getting Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

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Moms need practical tips for getting their kids to eat their veggies. Like real tips that work and well are honest, even if they're...
How to Enjoy Summertime With Your Kids #summer #parenting

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My house is so quiet and calm. I’m sure I have something to do. Something to clean, fold or scrub. There’s a drawer to...



Tree's Rock Kid's Video Contest #TreesRock

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Tree’s rock, don’t they? I remember making a video for my 3rd grade K12 students and I read them a book about a mom...
Health & Safety Tips for Halloween #Halloween #safety

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Have a healthy and safe Halloween with a few of my favorite tips. I love Halloween so this won’t be a post telling you...