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I’m a mom. I work from home. I teach 3rd grade. I run a blog and part-time consulting business. I have a husband. I...


8 tips to help children who struggle with paying attention in school and sitting still.

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Today a friend messaged me on Facebook asking for advice. Their young child was having issues sitting still and concentrating in class. Testing was...
Books and Tips to Help Children Cope with Worry & Anxiety

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It’s common for children to worry. At least from my experience, it is. Some children like some adults, worry more than others do. What...




A face scrub that helps brighten and lighten your skin!

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This year, I am turning the BIG 40. I am no spring chicken. In fact, parts of my face look like a wrinkly chicken. Which...
Paying it Forward this Holiday Season

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Giving trees are common during the holiday season. They stand tall, small, skinny, sideways, fat and full of tags from children, adults and families...