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I’m a mom. I work from home. I teach 3rd grade. I run a blog and part-time consulting business. I have a husband. I...


Teaching Children to Eat Healthy On-The-Go #MomLesson

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I read an article online the other night, as I do most nights. You know, after scrolling through Facebook because a fellow friend liked...
8 tips to help children who struggle with paying attention in school and sitting still.

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Today a friend messaged me on Facebook asking for advice. Their young child was having issues sitting still and concentrating in class. Testing was...



The dreaded under eye bags and wrinkles.

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Why do we get wrinkles? Have you ever wondered this? As I looked in the mirror today, I asked myself this very question. Which...
Rebel Green Review

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Let me introduce you to my new friends, Rebel Green. A company that is Women Owned, founded by two mothers that believe in more than...