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In 2010 one of the easiest things you can do is to start recycling. It is probably a tip you’ve seen in just about every blog, newspaper article or talk show featuring going green this New Year. Except do you really understand why recycling is important and what it means? I’m here to fill you in and give you the 411 on recycling – which is simply processing used or abandoned materials into new products. Why is this a benefit to Mother Earth?

Less Air and Water Pollution. When products are manufactured from recycled material less air and water pollution takes place then using virgin materials. A great example would be using recycled steel equals a 76 percent reduction of water pollutants and 86 percent of air pollutants! Now that is significant!

More Jobs. Yes – the recycling process creates more jobs than landfills or incinerators and it is cost effectives waste management for cities for towns. Oh and when the market is good some cities can even profit selling recyclables! Cha Ch’ing!

Less Consumption of Natural Resources. Depleting the earth’s natural resources at an alarming rate means forests, wetlands, rivers and wildlife habitat are suffering. Recycling means more land can be conserved and less of a need for the timber, drilling of oil and less destruction to the earth.

Energy Consumption Reduced. It takes less energy to make recycled products which means less energy used – common sense. Take the example of producing aluminum from scrap; 95 percent less energy is used than new aluminum from bauxite. Find out more on the benefits of recycling aluminum from Earth 911.

Save the Trees. Common sense that paper comes from trees and if there is less paper production fewer trees are used, less water is used in the process of making paper and therefore more trees are saved and a decrease in water pollution! I think I just saw a tree smile! =)

Recycling Saves You Money. When you give items a second chance and buy resale it means you spend less than buying a product new! Finding a new use for an old pair of jeans could mean a new purse or those old socks could become rags for cleaning!

In 2010 the very least you can do is start recycling or kick up your recycling habits! You’ll help create jobs, reduce air and water pollution, save energy, trees and other natural resources. So do your part and recycle daily – it’s just the right thing to do. For great ideas on how to start going green and other inspirations visit this month’s Green Mom’s Carnival.

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  • There are some really interesting recycling facts out there. For example, I read that an aluminum can be back out on the market in less than 60 days. Imagine how long it takes to process a new can – not to mention the energy needed!

  • Nexyoo

    Great summary. I still sometimes hear people say “recycling isn't really worth it” and I know a lot of people only think of landfill space, when there's so much more involved.

  • Michael Mesa Miami

    Great post its one thing to participate, but knowing why it is so important is huge so everyone can pass the knowledge of recycling. Go Green & Clean Mom

  • Brenna

    It still amazes me that there are people out there that question how important (and easy) it is to recycle. Granted there are some things that can take more effort, but it is so worth it!

  • Recycling really is SO important. Here where I live we're running out of space in the landfill and there's not really a good solution on the horizon. I certainly believe that if more people worked to reduce their waste by re-using and recycling, that we wouldn't be in this crisis situation now.

  • smithjame

    We should all start and contribute some work to the recycling,
    so that we can use all the waste that we do again.
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  • ecobloke

    Fantastic post! I certainly aim to recycle more in 2010 and my goal is to encourage as many people as possible to recycle too 🙂


  • Some products people might not think to recycle, like cell phones and computers. In my community, the YWCA takes old cell phones to give to battered women. Staples will take old computers and printer cartridges.

  • You're right, recycling is so important although sometimes it takes a little extra work. With a little extra leg work I've found local places that recycle batteries, plastic bottle caps, and eye glasses.

  • yes, this is definitely one of my new years resolutions

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