Reducing the Use of Plastics

Reducing the Use of Plastics


Four years ago my dad informed me that I could not use Avent bottles because he had gotten an email that there was a dangerous chemical called BPA in the bottles. Want to know what I did? I rolled my eyes, figured my dad had no idea what he was talking about, who believes stuff on the Internet and I used the Avent bottles. That was four years ago and when between then and now I have learned tons and realized that my dad is smarter than I gave him credit for (sorry dad) and I should have listened.

The uses of plastics have decreased dramatically over the course of the last two years. If I buy anything plastic I make sure it can be reused, that it is recyclable and free of BPA. From personal experience I’ve learned that not everything that goes to the recycling station or the curb is indeed recycled and that makes me leery to buy plastic in the first place. Knowing this AND….

a) “Plastic is made from petroleum, petroleum is a liquid fossil fuel which is formed underground.”

b) It takes “a very long time. Exactly how long depends a lot on the specific type of plastic as well as the environment that it is in. Exposure to direct sunlight helps speed up the process, but decomposition by microbes is quite slowI do my best to just avoid it to reduce the use of fossil fuels and help the environment.”

I’m not perfect though and sometimes I forget my reusable bags and have to settle for a plastic bag. I use plastic sippy cups that are BPA free and we even use BPA free tableware for the children but not all the time – ceramic, glass and stainless steel are the preference.

Here are some simple Green and Clean Mom Tips to help reduce plastic use in your home and some alternatives to make this switch easier.

1) Glass Baby Bottles. When I had my daughter I was very excited to know that there was an alternative and I decided to go with glass baby bottles but at the time they were backordered and cost a fortune. Now I find them in big box stores and of course there is my BPA free guru and safe plastics and alternatives for kids, The Soft Landing.

2) Glass Storage Containers. Don’t use plastic storage when there are wonderful heavy-duty glass storage containers on the market. Mine are very versatile and they can be used in the freezer, fridge and oven. When I do use the microwave I’m not worried that chemicals are leaking into my food (though the microwave is controversial – I know this).

3) Stainless Storage. My family loves the Think Baby stainless steel set and the Lunchbots storage. We avoid plastic all together when we use these two items and they are both available through The Soft Landing.

I am no guru when it comes to plastics but I know the basics. I usually defer to the host of our Green Mom’s Carnival this month, Beth of Fake Plastic Fish, Jennifer of The Smart Mama or Alicia of The Soft Landing. It’s hard to not have plastic toys when you have children and avoid it all together but taking steps to reduce your use and make sure that what you do buy can be handed down to others, is safe and free of BPA and can be recycled is a good step in the right direction.

Please visit Beth over at Fake Plastic Fish for more on how to reduce the use of plastics in your life.

Hi I’m Sommer! I’ve been blogging for over 7 years and I’m passionate about helping others. I favor the green niche and love to motivate and inspire others to be just a little bit greenER each day. I’m a social media and marketing consultant, children’s book author and antique and flea market junkie. I have a knack for vetting bloggers, creating blogger campaigns and connecting bloggers and brands. I actually like public speaking and have spoken locally, regionally and nationally on blogging, social media and education. I’ve worked with top name brands and have been mentioned and featured in the New York Times Online, ABC News Online, the Wall Street Journal Online and several other media sources. Let’s connect.


  • JessTrev

    Great reminder that if we end up with plastic toys (um, with kids? yeah, that’s happening!) that hand-me-downs are indeed the way to go!

    JessTrevs last blog post.."The Play’s the Thing"

  • Marianna

    Great tips, thnks so much!

    Mariannas last blog post..Going Green: How to Have an Eco-Friendly Easter

  • Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish

    I just love those Anchor glass containers. Plus, they get so squeaky clean in the dishwasher. Not like plastic which always feels greasy to me.

    Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fishs last blog post..New FPF Video & Volunteers needed for Bay to Breakers!

  • Jennifer Taggart, TheSmartMama

    Love glass and stainless for storage! Keep up the good work.

  • Alicia

    Thanks for the mention, Sommer :)

    I know I couldn’t live without my Pyrex glass bowls with BPA-free lids or my Lunchbots stainless steel food containers!

  • Laurie

    Great tips. We also often discuss BPA and babies, like the new studies about their inability to metabolize it. It’s definitely a growing concern.


    Lauries last blog post..Fast flavour enhancers for fixing dinner

  • Multi-Tasking Mommy

    It is so scary what we didn’t know before!

    Multi-Tasking Mommys last blog post..TTIF!

  • mother earth aka karen hanrahan

    I never used baby bottles, went from nursing to cup ( glass actually) with both my kids. Sortof bypassed that whole dilemna including my awareness about it

    Growing up my mom used a glass baby bottle for her evening ritual of hot chocolate – she’d put milk in the glass bottle, put that in a pot of water on the stove and set it to simmer – and then go take a bath!! She did this every single night – it’s brilliant because the milk was the perfect temperature by the time she finished her bath, it never boiled over and no pot to clean up

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