How To Reuse Tea Bags

How To Reuse Tea Bags

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reuse and recycle tea bags

I drink tea. I really like my sleepy time tea and my Earth Mama Angel Baby tea. Yum and calming!  Most tea drinkers probably throw their used tea bags away but did you know you can actually reuse them? Yes you can put your used tea bags to good use and here is how.

Good-bye Baggy Eyes

Take those used tea bags, particularly chamomile bags and place them in the freezer. When they’ve cooled place them on your eyes to decrease your puffy, baggy and tired eyes. It is very soothing!How to reuse tea bags via @greenmom (tweet this!)

Ouch, I have sunburn!

If you drink peppermint tea place your used tea bags in the fridge to cool. Place them on your sun burnt areas and they’ll offer a great deal of soothing. (tweet this!)

Ouch, I have cut!

Green tea, peppermint or chamomile drinkers did you know that used tea bags will feel great on your cuts and bruises. They help decrease the swelling and overall they feel good!


Yes your tea bags make a wonderful addition to your compost for your garden. So no, don’t throw them out compost them and help your garden grow!

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