Safe Sunscreen, QR Codes, Working From Home and Chemical Reform Policy

Safe Sunscreen, QR Codes, Working From Home and Chemical Reform Policy

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This is a short week of blogging for me, my son is turning seven! S-E-V-E-N! I cannot even get over it. The other night he had a nightmare and wanted me to hold him and I lay in bed cuddling him remember when he was just a tiny and smelled like baby lotion. Now he is a boy with long legs and arms and smells of body odor from running and playing! Time sure does fly! I feel like the luckiest mother to have him in my life.

I’m also lucky you’re here reading what I write so I wanted to leave you with five excellent articles I’ve read in the blogosphere this week:

She Posts wrote about what a QR Code is and how you can get one. Very helpful and after attending a business expo and seeing everyone wearing this codes on their shirt I can see this is the wave of the future!

Simple Mom (she really is a delightful person) wrote about working from home and finding help. I could totally relate to this post because I hire outside help and it saves my sanity! I’d love for you to leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this post.

♥Finally! Enviroblog covers some important new on pediatricians calling for chemical reform policy and I’m jumping up and down about this one! What do you think?

♥Alicia from The Soft Landing is talking BPA again but this time she says if we eat naked we’ll lower our BPA levels! Really?

♥Bring on the sunscreen but first check out SafeMama™ and her sunscreen cheat sheet before heading out to buy just anything!




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