Save Money on Dining Out with Groupon

Save Money on Dining Out with Groupon

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I’m a Groupon junkie. I just ordered two steam cleaners for my sister the other day because my app notified me that there was a sale. Click and done.

My dad’s birthday gift is done and it’s 3 months away. Thanks to Groupon.

I’m not telling you this because I think you need to spend more money but because I want you to save money. For real, the coupon page is a life saver when shopping online. I won’t buy anything until I check the Groupon Coupons. And how about eating out? Eating out is costly but did you know Groupon can actually help with that too.

For example. I travel to see family a lot in Ann Arbor and there are some restaurants I like. Chia Shiang Restaurant on Packard is one of them. I can sign up to learn when they have deals so that if I’m in town, I can save. I can also see reviews, a map, price ranges, their open times and how to contact them. If there is no deal, I can “Request a Deal” and who knows, I might get lucky.

Groupon Pages for Restaurant Deals

Here is an example of a local deal in Ann Arbor for a family friendly restaurant on Stadium Drive, Holiday Restaurant. You pay $8.80 and you get $16 worth of American style food. A bargain for those college students down in Ann Arbor!

Groupon Restaurant Coupons

So wherever you live and wherever you’re traveling to, save next time when you eat out. Search the city and town and the type of food you’re looking for and the deals will pop up. Just like this…

Searching for restaurant deals with Groupon

Tell me, have you signed up to save money with Groupon? It’s easy to sign-up, I love their APP for quick searching on my phone and like I said, I frequently use the site. And if you sign-up and refer a friend, you earn $10 in Groupon Bucks! SCORE! So sign-up today and don’t eat out without doing some Groupon searching for good deals.

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