Socially Conscious Holiday Gifts

Socially Conscious Holiday Gifts

Today my fresh smelling holiday wreath arrived and it reminded me that it’s time to start shopping, I cannot avoid it – I have to shop and look at my budget to see what is feasible. First, make a list of who I need to shop for and next what is it that they need or want.  Is there something I can get that fits my budget, is eco-friendly and practical? I love to give unique thoughtful gifts, gifts that someone might see or love but would have never spent the money on.

One Million Acts of Green offers a few ways to green your Christmas this holiday with some unique gift ideas and I’ve compiled a list of 20 gifts under $20 that are eco conscious but what else can you do this year that is truly unique and “giving” in more than one sense of the word?

1. Support United Way. Seek out your local United Way and make a donation in someone’s name. Make a homemade card that explains the United Way Mission and what your charitable gift will go towards. A gift that is meaningful and will be greatly appreciated, a true feel good gift that will help the people in your community – it might turn into volunteer opportunities and new connections for the gift recipient too!

2. Support the American Red Cross, another way to help local locations but also make a difference nationally. The American Red Cross has some wonderful gifts that can be purchased in support of their organization but like the United Way, you can make a donation in someone’s name. When you purchase blankets for those in need, hot meals, emergency water or life saving training your recipient will receive a card from the American Red Cross explaining the gift and who it is from. Great for family member that are out of town!

3.  Give Clean Water. Yes, clean water that we take for granted and purchase in expensive and wasteful plastic bottlesverses filling our own reusable water bottles. We have tap water that is clean and safe to drink but not everyone does and so give someone a Clean Water gift to remind them to use a reusable water bottle and not take for granted our safe and clean water – wastefulness is not cool!

4.  Work from home or turn off your lights. Yes! Pledge an act of green in someone else’s name and inspires your friends, co-workers and loved ones to do the same! It is budget friendly, fun and inspiring! For an office you can do this and decorate your office Christmas tree with paper clips pledging your acts of green!

Disclosure:  I am a One Million Acts of Green ambassador sponsored by Cisco and the project is organized by Rockfish Interactive. I am compensated for my time. My ideas, thoughts, words and opinions are my own and are not influenced by compensation. See what the other ambassadors have to say about One Million Acts of Green: Crunchy Domestic Goddess, Green Your Décor and Condo Blues.

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  • Lisa

    My brother and I have donated for each other the last several years for Christmas. We don't really need anything so it makes more sense to give to others. Last year or the year before we ended up donating to the same cause which was rather funny.

    Also I'm hosting a Green Holiday Blog Carnival if you want to submit this post or another. Here is the info-

  • Jessica

    A great option in eco-friendly gifts is a gift set from Sustainable Sourcing They have gourmet gift sets of Himalayan pink salt, HimalaSalt/organic peppercorns and another with organic bath salts and massage stones. I love that Sustainable Sourcing uses eco-friendly business practices and donates money to environmental causes.

    Plus, right now their products are all on sale AND free shipping!