Stonyfield has my vote and one lucky winner will get $50 in...

Stonyfield has my vote and one lucky winner will get $50 in free yogurt!!!

You might not know this but I’m actually a maize and blue fan, verses a green fan! Go WOLVERINES!!! This actually ties into my post because an outstanding company you know as Stonyfield Farm (no “e” after “n” or before “y”… I can spell) works with the University of Michigan’s Center for Sustainable Systems to provide the best packaging they can. Go blue and go Stonyfield because what they discovered is unbelievable and they took the time and money to figure it out. How many companies really do that? Um…not enough. Not only is the yogurt organic but it’s in safe plastic*, you can recycle the containers (I literally just dug one out of the garbage) and if you don’t have a recycle center near you, clean it out and they’ll recycle it! Soon we might even have a yogurt cup made out of corn and beets…now that is sassy! I am telling you all of this because most people just go to the grocery store and look for the yogurt, milk or ice cream on sale but what they don’t get is, you’re purchase votes for a company. The more times you buy from that company the more votes you give it and the more times you tell that grocer…buy from Stonyfield! Why support and vote for Stonyfield, Green and Clean Mom, this isn’t an election? Isn’t it? I’m thinking, if the yogurt and milk brands could talk, it might be worse that Hilary and Obama! I won’t weigh in on Hilary and Obama but I’ll tell you why to vote Stonyfield….

  • When you buy Stonyfiled you support organic farmers that use certified organic practices and actually care about the animals, earth and people…not just the green buck behind it all. I really urge you to watch this video about life on a farm.
  • Stonyfield gives away 10% of their profits to educational organizations across the country ($1,947,109 in 2007) to support the environment and organic program. Organizations like or Pesticide Action Network North America, to name a few.
  • Stonyfield yogurt is organic and that means your children don’t have to eat yogurt, drink milk, have an ice cream treat and be eating hormones, artificial flavors, gelatin and unnecessary sugar or anything for that matter.
  • Stonyfield loves their cows. I love cows. I think they’re cute. I don’t like their poop or methane stuff but I’m sure they don’t like mine either! I can even have-a-cow and not really have one in my living room or yard. I can expose my kiddos to life on a farm and have them virtually meet and learn about a cow of our choice. A program that started in 1989…yeah…a long time ago folks and it’s still around! So get on board and have-a-cow!!!
  • Stonyfield is trying to help make over vending machines in schools!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • Stonyfield is willing to donate $20,000 to Every Count Click, an environmental works group to keep nasty chemicals out of our food, and all you have to do is go to this website and click:
  • Stonyfield is part of a collaborative effort to offer a report card to rate companies on what they are doing to make a difference when it comes to being green and treading lighter on Mother Earth. You, as a consumer, can go to: and learn more about what companies you buy from are doing to make a difference. Maybe you won’t want to vote for them anymore until they start doing a little better and score higher! Think about it, consumers with power…what will the world be like then?
  • Okay, last but not least…my kids and family love the stuff so if all of the above isn’t enough reason to vote Stonyfield, I’m not sure what is.

We have sampled a wide array of Stonyfield products in the last week or so. I love the After Dark Chocolate (must confess I ate almost all of it in one night). My son fills up on the Wild berry Stonyfield Smoothie but personally, I’m not a fan of it. We all have different taste buds and I’m not the Wild berry girl. Oh, and he asks for a strawberry squeezable yogurt that we freeze, almost nightly! My daughter loves the Yobaby smoothie because she learned to drink out of a straw and thinks she’s super cool. All flavors get her approval (yes, we’ve tried them all)! I was a skeptic on the milk because I’ve been turned on to the glass bottle, local farm milk and remember, I don’t like milk. Well, I have to say…Stonyfield you rock with this one! So many flavors, variety and stuff to try so how about I let you do the rest/

It is not a contest but a C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N!!! One, Stonyfield wins my election on organic milk products (milk, yogurt, icecream) verses the yucky hormone, artifical color, bad stuff. Two, they’re turning 25 years old! I want to turn 25 again! Enough pouting, let’s have a Green & Clean Mom celebration and giveaway a whoppin prize!! Fifty dollars in Stonyfield YoBaby and YoMommy yogurt coupons. Yahooo!!! Want to win??? You don’t have to be a blogger either!

1) Take a picture of your little one eating Stonyfield yogurt with a link back to this contest and you get 5 points! Not required, you just get more entry points!

2) Subscribe, stumble, digg or email this post to someone and you get 1 point.

3) and help Stonyfield donate for 1 point.

4) Leave a comment with your favorite flavor or what you’d love to try and your spam proof email with what you’ve done to enter, so I can easily tally the points! 1 point

Contest will End on Mother’s Day, 2008 and is open to U.S. residents.

Contest Closed

*Here’s what Stonyfield had to say about BPA plastic and their containers…

Thanks for your inquiry about our packaging and specifically our use of polystyrene #6 for our YoBaby products.

First, none of our packaging contains BPA, the chemical currently in the news and which is used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins.

As for our use of polystyrene #6, you’ll be reassured to learn that #6 containers are considered safe for food use by the both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Union (EU). The FDA requires the styrene content of the packaging be less than 5,000 parts per million (ppm). The styrene content in Stonyfield Farm’s polystyrene packaging does not exceed 400 ppm.

Hi, I’m Sommer (@greenmom) and I’ve been calling this my blogging home for 9 years. I’m a juggler of life, a protective mama bear and I enjoy travel, wine, sunshine and good books. I’m passionate about inspiring others to live a little healthier and greener each day. I’m many things but above all I’m a believer in karma and the good in people. I’m a children’s book author, public speaker and consultant. My full-time gig is working as a Marketing Manager for and helping to encourage everyone to eat healthier. Check out my about me page for more details.
  • Feener

    WOW – great post !!! I use their milk all the time for my girls AND I have always used their yogurt for them. I use the yobaby for my first and the yosoy for my second (she is lactose intolerant).
    i clicked the baby to donate.

    the only problem i find is that i have to go to whole foods to get the yosoy – if you have any pull….let stonyfield know they need to get it in more stores !!!

    thanks for this very educational post.

  • Green & Clean Mom

    I don’t have any pull but I’m sure that they’re reading all the comments…great market research! I’d love for some organic cottage cheese! I have to hop around for the variety in my town. It’s worth it though!

  • Casey H

    Love yobaby!! I used it with my daughter and plan on using it with baby #2 due in august! She always loved the vanilla!

    I went to the site too and entered my email to donate!

    Please enter me!
    caseyschreiber723 at yahoo dot com

  • Nana*2*4

    My favorite flower is a Daisy.

    I too am a Michigan fan, my husband lives there and I am in Florida to care for my Mom.

  • susan1215

    My favorite flavor is strawberry

  • agordon10

    yobaby vaniall is oooooo creamy


    I’ve never tried their brand but would LOVE to.

  • ydsddd

    I like the plain –less calories

  • chromiumman

    love the strawberry

  • Ardy22


  • Shannon

    Sounds great.

  • Tes283

    After Dark Chocolate

    Sounds great. yummy.

    thank you

  • Gemini Mama


  • Anonymous

    vanilla for my la la

  • mar

    strawberry is my favorite flavor – thank you

  • Anonymous

    Have never tried it but would like to, especially the strawberry flavor.

  • Belinda


  • Anonymous

    My favorite Stoneyfield flavor is the lowfat plain yogurt. My son loves the banana.

  • Jeanne St. James

    My husband eats yogurt as a dessert! He loves it.

  • denyse

    We love banana but would love to try them ALL!

  • Rachel Kleinschmidt

    stumbled you, went to the stonyfield site, don’t have a fave yet…

  • Mya

    I haven’t had the pleasure of trying yet, but this would definitely get used everyday! I love my yogurt. Esp Peach!!!

  • izackcarson

    the strawberry is a big hit in our house.

  • Kari

    This is our favorite brand and I like vanilla!!

  • greenly

    My husband usually makes our yogurt, but when he doesn’t get around to it, we always buy Stonyfield. I love that they make kids’ yogurt in tubes (goes over well for school lunches). And it may be boring, but my favorite is vanilla. Great giveaway!

  • Sue Farrell

    I guess I’m a plain Jane–I just love vanilla

  • mogrill

    Vanilla is YUMMY!


    We would love to try them!

  • jennem

    I love the YoBaby pear. It’s like a dessert!

  • Princess Golden Hair

    i love yomommy vanilla and the little one loves yobaby vanilla. stonyfield is the best yougurt

  • kdkdkd

    I love the strawberry, and my toddler loves the vanilla



  • Amanda

    I donated for Stonyfield, and also emailed this to four friends. Please enter me =) I would love to try a new flavor like Pineapple.

  • Carroll

    I eat yogurt for breakfast every morning. Love it!

  • janetfaye

    I would love to try Vanilla

  • Tammy

    Yeah, I helped donate $1.00. Wow that’s so neat. I think my favorite flavor would be — strawberry!

  • Anonymous

    I love vanilla

  • coriwestphal

    I am a dedicated Strawberry Yogurt eater but I’d love to try some of Stonyfield’s other products. Thanks for the great contest!

  • emily N

    I did number 3 and helped Stonyfield donate.

    I like all the flavors, but my favorite would probably be raspberry.

    gotfire (at) yahoo (com)

  • idahomom

    It is a toss up between peach and raspberry. Thanks for the chance.

  • Suz

    stonyfield is by far my favorite organic milk/yogurt brand (and i love that i can get coupons from their site too!) my fave is the banilla yogurt but the kids love a homemade smoothie (half strawberry yogurt and half plain yogurt plus milk…great b/c it works in the sippy cups!). the tubes in the freezer are great for teething babies…just wish i could figure out how to do it myself in a reusable container.
    i also entered my email to donate on their site.
    i tried to get a picture but they gobble up the yogurt so fast i missed it!

    thanks for having so many great contests! hope to win one sometime 🙂

    susankellywhite at gmail dot com

  • tattwo

    I would love to try the blueberry.

  • clallen

    i would love to try the vanilla or strawberry yogart.
    i emailed your contest page to a friend also. thanks!

  • AmberRose95

    I’ve only used their yogurt–my favorite flavor is apricot. I really like the picture of the cow on the Strawberry Fields and French Vanilla containers, though. It helps make eating the yogurt even more fun! Thank you for the contest!

  • mgster

    we are big time strawberry yogurt fans in this house…but I think it’s time to add a couple new flavors and that chocolate one sounds great!

  • Anonymous




  • Anonymous

    My favorite flavor is strawberry, haven’t tried the vanilla, but from what I have read, I must do that soon.

  • kewlchick2003

    I would love to try Blueberry, but strawberry is great!!
    I also helped them donate!

  • Missy

    I love the Vanilla flavored yogurt, but my little girls love the strawberry. I would love to try the raspberry flavored yogurt sometime. Thanks!

  • Sarah C

    I’m excited to try the Yomommy yogurt. I’ll be nursing for a while yet and I could use all the healthy snacks I can get my hands on. I haven’t tried yobaby yet but my little girl will be more than ready for it in just a few weeks.

    I clicked on the site to donate, too!
    beezerly (at) yahoo dot com

  • pauline15

    Yobaby is not easy to find in my area but I’ve purchased it a few times. In my family it’s either strawberry or strawberry-banana. And we love the taste. I hope that you expand your distribution of your fine yogurt in my area.

  • lamamanaturale

    Oooh…I’m a lemon fanatic…lotsa lemon sounds delish! I stumbled you and also went to the Stonyfield site and donated…I also blogged about the giveaway…

  • littlelatina

    I’d really like to try the yobaby original yogurt for my little man!

  • countrygirl1823

    My son loves the pear flavor!!

  • Anonymous

    I love any flavor, as long as it’s Blueberry

  • cdrury

    would like to try the pear and the banana.

  • Ashley

    I love the peach YoMommy yogurt!

  • ymmat83

    I would like to try the raspberry or the strawberry. I’m sure my kids would love the squeezers. Thanks for the contest.

  • bison61

    I have a cup of their plain fat free yogurt each morning-for the flavors I like peach

    tiramisu392 (at)

  • Anonymous

    My son loves the vanilla. Thanks!


  • Sierra

    I love vanilla everything, especially since it goes so great with fresh fruit!

  • Miranda


  • paula h

    Vanilla is my favorite and my son’s too.

  • InMyHeart01

    mmm, pineapple sounds great

  • Terri B

    My son likes all of the YoBaby flavors. I usually buy the pink variety, strawberry-banana and raspberry-pear, because it’s the one with DHA.

  • Wendy

    gotta say, i just love the fat free blueberry. also the maple flavor is yummers.

    i also donated by clicking on the site! thanks for a great post!

  • windfire

    I love strawberry!

  • Anonymous

    I love the strawberry and the blueberry.

  • blueviolet

    I emailed this post to my daughter and I clicked on the donation link too. I’d really like to try their fat-free yogurt. Plus I want my daughter to try the soy yogurt.

  • aBookworm

    We’re a Stonyfield family! Get their yogurt, their milk, their…. whatever they make 🙂 My son loves all flavors of YoBaby, particularly blueberry. I haven’t yet tried YoMommy but I’d love to. It isn’t my local Kroger yet.

    Please count me in for this GREAT giveaway! Thanks.

    Btw, I’m having MULTIPLE GIVEAWAYS for MOTHER’S DAY. Ends Sunday. Hope you’ll stop by and/or encourage your readers to do so as well.

    callmeabookworm at gmail dot com

  • jjampm

    Stoneyfield is great! I like their vanilla yogurt best, especially when mixed in granola. Yummy!

  • Michelle

    I loooooooove Stonyfield! I use it all the time to top my homemade granola (plain or vanilla for me, thanks!).

    If I’m eating it by itself, my favorite is caramel, peach and/or mocha latte, depending on my mood. Mmmm! And it’s healthy, too!

    Oh yeah, and the baby is officially up to $3,530!

    Both my kids loooove YoBaby and used to eat it all the time, but now I have them eating the grown up kind. So cute when they steal bites from my yogurt and granola and then ask for their own!

    ahnya /a/t! excite d com

  • Sheri

    I love vanilla!
    sheri8259 at yahoo dot com

  • Ardy22


  • Anonymous

    Strawberry 🙂

    froggypartyof2 at

  • carolsue

    Vanilla and strawberry all the way! My all time favs!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so traditional its vanilla; so rich and creamy. Many Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day to ALL. SW

  • yadgirl


  • Anonymous
  • Amira M

    i have always loved vanilla!

  • sharon

    fav flavor is strawberry!

  • blfbrat

    We love Pear and Apple here, I was interested to see Stonyfield corp attitude . The Yobaby yogurt is often breakfast at our house.

  • Frances

    I would love to try them all

  • ssmina

    please enter me thanks

  • Helen

    My favorite flavor is strawberry!

  • Paula

    I love the peach.

  • Jinxy & Me

    I love the vanilla. It’s great to mix fruit and other things in with it!

  • Renee G

    I love vanilla yogurt.

  • jaydonco1

    I love Vanilla YoBaby! That is my favorite yogurt and I’ve been eating yogurt practically all my life so I’ve tried pretty much all of them! I haven’t tried YoMommy but I will if I can find it! I emailed this to my friends!

    jaydonco1 (at) aol (dot) com

  • intime


  • trudee

    I would have to say strawberry

  • purango

    After Dark Chocolate is my favorite.

  • Erin

    My daughter loves the YoBaby vanilla and banana flavors. Her Nana buys them for her whenever we visit.

  • Cindy

    We love strawberry and vanilla around here. My kids make me buy it every week, if it isn’t in the fridge, there is a special trip to be made. It would be great to get it for free this time. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • dddiva

    Girls like the vanilla best, Ian likes the pear. 😀 Great site, I clicked.

  • Betty C

    I love Stoneyfield strawberry. In fact I like all the flavors.

  • Rebecca

    My daughter used to eat that all the time she loved strawberry

  • klp1965

    vanilla :)~~~~~~~~~

  • Cathryn

    I’ve only tried strawberry, but I might like to try BLUEBERRY!

  • dvice

    Here’s my comment – YoBaby peach would be great to try

  • penguin28

    I would like to try the peach.

  • linda

    yobaby yogurt is the best! my son loves every flavor, but the vanilla/banana 6-pack is his favorite.

  • donna444444

    My favorite is strawberry.

  • stampedwithgrace

    we love yogurt! I’d like to try the just peachy 🙂

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