I made my own list and you might be on it, I...

I made my own list and you might be on it, I am!

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The other day I saw Christy’s Coffee Break noted a list of top 100 bloggers and I was sad, I’m not on that list. Am I on any list and who the heck is qualified to say who is on what list and if you’re an A, B or C list blogger? I decided I was qualified to rank some blogs/websites and so here is my list but these are in no particular favoritism order. It just made me feel good to make a list and put myself on it!  They’re all equally good and they’re green (most of them, some I just really like green or not) so check them out!  There’s actually so many good green blogs that I can’t even keep track of them so you have to visit Best Green Blogs if you want a complete listing.

Green & Clean Mom’s Top 100 (and then some) Blogs and/or Websites:

1. Green and Clean Mom Forum (biased, I know but it’s my list)

2.  Crunchy Domestic Goddess

3. Teensy Green

4.  Eco Child’s Play

5. Healthy Green Moms

6.  The Mom Bloggers Club

7.  Nature Moms Blog

8.   Sarcastic Mom

9.  My Greening Going Green

10.  Max Gladwell

11.  Green Girls

12.  Green Tube

13.  EcoRazzi

14.  Groovy Green

15.  Red Neck Mommy

16.  To Think is to Create

17.  Type A Mom

18.  Green Mommy Guide

19.  Grist

20.  Lime

21.  Keetsa

22.  Fridge Blog

23.  Green Mama

24.  A Cowboys Wife

26. Playgroups are no place for children

27.  Safe Mama

28.  The Soft Landing

29.  Big Green Purse

30.  Look Mom Look

31.  Mamanista

32. Tiny Decor

33. Healthy Child Healthy World

34.  Mom Inventors

35.  Posh Mama

36.  Busy Mommy

37.  Healthy Car

38.  Skin Deep

39.  Mom’s Rising

40.  More Hip than Hippie

41.  Hot Moms Club

42.  Positively Green

43.  Line Dry It

44.  The Smart Mama

45. Fussy Pants

46.  Back in Skinny Jeans

47.  Freakonomics

48.  Blogher and just check out their blogroll for some kick butt sites!

49.  ZRecs

50.  Healthy Tot

51.  Eco Friendly Momma

52.  Green Baby Guide

53. Informed Infertility

54.  Mommy Track’d

55.  Cool Mom Picks

56.  Swanky Moms

57.  Green Your Decor

58.  Savvy Source

59.  Sustain A Blog

60.  Classy Mommy

61.  Boston Mamas

62.  Ecobunga

63. Huffington Post Green

64. Someone Spoil Me

65. Carrot Mob

66. L.A. Daddy

67.  Inhabitat

68.  Mod Mom

69.  Franke James

70. Organic Consumers

71.  Sparkplugging

72.  The Green Parent

73.  Recycle Your Day

74.  Mom Logic

75.  Skimbaco

76. Organic Mania

77. Big Green Switch

78.  Sustainable Motherhood

79.  The Only Thing I Know

80.  The Green Mom Review

81.  Pea Pod Squad

82.  Mothers Fighting for Others

83.  Shamelessly Sassy

84.  How You Eco

85.  Playgroups are No Place for Children

86.  Non-Toxic Kids

87.  New Dream

88.  Green Me

89.  The Green Guide

90.  Jetson Green

91.  Groovy Green

92.  Tree Hugging Family

93.  Chic by Nature

94.  Green-Lemonade

95.  Eco-Chick

96. Lighter Footstep

97.  Green Girls Gone Global

98.  Crooked Eyebrow

99.  I should be folding laundry

100.  Enviromom

Okay, I’m exhausted! That’s a lot of linky love but I could keep going and going! There’s so many great website and blogs out there. These are MY top 100 and I don’t even have Dooce, Problogger, John Cow, Go Fug Yourself, Queen of Spain Blog, Sharp Wit Designs or Rocks in My Dryer on the list. There a given so why list them? Except if they want to add me to they’re top 100 I’d be happy to do the same, of course.  I couldn’t even find a blogroll or any linky love on the Dooce site. I guess when you hit the top 100 blogs you don’t have to do that?  If you aren’t listed please don’t be sad or mad, do what I did and make your own list! I probably just missed you’re fab blog or site somehow but tell me about it. Leave me a comment with your link, I’m cool with that but don’t forget to grab one of my badges or link back! If you’re listed don’t feel obligated to link back but of course, I’d feel honored.  Wink! Wink! Oh, and you can grab the picture above and link to this list too!  Okay, I have to sleep…that was hardwork!

Hi, I’m Sommer (@greenmom) and I’ve been calling this my blogging home for 9 years. I’m a juggler of life, a protective mama bear and I enjoy travel, wine, sunshine and good books. I’m passionate about inspiring others to live a little healthier and greener each day. I’m many things but above all I’m a believer in karma and the good in people. I’m a children’s book author, public speaker and consultant. My full-time gig is working as a Marketing Manager for Freshbaby.com and helping to encourage everyone to eat healthier. Check out my about me page for more details.


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  • Laurin

    I love your list so much that I’m already off schedule! I’ve got a lot of reading to do.

    Laurins last blog post..A Less Sweet Tooth

  • BGreen

    This list is such a GREAT resource! Thank you so much for the time & care you put into creating it. Will be sharing it on my Squidoo lenses and blogs.

    Will check back again soon for your other posts ;~)))

  • aww man…. no link love for me.
    it’s ok. i only started my blog in May. 🙂
    come visit if you need something new to read.

    Alexandra Hancocks last blog post..365 Days To A Simpler Life?

  • W00T! I made the list!! You rock!!

    Jenn (The Green Parent)s last blog post..Extra Credit: A Look At Carbon Offsets

  • Jackie B.

    I left a comment yesterday telling you that all your hard work was appreciated. I will just add a couple more praises here! HA! I do not have my own blog so I give Kudos to those who do. I know it takes a lot of time and patience.If I were to make a top ten list of all my currently fave blogs, you would definitely be on it. Thanks for the list of other blogs. I will check them out as I have time. ( I promise not to replace you on my top ten list with any of them!)

  • Thank you for this fantastic list! There’s many here I didn’t know about so I have plenty to look over as the baby naps.


    Kirstins last blog post..Safe, clean hands on the go

  • WOW!!! Thanks a bunch Sommer! So honored to be included!! 🙂

    Beths last blog post..Preservation

  • Wow! I am impressed! Great list and thanks for thinking of me!

    Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundrys last blog post..I’m almost out of excuses

  • Yeah top 10! Great list. I will bookmark this and use it as a reference. I’ll add many to my Google Reader. Thanks for pulling all of these together in one place.

    Max Gladwells last blog post..The Universal Message and Animation of 350.org

  • OMG, you rock! Thank you so much for the kudos! But I don’t know about that #1 blog? Should she be there? Just Kidding. Have a great day!

  • Thanks for honoring the Green Baby Guide with a spot on this esteemed list!

    Rebeccas last blog post..Book Review: The Tightwad Gazette

  • oh you did not list me! You are too sweet. thanks so much. must check out the rest of the blogroll. woohoo!

    DesignHER Mommas last blog post..A day at the zoo….Nascar edition!

  • OMG, I must have missed it because I did look this morning!!! I was thinkin’ well, I guess I didn’t make the list……..

    I’m so proud to be on the list and I’m sorry I missed it earlier!!!

    Would creating a bragging page be too much? 😉

    A Cowboy’s Wifes last blog post..Lucky Spurs

  • What? No NRDC Switchboard? No OnEarth Magazine? Where’s the love? We’re sad. 🙁

    Seriously though, this is a great list, and thanks for pulling it together. The green-media landscape is growin’ like kudzu — it’s impossible to keep up with. You’ve tamed it slightly, for the moment.

  • Monica

    This really is a fantastic list and I am so grateful to be included in this fine bunch of sites. What a ton of work to put this together, you rock girl!
    Now go get some rest!

  • I made your list? You are sweet and you have some mighty fine links up there!

    ps. to answer your question, I pluck!

    crookedeyebrows last blog post..Watch out! Crooked in the potty (with a camera)

  • What an impressive list! Lots of these are my faves too, but there are several that I need to go find out about. I can see I have some reading ahead! Just sad that I wasn’t on it. I’m occasionally posting green reviews or ideas, and am hoping to do more as we go “more green.” Check me out at:


    PsychMammas last blog post..My Little Shopper

  • I’m so sad I didn’t make the list! I feel like I wasn’t invited to be in the cools kids club. Oh well. High school repeats itself.


    Jennifer Taggarts last blog post..Federal Lawmakers Agree To Ban Lead & Other Toxic Chemicals in Children’s Toys & Products

  • Okay, I realize that I blog for 5 Minutes for Going Green and Healthy Child Healthy World. So I’m kinda on the list. Like the third wheel.


  • Thanks for including me!!

    Jennifer, Playgroups are no place for childrens last blog post..Means to an end

  • Woohoo! Thanks for the love! This is my favorite kind of love. Have I ever told you you’re my hero?

    CanCan (Mom Most Traveled)s last blog post..ImagiPlaying

  • Wow! I’m honored to be included in such a kick ass list!

    SuperWifes last blog post..Uncle Teddy Indicted!

  • One of my standard “green” reads is Burbanmom for the “lazy” suburbanite who needs to find small ways to make an impact everyday…


    and, of course, don’t forget No Impact Man!! Nothing says “green” like living in NYC with no electric, no plastic, no car and going organic!!


  • Aww thanks for the link darlin’! We love your blog too.

  • Peapodsquadmom

    Aww…aren’t you the sweetest?!?! Thank you so much for including me. I’ve recently discovered your blog and it is quickly becoming a fave.

    Peapodsquadmoms last blog post..My favorite pictures from our day at the Aquarium.

  • Great list! I hope that next year I’ll make the cut! I’m not as prolific as most of you green mamas (and dads!) online, but it’s great that so many of us are spreading the word and taking action for our kids!

    Great blog! One of these days I’ll learn to fill my blog space with cooler graphics!


    Jessicas last blog post..Eco-Healthy Baby Books

  • Hey, I just discovered your blog tonight. How exciting! Glad for the resources. I’m trying to be a good green mama too.

    Julie @ the calm before the storks last blog post..yesterday, tv was such an easy game to play

  • Huge list with lots of good ones! Check us out:


    Christines last blog post..Gaia Girls Author Lee Welles in Chicago this Weekend

  • Thanks so much for having teensygreen with such wonderful company! You’ve given me a lot of new sites to read as well – and great inspiration for making connections and support for green parenting!

    Stefanis last blog post..Guest Post Premiere!

  • It’s so cool to be included in a “Top” list. Thanks!

    Dara@ecofriendlymomma.coms last blog post..Clean Air Hybrid Electric Bus in New York

  • Leeanthro

    I’m a little green, too!


    What a great list. Maybe I’ll find some new daily reads!

    Leeanthros last blog post..Even More Randomness

  • I’m not offended that I wasn’t included because I don’t really have a “GREEN” blog (mine is all about “politically incorrect” health & nutrition), however, I do have my very own, “Bob in Green Suburbia”, so maybe someday I’ll be loved, even if only with help from Bob!

    Kelly p.s. I believe my cousin, Kara, is a friend of yours…?

    Kelly the Kitchen Kops last blog post..Politically Incorrect Nutrition in the Washington Post!

  • Hey! Great list…but. (*big frowny face*) no linky love for me! Maybe next time! Hope, hope!!!

    Great blog too! Keep up the wonderful work you’re doing!

    All the best to you,

    Doreen / Mom Goes Greens last blog post..Toot, toot…(here I go again!)

  • I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

    AlexMs last blog post..Расписание движения поездов Москва — Адлер

  • Amy

    This is a great list and so happy to be on there with so many great sites! Thanks!
    love your site too!

    Amys last blog post..Cribs~ toxin-free choices for your babe

  • Steve

    Thanks for the blog love! I added you to my RSS and will be checking back in.


  • Pipa Brooke

    Thanks for such a great list, a lot are new to me. I do not have the time to have a blog as I homeschool 2 + a new bub + create wedding dresses mainly from old fabric. I love your posts and visit on a regular basis, along with eco childs play, which you have listed and my fave of all green sites is http://www.ecobites.com where I will add yours and some of the other sites to the eco directory.

  • Jeremy P

    Great list! Just wanted to suggest an additional resource: eCo Wheelz – Electric Bikes & Scooters.

    Electric bikes and scooters are a great form of alternative transporation. Not only are they fun – they’re 100% electric, they’re are easy to operate and they release no harmful carbon emissions.

  • It is a great list. So much great stuff out there.

    Perhaps we can make Part Deux over hear at Green Hour?! I think we would be right up your alley. 🙂


    Cheers- Bethe Almeras
    National Wildlife Federation’s Green Hour Program

  • I’d say I’m a solid teal. I’m TRYING, though!

    Mr Lady’s last blog post..Housekeeping I’ll Actually Do

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  • thesmartmama

    You know, I just realized I'm not on your list.

  • greenandcleanmom

    Yes you are…It was just typed wrong but it links to you. I'm fixing it right now!

  • greenandcleanmom

    Yes you are…It was just typed wrong but it links to you. I'm fixing it right now!

  • What an awesome list! I hope to make it some day! 🙂


  • Janelle Sorensen

    What a great list! Trying to decide which to bookmark and which to actually add to my reader (so many in there already!!)

  • Great list! I am definitely going to bookmark some. I need reading material. 😉

  • Lblaird


    Great list! Have you checked out LuxEcoLiving.com? It's a great site with lots of articles on the green lifestyle.