Want to win a Hybrid?

Want to win a Hybrid?

Have you ever won the lottery before? I haven’t. I did enter a contest though and you can too. Service Experts, who sell, service, and repair air conditioners and heating systems are having a “green” sale and giveway.

The Service Experts want to let the public know that they are concerned about the environment . They are offering a Go Green Sale, which includes their hybrid home comfort system. The new hybrid home comfort system makes use of an electric heat pump, which is an all-in-one heating and cooling system.  During the warmer summer months, the heat pump provides high-efficiency air conditioning.  In the winter, the heat pump is paired with a traditional natural gas, oil or propane furnace to heat a home, automatically selecting the most energy-efficient fuel source – much like popular hybrid vehicles that use both gas and electricity. According to The Service Experts it’s not only good for the environment but for your pocket book too; it can save you up to %60 on your energy bill.

To go along with their sale they are offering a GoGreen Sweepstakes, also known as Sam’s Great GoGreen Giveaway. There is no cost to enter or to win and that speaks to all audiences of all demographics, especially in this economy. Service Experts has launched this contest nationwide in attempt to bring attention to the need to “go green.”  The contest runs through June 30, 2010 and the prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize: Ford Fusion Hybrid, the 2010 Motor Trend Car of the Year

Second Prize: Lennox® Hybrid Home Comfort System, including installation

Third Prize: Your energy bill paid for a whole year! (up to $3,000)

Fourth Prize: $50 Service Experts Gift Card

Fifth Prize: FREE Safety Inspection (a $50 value)

I hope you get the chance to enter the Go Green sweepstakes; if you don’t that just bring me one step closer to winning the lotto (a green prize). Good Luck!


  • Um… Yes please! I don't spend “much” time looking or thinking about new cars, but the For Fusion hybrid is hot.

    Of course, the 2nd place prize doesn't suck either. Lennox makes good stuff.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Direk Tac

    Great prizes awaits. New cars! These are vehicles that have nice features. Keep it up!

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