Win a fresh lavander bunch from Organic Style Magazine!

Win a fresh lavander bunch from Organic Style Magazine!

Organic Style Magazine, have you heard of them? They’re a free online magazine that offers all sorts of solutions and ideas for living organic.  This week Organic Style Magazine is generously giving away a fresh lavander bunch ($46.95) to a G&CM newsletter subscriber.  Just fill out the box below with your email address and your subscribed. Once you’re subscribed your elgible for all G&CM newsletter contests. Sweet!  For details please visit the contest rules and newsletter 411

I highly suggest subscribing to Organic Style as well. You get all sorts of perks that make it worth it!

Plus, as an Organic Style Magazine subscriber you can also enjoy these benefits:

  • Sneak Previews: be the first to read each issue of Organic Style Magazine
  • Storewide Discounts: partake in exclusive offers only available to our subscribers
  • Private Sale Events: participate in special events not open to the public
  • Eco-Points Rewards Program: earn points with every order and qualify for free purchases
  • News Alerts: receive the latest Organic Style news, including new product releases

There online boutique is fresh, organic and absolutely delcious. With bargins, orgninal finds and special occasion must haves.  I’m personally eyeing a few deals for my own home. I just love the bird door wreath and can see it in my kitchen as a perfect fit and then on the front door this fall!  What are you waiting for? Get subscribing to my newsletter below and to Organic Style so you don’t miss out!  You MUST enter your email address in the great big box to your right that says:  Great Giveaway and Prizes! This subscribes you to my free newsletter! Feel free to leave comments but they don’t subscribe you!

One winner will randomly be drawn on Sunday, July 19, 2008 and must be a U.S. Resident for this giveaway.

Here are your random numbers:


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Newsletter subscriber has been notified! Congrats and thank to everyone who subscribed and left comments!

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  • Rosa Bartolucci

    i love their smell

  • I would love to win the lavender! I just love lavender! Love the smell, and I would love displaying this in my home. I have a new lavender shortbread cookie recipe i want to try.

    ~Laura Iriarte/aka lauralovesart

    Laura Iriartes last blog post..How to Tip in American Restaurants

  • WOW no one has entered this contest? I love Lavender! Count me in, we are subscribers to Green & Clean Mom, I’m going voer to OrganicStyle to sign up for theirs!

  • Tom

    My wife loves lavender!

  • Kelly R

    I am trying to learn ways to live more organic. This online newsletter will be great. I also love the smell of lavender!

  • Louise A Brouillette

    I love lavender….count me in!

  • Melissa

    I love lavender!

  • Jackie B.

    What a great prize. Please enter me in this giveaway!

  • tonya froemel

    like to win this

  • susan varney

    love to wiv

  • Susan Taylor

    This would be great…Thanks for doing this.

  • Peggy Miller


  • Gaye McGill

    Lavender is so pretty and smells so wonderful! I’d love to win a bunch.

  • Marlena

    Thanks for the chance at winning!

  • Sounds great! I LOVE lavender. 😉

    Hil’Leshas last blog post..Pin Up Balm

  • deb c

    I love lavender!


    I have never seen or smelled fresh lavender. I bet it smells wonderful.

  • Jennifer Barnett

    I love lavendar. I can’t seem to get it to survive in my garden.

  • dorothy lazorchik

    wow I love lavender

  • cassity johnson

    love lavender and I am so happy to have found your site!

  • bob

    Lavender works for us.

  • Ellen Ring

    I love lavender. It’s such a great fragrance.

  • Douglas S.


  • Clifton Wade

    My disabled wife of more than 38 years just LOVEs the smell of lavender. It reminds her of her mother who died in 1970.
    Thanks for all the great contests!

  • sandy

    love the smell

  • Gina Stratos

    I keep lavender in all of the bedrooms to help us relax and sleep at the end of the day. Love it!

  • Ana

    i love it. count me in.

  • Maja

    i would love to win it

  • Angel

    nice prize. i like it. lavander is great.

  • bob

    love the smell

  • MARCI p

    I love lavender, great smell and beautiful colour

  • Alicia


  • Leigh Nichols

    very nice 🙂

    Enter me please

  • Jean Fischer

    Lavendar’s the best!

  • Kristi C

    I would love to win this!

  • JRG

    I’d love to give this to my wife!

  • Kristen H.

    Mmmmm….I Love the scent of Lavender. This bouquet would be perfect next on my nightstand!

  • david basile

    smells good from here

  • Mar

    Well, here I am again and I still don’t know what’s up.

  • Kimberly

    Lavender! Count me in!


    I would love to have that is my favorite.

  • Denyse

    I’d love to see if the real thing helps me sleep. Fantastic prize:)

  • dianne

    Although I’d love to keep this for myself, I’d have to give this to my daughter, she loves lavender.

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  • Lavendar is my favorite! I have tried to grow it myself, with a little success!! Either too much rain, or or not enough!! I would love a free bunch!!

    sharon johnsons last blog post..Organic Baby Food: Wanna win some?

  • Mya Brooks

    Sooo relaxing! I need this so bad!

  • Vicki wurgler

    I love the smell of Lavender

  • vicky boackle

    this smells so good.

  • djp

    this would be wonderful

  • amir

    I’d love to win this, I enjoy the smell of lavendar so much.

  • Patty

    Thank you for having this contest. I really appreciate it.

  • Fortune

    Lavender smells so good

  • Michele

    Lavender is my fave.

  • Nancy

    Love Lavender

  • Angela J

    Great package

  • Lisa Fosses

    I like lavender – great scent

  • tim brown



    I could almost smell the lavender from here.

  • kari follett

    Please add me, I love lavender!

  • Linda Ellis

    I love the scent of lavender – it’s so fresh and relaxing.

  • cathy copeland

    The scent of lavender is so relaxing. I really love cleaning products that have a slight scent of lavender. It’s just a really special touch

  • joy

    Love this scent, It relaxes me and gives me a calm feeling when I’m stressed out and feeling down.

  • Judy G.

    I really enjoy the scent of Lavender, its a refreshing, calming scent.
    I planted some in my flower bed this year. Thank you

  • Terry

    Loving your site …. and the lavender too!

  • Jessica V

    I would love to win this. I buy lavender scented anything whenever I can.

  • Judi Roode

    I love lavender!

  • Valerie Furr

    I really love the Lavender smell I use it when I can.
    This is really a neat prize would love it.

  • Beverley Justice

    I love lavender anything!

  • Missy

    My daughter & I just harvested our first crop of lavender. We planted 2 tiny lavender plants last summer & this was our first batch. So many friends and family were delighted when we gave them a tiny bouquet of lavender. Would love to win a bouquet for our own home.

  • Kate

    What a wonderful prize. Nothing is more soothing than lavender

  • Karen Gonyea

    Great Prize !

  • Brenda

    I love the scent of lavender.

  • Stacey Brown

    Thank you, great prize!

  • Cindi

    Lavender has long been a favorite flower and scent of mine! Please enter me in this wonderful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi-

  • Kathy Scott

    Lavendar is wonderful. Thanks for the chance.

  • hazel hunt

    I love lavender!

  • Rebecca

    I love lavender and the way it smells!!

  • Jennifer

    What a fabulous prize! Ahhhh, I feel the affects of the Lavendar already!

  • Kim M

    Lavender is my favorite, it always makes me think of my mama!!

  • Rachel Higgs

    Lavender is as beautiful to look at as it smells

  • Julie Lawrence

    Ooooh I want it!

  • Carol

    I love Lavender, hope I win!!!

  • Dan

    organic – great!

  • Bobv

    Great prize to win.

  • christa

    love the smell need decorations for new apt thanks

  • kathy taylor

    I love the way they smell. thank for the chance to win them.

  • Rachel

    lavender is an amazing scent i love it reminds me of my grandma.

  • Betty shoemaker

    Lavender is my favorite, i have tried and tried to grow it in my flower garden no luck love to win

  • reeva

    ohh such a soothing relaxing feeling when you get a scent of the lavendar.. i’d love to win!!

    Great giveaway, I hope Im the lucky winner 🙂

  • Anthony Hedden

    great prize

  • Steve Scott

    My wife’s favorite fragrance is lavendar. Please and thank you.

  • Pamela DiMase

    Growing up my mother always had natures herbs around the house. If someone had an ailment then she could fix it with one of them and her favorite was lavender. We had teas, scented bath water, sprays that would be put on our pillows at night, sachets for our clothes and much more!
    Not only is it a beautiful flower but it goes back to the kings and queens. While in Europe recently I found out that the term “flea bag” isn’t just a made up saying. In past centuries around the time of Napolean women would have sachets or little “bags” that they would put under all of their layers of clothes. In those little bags were honey, lavender and a few other ingredients. The bags were placed under the petticoats to attract the “fleas” and once the bags were full they would be emptied out and refilled. So the word “flea bag” was in actuality a bag that was carried and worn by the women ages ago to collect the fleas. Lavender was a wonderful scent that would mask if you will the women’s not so good smelling clothes and bodies since bathing wasn’t thought of as a good thing way back when!

  • Sylvia Belle

    I love Lavendar. It is so relaxing.

  • Joanna Smith

    I am so pleased to find your website today! I am having so much fun browsing around! BTW, I felt inclined to say – Lavender is my favorite scent! It is so soft and feminine, and is naturally uplifting! I look forward to visiting here often!

  • Lordes

    Lavender has a special place in my heart. My great grandma always had it.. the scent make me think of her.

  • Janice Whitaker

    I love lavender. Planted one this year.Cant wait till it grows big!!

  • Yvonne

    I love lavender, but haven’t had any luck growing it .

  • Lauren

    Mmmmm … love lavender!

  • Kelsey

    Would love to win the lavander!!! Thanks for the giveaway


  • Kelsey

    Love the lavender! thanks for the giveaway



    wife loves lavander

  • jan koontz

    just to cool

  • Teresa

    I love this ~ I love this~ I absolutely love this giveaway

  • wendy

    I love this giveaway

  • Patti D

    Ahhhh, the relaxing scent of lavendar! This would be so wonderful for our bedroom as we just painted it light purple….so soothing. Please count me in on this one!

  • jeanannd

    I remember the scent of English Lavendar scent as a child and also lavender sachets around our home. I would love to win the lavender – for both visual beauty and the scent of lavendar. A scent that is sweet and brings back pleasant memories.

  • Kathy Emerick

    I love lavendars!! This would make my sunroom smell so fresh

  • JessLyn

    I adore the look, color and scent of lavander!… The fragrance is heavenly!

  • katika hope

    i love lavender. there is many thing you can do with it.

  • Carroll

    I always thought lavender soap was special. The smell is always so clean & fresh smelling.

  • Linda Gegenfurtner

    I love lavendar!

  • Aine

    Lavender is sooo relaxing. I love the scent of lavender in the bedroom. They say that it helps you sleep better, too!

  • Tiffanie W.

    I love the way lavender smells. Perfect to put in a hectic area of the house to calm nerves a bit.

  • Jennifer G.

    Lavender is so soothing!

  • Betty Nickell

    I would love to win this prize!

  • Danielle Matlock

    I would most likely give as a gift to my mom who LOVES lavender!!!

  • Dottie L

    Great giveaway

  • Bonnie Capuano

    Oh my goodness…I love lavender….I tried to grow it but it didn’t take… I hope I win this!!! Thanks for the chance.

  • hetal gandhi

    absolutely love lavendear smells.

  • Pamela Hansen

    love lavender there are so many uses for it and smells so amazing

  • Donna W

    Lavender is heavenly!

  • Heather B

    Love the smell of lavendar count me in please

  • Terry

    I love the smell of lavender! I actually have a plant outside that I have had for a few years. Unfortunately I don’t have a green thumb so it doesn’t do too well. It has a few flowers on it each year but nothing like it should. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Nanette

    I really like the lavendar.

  • Amy

    Oh, this sounds heavenly. Thanks!

  • Alissa

    My mom absolutely adores lavender. It would be wonderful to give this to her as a gift! Thank you for holding this generous giveaway!

  • shawna

    This would be great in my office at work!

  • Susan

    Lavender smells so great and it also calms my nerves.
    Thanks so much!

  • Alka

    I don’t have many smells I am in love with but this is one of them! I search for lavender scented things everywhere.

  • Ed Nemmers

    Sweet niblets!

  • Gayle Morgan

    enter me please

  • Sydney

    I have tried to grow lavender for years and it just doesn’t like my garden. I love the smell, love the plant, would love to win. What a lovely contest!

  • loki

    I love lavender!

  • Teri Meairs

    I don’t really like cliches, but Lavender is so calming. Excellent giveaway!

  • vicki andrew

    neat, thanks

  • Sandra – Illinois

    How wonderful! Lavendar is so sweet and heavenly. Thanks.

  • Carrie Baird

    I love the smell of lavendar, but have never had fresh lavendar. Nice prize!

  • janet

    I love lavender! TY 4 THE GREAT CONTEST! 🙂

  • Rose Roberts

    sounds mahvelous – thanks so much for sponsoring the giveaway

  • D Johnson


  • Eva

    Love Lavendar

  • Kym Ellis

    please enter me.

  • marilyn higgins

    I would love to win this

  • Amanda K

    I can’t wait to win!

  • Deb Baptist

    I hope I win

  • Marlene

    Oh that is beautiful. Please count me in.

  • Chassity Burdette

    Go Green!!

  • Kimberly

    I would love it !!!!

  • Tonia Rowe

    We are busy doing some home improvements right now and this lavender would be the perfect finishing touch!

  • val


  • Barb J.

    Lavender is my favorite.

  • Donna Kozar

    Count me in please.

  • Whitney Wideman

    What a neat website. So glad to be added to the newsletter!! I’d love to win too! 🙂

  • kathy pease


  • lee

    sooooo soothing

  • jane yates

    i love it

  • Michelle S

    Lavender is awesome!!

  • Peggy Gorman

    I love lavender and would love to win this big beautiful bunch. Count me in to win