3 Lessons Learned from Home Renovation

I’m learning a few lessons from home renovation and we’re knee deep in it so I’d love to share with you my experience but also gain any wisdom you might have. If you’ve gone through home renovation for any reason you’ll probably be able to relate!

  1. Contractors, suppliers, installers and workers are usually not on time.  They’re kind of like the cable company 3 Lessons Learned from Home Renovationand if they say they’ll arrive at 9 a.m. they will most likely arrive at 2:30 p.m. and if you’re lucky they’ll say sorry.I’m lucky because the guys working for me right now are all very nice and so far on-time or pretty close to it but I’ve heard horror stories! I’ve been told recently by a designer that it’s the industry and they grow used to being late, not showing up on time and keeping track of time. It’s the norm to them. Well, it’s not for me and it drives me bonkers! Like I said so far everyone has been great that I’ve worked with but I can’t say everyone has been “punctual”. I’m just learning to cushion the time and it makes me feel much better about everything.  You have to be reasonable and expect stuff to come up like a contractor finding mold or being held up with by a chatty client. I’m just learning to not expect that they’ll be punctual and realize that they’ll have a chatty client, get stuck in traffic or knock down a wall and find something they didn’t expect to find. After all I watch HGTV!
  2. Everything costs more than you think. You start with a budget but you might as well add 20% to your starting budget because there are extra costs that pop up. From something that they find unexpectedly to a change that you make (I make lots of them!) that adds a few hundred dollars. I have a knack for picking out the most expensive faucet, tile or accessory without even realizing it. We’re on our 3rd or 4th quote now and the costs are going down if that means anything.
  3. Expect to live in a mess for longer then you expect. We just started but we’ve been living in chaos because closets, drawers, cupboards and rooms are boxed up. I can’t find shoes that I need and where did I put the nail clippers? The contractor says he’ll be two weeks for renovation and construction but since we’ve added on a few additions here and there (I’m a contractors worse nightmare, I know it!) the time will be longer and that’s if everyone is on time to do their job – see lesson number one.

Which means my anxiety is at an all-time high but I’m trying to see the bigger picture. I’m trying to visualize a new and more functional laundry room. I’m imagining myself in the updated shower. I’m dreaming of the new bathroom paint color. It’s not easy but there’s light at the end of the tunnel and the lessons I’m learning on this journey are interesting. From how to deal with insurance adjusters, contractors, suppliers and designers – it’s all eye opening.

What renovation tips or lessons have you learned? I’d love advice!

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