10 in 2010 seems to be this weeks theme and so today I’m giving a shout out to 10 of my favorite green websites that everyone must visit this New Year!

The Smart Mama: A guide for all moms in going green.Practicle, sensible and wow is she smart! I know her personally and I’m telling you this is the must visit site of the year!

The Good Human: Great information, witty content and to the point.

Healthy Green Moms: I describe this website as the Zen Habits for mommies. Very thought provoking and inspiring.

Safe Mama: A site for great reviews, guides and the latest information on recalls and information related to parenthood.

Great Green Goods: What I love about this site, the recycled clothing, jewelry and home goods that the site features.

Holistic Moms: A non-profit network for moms raising chldren green. A natural living support network that offers guidance, support and motivation.

Healthy Child: Another non-profit focusing on helping the World raise children non-toxic, healthy and safely. A great resource for guides, partner companies and solutions that are practical and sensible.

The Soft Landing: The everything PVC, BPA Free and Phthalate free and the great part is once you read the research and reviews you can actually shop online from the trusted resource!!!

The Green Parent: Jennifer has a site that I enjoy visiting on a regular basis because she speaks from the heart of an environmentalist but also a mommy trying her best to be a green mommy.

Inhabitots: A site that is trendy, stylish and hip for all green parents. I love their photos, products features and all of the eco-friendly decor.

 Of course, there are hundreds of great websites out there and having the 10 in 2010 theme going on I can’t list all of them; I wish I could. The good thing is almost all of these websites have great blogrolls and suggestions for more great websites. You can also visit my guide for going green in 2010 for some more great websites or visit the Green Moms Carnival for a stellar list of websites to visit that are helping to change the world or Alltop Green!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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