After almost three years of blogging in the green niche’ I am often asked for getting started tips, pointers and ways that the “average” person can go green. With 2010 knocking at the door I have 10 simple tips for being eco-friendly this New Year:

Online Newsletters. If you have an organic product or brand that you love – go online and sign up for their newsletters. You’ll get updates with coupons and most offer downloadable and printable coupons right from their website. Some of my favorites include Stonyfield Farms, Annie’s Homegrown and Laura’s Lean Beef.

Clean Green. It is not hard or complicated. It means saying no to the toxins and bettering your home environment which impacts the bigger picture. Making your own cleaners, switching to eco-friendly alternatives such as ecostore USA, Laundry Tree or Shaklee is a start.

Green the Diapers. If you’re still in diaper mode try switching to cloth or going for an eco-friendly chlorine free alternative such as Seventh Generation.

Say no to BPA. This should be a given and it is very simple with so many alternatives and companies offering BPA free this shouldn’t be a problem. Why take the risk of using a plastic that could leach harmful chemicals? Nah, begin making the switch and choice to go with glass or BPA free plastic. A great place to shop is The Soft Landing for all your BPA free needs.

Eco-Friendly Toys. Start thinking about toys that don’t need batteries, those made with recycled plastic, companies using FSC certified wood and those with higher ethical standards. Check the recall lists and be more on your toes as a consumer.

Safer Personal Care Products. Think of the products you spray, smear, paste and lather on your body and your child’s body? Start making choices that have safe ratings and from companies that are trying to make healthier products for consumers. Some of my favorites include: Earth Mama Angel Baby, ecostore USA, Shaklee or California Baby.

Ditch the Bottle Water. With most tap water being as safe or safer than bottled water – use your own reusable bottle and say yes to tap and no to bottle water. Save money and don’t waste it on buying water in plastic bottles that just end up in our landfills and oceans.

Conserve Water. Take shorter showers, use a shower timer, think of changing your shower head to conserve energy and use a rain barrel if possible. Check out Tree Huggers guide to water conservation.

Waste Free Lunch. Consider ditching the plastic baggies or at least using them sparingly. Try using real silverware, cloth napkins and investing in a quality waste free lunch system to decrease the waste and save money! See some of my reviews of some great systems such as Kids Konserve or Citizenpip.

Be Thrifty. Yes, when you’re thinking thrifty you are more likely to reuse or reduce your use of “stuff”. You think of saving energy to save money or driving less to save gas money. You click coupons, you watch for sales, you garage sale and head to thrift shops.

See my 2009 Guide to going green with different links and some similar and timeless year to year ideas. Cheers and happy 2010!

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