Gone Green - Happy About It

Over the last two years I’ve had the opportunity to try some amazing products. I’ve come to learn that there are some products I wouldn’t spend my money on and others I now cannot live without. Products I use on a daily or weekly basis; products that I’ve ordered for others as gifts or reordered for myself because I truly love these eco-friendly alternatives.

1.  Kids Konserve for Waste Free Lunches. I just recently ordered this butterfly kit for my daughter because I loved the sample I received back in Januray.

2. Lunchbots Rule. I now own four of these and just ordered the last two from The Soft Landing a week ago. I almost never use plastic baggies anymore and my kids are super cool at school and daycamp because of these. No worries about BPA either!

3. Biodegradable Wipes. A drop of water is all I need and I have a scent-free, biodegradable wipe for any messes. A familiy favorite and they’re stashed in pockets, cars, purses, etc. A must for my family! http://greenandcleanmom.org/biodegradable-scent-free-wipes/

4. For My Kids natural disinfectant. I love using this for door knobs, the bathroom, computer keyboard and commonly shared items. I feel confident in it’s natural antibacterial formula and truly love the company and owner.

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5.  Mode Recycling Unit. This probably isn’t a must but I’ve come to love how compact this unit is and how it hides the pile of recycling in my kitchen. It’s sleek and sexy sitting next to my stove and nobody can tell it’s full of newspaper and plastics to be recycled!

6. Ecominders. We all need a reminder to turn off the lights or water and with Ecominders there’s no reason to forget. My family and guests have commented on these simple reminders around the house.

7. Fresh Wave Air Odor Neutrizing Crystals. These are perfect for my musty basement. I have never been one for candles, spray scents or those fake smells but I like clean fresh air and there are certain spots in my home (the kids bathroom) that these crystals make their presence known.

8. Skoy. Skoy. Skoy. I have not bought a roll of paper towels in almost one year! Skoy Clothes have saved me so much money and the landfill wasted paper towels. I can honestly proclaim I love Skoy Clothes.

9. Shea Terra Organics Body Butter. I love this stuff for my feet and elbows. It smells nice and my feet and elbows are smooth and pretty because of the body butter!

10. Wooden Natural Pod Toys. The kids love their wooden archway, crown and cape. My daughter takes her eco-friendly doll to school for nap everyday, it is so cute!